Smartwatch App – Smartwatch App. Currently, the use of smartwatches is becoming increasingly widespread among young people, because there are various advantages offered compared to ordinary watches.

One of them is because smartwatches can be used for various activities such as smartphones. Starting from telephone, SMS, online chat, even to detect heart rate and health.

In order to be monitored and managed optimally, of course we also don’t just have to use smartwatches. Instead, also install the smartwatch application on the Android Play Store.

Because by installing these applications, it will be easier for us to control our smartwatch. There are several applications that are recommended for you to install on your cellphone.

List of the Best Smartwatch Applications on Phones

Below we have a selection of the best and most trusted smartwatch applications that can be used on Android phones. Please refer to the recommendations that we have summarized from various sources below.

1. Tip Calculator

The first application that must be installed on your smartwatch is Tip Calculator. This application can be used as a free calculator so that you can calculate and calculate various numbers, even the very complicated ones.

As the name suggests, this Tip Calculator app helps smartwatch users who are not good at math. You can calculate money for shopping, calculate business income and much more in the Tip Calculator app.

With this Tip Calculator app, you don’t need to use your phone or calculator to calculate. Just use your favorite smartwatch. Tip Calculator can also be obtained for free directly on your Android phone.

2. Glympse

The next name for an application that can be used to get maximum benefits on your smartwatch is Glympse. Many have used Glympse as an apk on their smartwatches because of its superior features.

This app can update your location via GPS to let you know where you are in real time. The Glympse application is free to install and is perfect for those who like mountain climbing or other wild activities.

The Glympse app also works with your child’s or cousin’s smartwatch. By using Glympse. You can track the location of your favorite child or cousin so that it is safer and avoids various dangers.

3. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is another recommended apk that is worth installing or downloading on your smartwatch. As the name implies, Sleep as Android helps manage your sleep time so that it can be more optimal.

This Sleep as Android application is useful for users who are concerned with health, especially sleep mode. Sleep as Android allows you to monitor your sleep patterns at night so that you are awake, neither too little nor too much.

Sleep on Android records sleep duration, heart rate, and more each time you fall asleep in Sleep as Android. In addition, the Sleep as Android application is equipped with an alarm clock to make sleep time more awake.

4. Shazam

Because of its name, many may think that Shazam is an application to listen to the call to prayer and prayer times. Even though that’s not the case because the function of Shazam is as an entertainment application on your watch.

Shazam application that can make android clock applications cooler. The Shazam app allows smartwatches to detect song titles and artists by listening to the song for free and without paying anything.

With Shazam, your favorite songs you hear at the mall, cafe, radio station or restaurant can be detected by title and artist. Songs can be searched for songs to listen to later with a smartwatch or phone.

5. Wear Audio Recorder

You can also record from your smartwatch for free using the Wear Audio Recorder app. To do this, you can download a smartwatch recording app called Wear Audio Recorder.

With this Wear Audio Recorder app, you can record a conversation in class or an explanation from a teacher. You can also see reviews, that the Wear Audio Recorder application has a high rating and positive reviews.

This Wear Audio Recorder application is very helpful for students, private employees or journalists. This is possible because Wear Audio Recorder can turn your smartwatch into a reliable recording device.

6. Telegram

Another very worthy app to install on your smartwatch is Telegram. Telegram also doesn’t want to show their apps on smartwatches. Its function is more or less the same as the smartphone or PC version of Telegram.

Using the Telegram app on your smartwatch, you can communicate and send messages with other users from your smartwatch. Of course, this makes your chatting activities more practical.

Using Telegram, you can later send voice or text messages, browse chat history, or create group chats. You can also send emojis or stickers to make the conversation more interesting.

7. Spotify

Spotify is also included in the application that can be used on the Anca smartwath. Listening to music can also use a smartwatch. The Spotify audio streaming app is also present on smartwatch devices.

With the Spotify smartwatch app, you can listen to music on your smartwatch. This can be done as a form of entertainment because you can listen to various kinds of music and favorite songs.

This Spotify app is for music lovers. With Spotify, you can listen to music while you exercise, travel, or drive to work or school. You can also use the Spotify application for free directly on your smartwatch.

8. Starva

The Starva application is a must install on a smartwatch, especially for those who like to exercise all day. Because by using Starva, all cycling and running sports activities can be monitored.

Running and cycling are among the most popular activities in society. With the latest updated Strava application, your running or riding will be even more exciting because Strava records your athletic activities.

Thanks to GPS support, you can find out how far you’ve traveled and how many calories you’ve burned, as well as your location. With Strava’s various benefits, you can measure progress with regards to physical activity.

9. Glide

Glide is an app that lets you communicate via your smartwatch. Using this free Glide app, you can send and receive text, audio and audio messages from your smartwatch.

This Glide application is for those who have many beloved friends and relatives. This is because Glide allows you to communicate with your beloved friends or family through your respective smartwatches.

You also don’t need to doubt the quality of Glide, because many people already use the application because of the various useful features. The Glide application also has a high rating and has received many positive responses.

10. UV Index Now

UV Index Now is a smartwatch app that you should download, especially for those of you who like to travel outdoors. Because by using the UV Index Now application, you can detect the UV index and your skin type.

After that, UV Index will advise you to apply sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. This application will indirectly help you keep your skin bright, glowing, and protected from sun exposure.

This UV Index Now cool Android watch app is for men and women who care about skin health. Also, the UV Index Now application is suitable for your holidays in the open, such as beaches, tourist attractions, to the mountains.


So many articles on the best smartwatch applications that we can recommend. Hopefully the applications that we recommend can be used properly so that you can connect your smartwatch to your cellphone.

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