Step Counter App – Step Counter App. Walking is indeed a common activity, but it seems to be greatly reduced as online activities develop.

In fact, humans are required to do at least 10,000 steps a day by health experts. However, this has been considered an unrealistic target for some.

But at least we need to know how many steps we have walked in the span of a day. If you don’t want to bother calculating it, we can use a tracking application.

That’s right, there are some recommendations for the best step counter applications on Android phones that can be used. For more details, we can see some of the application options below.

The Best Step Counter App on Android Phones

Here are a number of choices for the list of the best step counter applications on Android phones that can be used. Compiled from various sources, these applications can be used for free by you.

1. Rey

Apk Rey is a health app created by children all over the country. Recently, Rey developed a fitness feature called ReyFit, which links to the Google Fit app. Why use Rey if you already have Google Fit?

At Rey, you don’t just count steps. You also get extra motivation for a healthier workout. You can also earn ReyCoins if your daily goal is reached, and you can monitor your progress.

In addition, Rey also provides exclusive membership features, such as unlimited doctor chat, free medicines, and even offline consultations. Whether you decide to become a member or not at Rey.

2. Google Fit

This Google Health product is very popular. All you need is a Gmail account to sign up. Not only steps, the Google Fit step counter application can also record heart rate (HP) for the day.

The purpose of this feature on Google Fit is to increase your heart rate while exercising. You can also target 20 HP and 5,000 moves, 30 HP and 7,500 moves, and 40 HP and 10,000 moves.

Google Fit also has a feature to see how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day, walking distance, exercise history, sleep time, and more. Also, you can already connect it to Mi Band 5.

3. Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk is an application to calculate the next step. This running app is pretty cool. That’s because Map My Walk was created by Under Armor, a company that specializes in sports equipment.

Instead of using the GPS on your phone or smartwatch, Map My Walk uses the Under Armor smart shoe to count your steps. In this way, you can record your steps more accurately with Walk with Map My Walk.

And you can also know the speed, pace and cadence as you walk. Plus, you can create challenges with your friends and record all kinds of workouts in this one-of-a-kind app for Android.

4. Runkeeper

Similar to Map My Walk, the Runkeeper pedometer app was created by the sports equipment manufacturing company ASICS. The difference is, ASICS or Runkeeper is more focused on the community and a complete training guide.

If you want to take full advantage of its features, you can also opt for a paid subscription which gives you a running workout plan, sharing real-time updates with your family as you run in Runkeeper.

Moreover it even compares your running session with the previous session. Also, you can create challenges with friends and record all kinds of workouts in this app. Unfortunately, you need a lot of money because of the Under Armor smart shoes.

5. Stepz

Next is the name of an application that is very good and worth considering installing on your own smartphone, namely Stepz. Want an app that counts your steps automatically? Try Stepz on the App Store.

This iPhone pedometer app is also designed for the Apple Watch and doesn’t use GPS so your phone’s battery will last longer. Of course by using Stepz, you can count steps.

The data for these steps can be saved and you can monitor it to track your training progress. The Stepz application can also be used without having to pay a premium subscription fee or you can use it for free.

6. Step Counter

If you’re looking for a minimalist and easy-to-use pedometer app, Leap’s Pedometer – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter is the answer. Step Counter has been trusted by many people around the world.

This Step Counter step counting app uses your phone sensor to count your steps and doesn’t use GPS. The step calculation shown by the Step Counter is also very accurate, so you can trust it.

You can even move them to Google Drive if you want to save your workout achievements. If you want to use the Step Counter application, you can directly download and install it on your respective smartphone.

7. Accupedo

Accupedo is one of the most featured pedometer apps. Not only does it count the number of steps you take, it also tracks the number of calories burned, distance, pace, and exercise time.

Some users of the Accupedo step count app also report that the step counter app is easy to use. In fact, Accupedo can accurately count your steps even if your phone is in your bag or pants pocket.

In addition, in the Accupedo application there are also many choices of features that you can take advantage of. Just download the application, install it via cellphone, and start playing to calculate your steps accurately.

8. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is known as one of the best calorie counter apps. However, not many know that MyFitnessPal can also be used as a step counter application which is very worth considering.

MyFitnessPal has motion detection on your phone and can count the number of steps you take during your workout. The features in MyFitnessPal to support your health are also quite widely available.

You can also adjust your athletic performance to increase your motivation to exercise. MyFitnessPal, which is a free download, is also known as an app that can help you lose weight.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best step counter application on Android that you can use. So with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the Android step counter apk recommendations.

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