Instagram Filter App – Instagram Filter App. When we browse through a friend’s IG Story, maybe sometimes we feel impressed because they display interesting, unique, funny, beautiful, or aesthetic IG filters.

It could be that they use filters that are already provided on Instagram, it could also be filters from outside IG. We can make filters from outside of Instagram or get them from the Instagram filter application on Android phones.

This application is widely available and of course can be used for free. All you have to do is download and install it like an application in general, then immediately create an Instagram filter in the application.

But the question that often arises then is what are the recommended Instagram filter applications? What are some good and contemporary IG filters that are widely used by IG or celebrity users?

Recommended Best Instagram Filter Applications on Android Phones

Instead of explaining a lot of useless things, we can immediately listen to the following recommendations for applications to make the best Instagram filters on Android. Please see some of the application options below.

1. Canva

The first recommended Instagram filter app is Canva: Photo Editing, Logo Design, Video Collage Maker by Canva developers. The app features millions of design templates comparable to Adobe Photoshop.

Of course, Canva is easier to use than Adobe Photoshop because it’s lighter on Android phones. With Canva, you can create a unique Instagram feed using millions of free, ready-to-use templates.

The templates in Canva are also divided into categories such as Festive Celebration, Professional Business, Cheerful Atmosphere, Elegant Design, and more. With the help of templates, you can create neat feed designs in a practical way.

2. Pixlr

Not much different from the previous Instagram filter application, Pixlr – the free photo editor application 123RF Limited offers a lot of convenience in editing photos to create aesthetic feeds and IG stories on Instagram.

Pixlr is the editor of choice for the Google Play edition, with a 4.3 star rating and over 50 million downloads. With a complete set of tools, dozens of filters, and a simple user interface and of course it’s free.

You could say Pixlr is the app you should try. The app is also small at 29MB, so it won’t slow down your smartphone while you’re using it. Pixlr can also be used on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

3. Afterlight

Still haven’t found the right Instagram filter app? Maybe you can try this Afterlight application which is made by Afterlight Collective, Inc. and of course it can be installed and used for free on Android.

Afterlight is an Instagram photo editing app with dozens of filters that you can apply right away. Therefore, Afterlight is suitable for those of you who want a fast photo editing process.

The app is very functional, and doesn’t take long. Compared to other applied filters, the Afterlight filter has the highest aesthetic value and is often used in various professional content on Instagram.

4. Prisma Photo Editor

You can also get creative by creating beautiful Instagram feeds with an Instagram filter app called Prisma Photo Editor. Owned by Prisma Labs, Inc., this app is relatively new, even so Prisma Photo Editor is very reliable.

Because the Prisma Photo Editor application has managed to get a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store. Prisma Photo Editor is a simple application that anyone can use easily, including photo editors beginners.

Prisma’s concept is similar to VSCO which is a blend of photo editor and social media. So you can create a profile and instantly share your edited photos with all your followers on Prisma.

5. Instasize

The Instasize app is a free creative toolkit that includes all the basic editing features you need to remix and modify photos and videos. This is an editor tool in the form of a complete application for you.

Instasize is great for carrying even on the go, and Instasize makes it easy to save edits to your photo library and export them to several different channels. Instasize app is user friendly with clean interface.

Instasize Apk allows you to access all features with just a quick swipe on your smartphone device. For photos, users can choose from a gallery of color filters, text styles, and borders to enhance image editing.

6. Adobe Lightroom

“Adobe Lightroom” stands out in many areas and tops the list of the best Instagram photo editing apps. What sets it apart from many of its competitors is a fairly clean and intuitive interface.

Add various editing tools and you have a very useful Instagram photo editor. Depending on how good you want your photo to look, you can adjust important things like color, contrast, hue, and exposure.

There is a color mixer that lets you smooth out colors and make photos look more visually appealing. One of the highlights of Adobe Lightroom is the ability to import and edit RAW images.


In the next place for the best Instagram filter-only photo editing apps, I chose VSCO. In short, this one VSCO application has all the elements that will allow you to edit images proficiently.

With this app you get a variety of professionally crafted presets and experimental tools. You definitely want your Instagram photos to have a trendy sporty look, this preset might be what you need right now.

You can adjust many aspects of your photos, such as contrast, saturation, and graininess, to make them look pleasing to the eye. Get the most out of Movie X for an evergreen film display that makes the IG filter even more beautiful.

The final word

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