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Stornowaybc.com – Termux App. Maybe some of you have heard of an application called Termux, this application is available for free on Android devices and can be downloaded via the Play Store for free.

Termux has functions and works like a terminal on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems on computers. So, the way it works is by typing certain coding commands for it to work.

This application is usually used to access certain files on Android devices, make modifications, and more. Of course Termux is a useful application, as is the WhatsApp status application.

If you want to know more about the Termux application, then here we will explain it in full. Starting from the understanding, function, working method, advantages, and so on, which can be seen below.

Definition of Termux Application

Termux is a terminal emulator and Linux environment based on Debian Linux. This application can be obtained for free on the Play Store. So, Termux is not a social media, chat application, or gaming.

Those of you who may have just heard the term Termux are a little confused about this emulator application. Simply put, this terminal emulator is like a command prompt (CMD) on a Windows PC operating system.

If CMD is only available on Windows and Linux devices, the terminal emulator is only available on the Android operating system. This terminal emulator can be used to enter, print, delete, and display data.

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This application has the advantage that it can be directly installed on Android devices without having to root first. Other settings are also not required and Termux can run on 32-bit or 64-bit based Android operating systems.

Initially, this application was released by Fredik Fornwall on June 30, 2015. Until now tens of millions of people around the world have downloaded the Termux application, and this application continues to be updated until now.

Termux Functions

What are the uses, functions, and benefits of using the Termux application? Maybe many are curious about this, because basically for some people the application is not very well known.

Termux functions as a terminal emulator the same as CMD on Windows. The difference lies in the commands used, the syntax is different but the point is the same for modifying the Android operating system.

Based on a summary from various sources, here are some of the functions of Termux on Android.

  • Run programming languages ​​on Android such as Python, Ruby, and Perl directly without the need for rooting.
  • Make the internet network stable
  • Used for SSH Client
  • Access the internet using Lynx or a terminal-based browser
  • Eject Flashdisk from smartphone devices connected with OTG
  • Hack wifi network
  • Speed ​​up internet connection
  • Running a terminal-based text editor application
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In addition to the things above, Termux also has many other uses. Then the question that often arises then is whether Termux can be used for hacking?

Is Termux Able to Hack?

The Termux application can be used to hack something, such as hack a website. If you use this application for that purpose, then you can’t just use Termux, but need support like Nmap, Hydra, and others.

Although it can be used for hacking, users are advised to use this application for wise purposes only. Not actually used to harm others. One of the wise ways is to study, sell online, or remotely tap a husband’s cellphone without an application.

How Termux Works

How Termux works starts with first installing the application on an Android device. This application can be obtained for free via the Play Store with the following steps.

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Then type Termux in the search box.
  • Press install on the Termux application details.
  • Once installed, press open.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Done.

Termux Application Basic Command

After installing the application, you can use these tools to type scripts or programming languages ​​to do something, here are some basic Termux commands.

  • cd: Used to access or open a directory or folder. Usage example: cd /folder/
  • cp: Used to copy files and folders. Usage example: cp /file/folder/efyei.txt
  • pkg install: to install tools
  • git clone (link file/script githubcom/author/filephp): to download files/scripts/tools
  • rm: to delete files
  • apt update: to update the latest version of the program
  • apt upgrade: to upgrade
  • rmdir: to delete a folder
  • exit: to exit termux
  • ls: to display a list of files and folders in a location
  • python (script.py): to run tools or scripts with the extension .py
  • Parentheses () are just an example, commands can be used without brackets.
  • clear: to clear
  • mkdir: to create a folder or directory
  • chmod +x (directory): to grant free access
  • ./exampletools: to run tools
  • php (script.php): to run tools or scripts with the extension .php
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The final word

Maybe it’s only here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about the recommendation for the termux android application. Hopefully with the existing explanation, we can know more about the Termux application.