Mobile Credit Application – Mobile Credit Application. Every month new smartphone models appear from mobile phone brands from China, Japan, Korea, or the United States to be sold to the Indonesian people.

Of course in the minds of some people, maybe now is also the right time to replace old cellphones. Moreover, the cellphone that you now own has been held for years, and it doesn’t work as optimally as when you first bought it.

But if you are short on funds, but still want to have a new cellphone, then there are only two solutions for you. The first is the TT cellphone using the cellphone exchange application, the second is buying a new cellphone by credit.

For the second method, you can use an online cellphone or cellphone credit application that is widely available on Android. This application is diverse, offering credit without CC (credit card), KTP, or other identification.

List of Android Online Mobile Credit Applications

Not much different from the calorie counter application, there are many online cellphone credit applications available on Android. You can also choose and register in one or more of the following applications.

1. Kredivo

Kredivo is an application that provides you with an instant credit solution. This cellphone credit application offers the convenience of buying goods now and paying later in 30 days without interest with various installments.

Application for a cellphone credit at Kredivo 100 percent can be done online. So that way you don’t have to waste time sending any physical documents to Kredivo and of course the process is very fast.

The reason is, you can immediately get smartphone credit approval within 24 hours or faster. Without a credit card, you can already get a smartphone purchase transaction limit for shopping and paying within 30 days.

2. Akulaku

The next recommended mobile credit application without a credit card is Akulaku. Akulaku application that offers installment payments for the latest smartphones of various brands in 30 days, 3, 6, or 12 months installments.

Akulaku application users can also get the results of their submissions within 24 hours of submission in a very fast process. Even the submission at Akulaku includes online HP credit without a survey, so it is very easy to apply.

You can get a loan limit starting from IDR 2-9 million depending on the completeness of the documents provided. If the cellphone purchased is above the loan limit, you only need to pay the price difference with the loan limit.

3. Kredit Plus

Kredit Plus is also an Android application that can be used to buy cellphones with an installment system. Previously, the Credit Plus company was better known as a leasing company that received vehicle collateral.

However, after operating for a long time, the Credit Plus application currently offers loan products. You can use this loan when you buy a smartphone in various marketplaces or online stores of Tokopedia, Lazada, and Shopee easily.

The various advantages offered by Kredit Plus make users feel at home using it. Such as a fast application process, easy submission, competitive installments, no credit cards, and various installment tenors.

4. Adira Finance

Adira Finance is also classified as a multi-finance company that provides cellphone and smartphone loans of various brands without collateral. Adira Finance has a financing program called Electronic & Furniture Credit.

You can use this program to apply for credit for your favorite cellphone or other electronic goods. HP credit without a down payment at Adira can also be done starting from a nominal financing of Rp. 1 million up to Rp. 100 million.

The difference with Kredivo and Akulaku, by using Adira Finance you can apply for a cellphone credit at the nearest Adira branch. Of course this makes it easier for you to get the cellphone you want quickly.

5. My Home Credit Indonesia

My Home Credit Indonesia application is one of the credit companies that provides online loan facilities. Of course, the loan provided by My Home Credit Indonesia can be used to buy a dream smartphone device.

The My Home Credit Indonesia application has partnered with many major mobile phone stores. So that way you can make credit for all types of cellphones you want with a short process and online.

There are so many advantages of My Home Credit Indonesia that attract users to buy cellphones. These include access to real time contract information, installment simulations, messages, notifications, and interactive promos.

6. Home Credit

Home Credit also has a mobile phone financing facility in installments and without collateral for the people of Indonesia. If you want to apply, you must meet the requirements that have been set by Home Credit.

The requirements for applying for a cellphone purchase loan at Home Credit are Indonesian citizens (WNI) and have an ID card. In addition, you must also be at least 21 years old or 19 years old if you are married, and domiciled in the Home Credit coverage area.

When applying for an online cellphone credit at Home Credit, you must include personal documents such as an ID card. You can get the approval answer within 3 minutes whether your application is accepted or not.

7. Laku6

A trusted mobile credit application with the slogan “Ngebet Credit” is. The Laku6 application offers the best solution for those of you who want to apply for a loan for consumptive needs such as buying a cellphone.

Laku6 Ngebet HP Credit provides a new cellphone installment program without a credit card to users with various tenors. The tenor offered by Laku6 lasts for 12 months with a choice of low down payments of 10% and 20%.

Not only that, Laku6 as an online credit application also offers an upgrade to the latest cellphone after you make smartphone installments starting from the 6th month. That way, you can always change to the latest cellphone every 6 months.

8. FIF Spektra Cicilan HP

The FIF Group also has a program to finance credit for electronics, mobile phones, and home furnishings. The program in question is called Spectra and can be followed by Indonesian people who meet the requirements.

You can find FIF Spectra products in most gadget, cellphone, electronics, and furniture stores. Of course, the attractive offer from FIF Spectra HP Installments makes you obliged to consider it as an installment.

You can easily find FIF products for online cellphone loans throughout Indonesia. When you want to apply for credit, you can do a survey and wait within 1×24 hours to see the approval.

The final word

Until here, first an explanation from us about the android mobile credit application as described in the explanation above. Hopefully the information we share is useful for those who want to borrow money online to buy a cellphone.

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