Calorie Counter App – Calorie Counter App. Calories are indeed an important substance needed by the body to get energy, but getting too many calories will have a negative impact on health.

One of the negative effects of calories is to make the body fat or fat. The way to deal with excess calories in the body is to burn them, one of which is through exercise and fitness.

When doing these activities, you must also calculate how many calories you have burned after running or cycling for example. For this, you can use a calorie counter application on Android.

The application will be able to be a companion to a diet application or a running exercise application on your smartphone. All three can help you live a healthy life and get a more ideal body.

List of Best Android Calorie Counter Apps

Applications to count calories in the body are not much different from applications to increase Instagram followers, both of which are widely available on Android. You can use one of the following lists.

1. Lifesum

Lifesum is one of the best calorie counter apps favorite of Android users because of its versatility. Other advantages come in terms of ease of use, integrated platform, and inspirational components.

By using Lifesum, you will not only enjoy a simple and fast way to count calories. However, you will also learn how to eat, plan meals, and understand the nutritional value of a variety of food sources.

If you are new to Lifesum, you can opt for the three-week weight loss program at Lifesum. Using it, you’ll find meals that have been planned to achieve your calorie-loss goals.

2. SparkPeople Calorie Tracker

If you are feeling frustrated with your health and trying to burn calories, you should try the SparkPeople Calorie Tracker app. With this app, you will get track of calories burned after running and cycling.

Apart from that SparkPeople Calorie Tracker has other useful features around calorie management. Such as food databases, barcode scanners, ideal meal planners, sports fitness activities, and many more.

You will also have access to community forums to share information about health and wellness. Professionals are out there to help you achieve your ideal health and body by reducing calories in a healthy way.

3. MyNetDiary

If you’re looking for an app that can do more than just count calories, you can go to MyNetDiary. This app can track all your nutrition for almost any diet in a healthy and safe way.

In addition to being capable of being a basic calorie counter, MyNetDiary lets you set the focus to macro, paleo, or keto. This application is also free to use by anyone who needs it.

When using it, first you have to set and plan your target by answering some questions that MyNetDiary uses. The goal is to make your daily calorie budget so you don’t overdo it or don’t have enough.

4. Lose It! App

Overall, Lose It! App is recommended weight loss app. Because the application Lose It! The app can provide users with various in-app features an easy way to log in and count calories.

It includes four main features, such as goal setting, exercise diet tracking, device integration, and a community platform. These features make this app easy for any calorie-loss efforts you’re doing.

Lose It! The App has a food database of over 27 million food products, from packaged food to restaurant food. You can also create your own recipes to quickly log calories in just one touch.

5. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has now become one of the most popular calorie counter apps on Android. This app can track your weight and calculate your recommended daily calorie intake for your body.

The MyFitnessPal app has a well-designed diet diary and exercise log. The home page gives a clear picture of how many calories you consume in a day.

In addition, MyFitnessPal also serves to show the remaining recommended consumption. Even interestingly, this application can show the number of calories you burn through exercise after running, jogging, cycling, etc.

6. FatSecret

FatSecret is a free calorie counter for mobile devices. The FatSecret app has many useful features, including a food diary, nutrition database, healthy recipes, exercise log, weight chart, and calorie journal.

The barcode scanner allows you to track packaged foods to calculate their calories. The home page of this app shows your current total calorie intake and breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats from your body.

The information above is displayed for each meal you eat per day. FatSecret also offers a monthly summary view, informing you of the total calories consumed each day and the average total for each month.

7. Cronometer

The chronometer allows you to easily track your diet, exercise and weight. The app offers accurate portion sizes and a useful exercise database so you can burn calories ideally.

If the user happens to be pregnant or breastfeeding, you can choose a customized profile based on your high calorie needs. Using the Cronometer, you can even tell the chronometer if you are following a certain diet.

This app supports certain diets such as paleo diet, low carb diet, or low fat vegetarian diet. This app is really capable of changing macro nutrition recommendations that make your body fitter.

The final word

Until here first our explanation of the android calorie counter application as described in the explanation above. You can use the app above to accurately calculate how many calories you burn.

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