Photo Compress App – Photo Compress App. Reducing the size of digital photos on a PC can be done easily using a photo editing application. But for some people sometimes the application is quite heavy to use.

Alternatively, you can use a special application to compress photos only. This app lets you reduce the size of a single photo, from one at a time to one at a time in bulk.

By using this application, of course there are many advantages that we can get. One of them is because this application is not heavy, saves RAM and internal memory, and is light and fast in operation.

For those who want to know what are the recommendations for the best PC compress application. You can see the list of options below and determine which applications can be used on your PC or computer.

List of Best Photo Compress Apps on PC

Here are some of the recommended photo compression applications on the best, free, fast, and lightweight PC applications. These applications can be directly used on computers with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS operating systems.

1. Paint

Who doesn’t know Paint? Paint is a free Windows default application that can be used to compress photos offline. You also don’t need to download or install additional applications because these applications are automatically installed on Windows PCs.

How to reduce the size of a photo in Paint is also very easy, you just need to open one photo then select open with and select the Paint application. After that, please select the Resize menu and adjust the photo size to be smaller as desired.

2. Photo Compress And Resize

Photo Compress And Resize application is a very light application to reduce image size. This application has also been used by more than 65,000 users worldwide, including in Indonesia, this application is also very reliable.

You can get photos with smaller sizes very easily, practically, and of course quickly. In it there is also a Batch compress feature which allows you to compress more than one photo at once alias at the same time.

3. TinyPNG

Next you can rely on TinyPNG on a Windows, Linux, GNU, or Mac OS PC to quickly compress various PNG and JPG format photos. TinyPNG application is able to reduce the size of photos very effectively.

The interface in this application is very intuitive, making all users feel comfortable using it to compress their files. There is also a batch feature that allows you to reduce the size of the photo at the same time.

4. Radical Image Optimization Tool

The Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) application can make it easier for you if you want to get photos with a smaller size without reducing the original quality. This application is very easy to use for beginners who want to compress photos.

In the RIOT application, it also supports various graphic formats to be compressed. In addition, all compressed photos or images can also be saved in various formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and others.

5. Photos

Another Windows default application besides Paint that can be used to reduce the size of the original photo is Photos. Using this app, you just need to select the photo you want to reduce in size, then select the “Open With” option and select the Photos app.

Next, please select the Resize menu, so that three reduction options will appear including Small, Medium and Large. Select the desired size, then please click Save As to save the results on your laptop.

6. PNGGauntlet

Another recommended photo compression application in OC is PNGGauntlet, this application you can use to reduce the size of the photo. However, the drawback of this application is that it can only provide PNG format photo output extensions.

Even so, you can still input in all extensions such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and also BMP. Although the size of the photos you compress will definitely decrease, the quality of the photos will still be maintained, still clear, clear, and detailed.

7. Fileminimizer Picture

Another best and lightweight photo compress application for Laptop or PC is Picture Fileminimizer. This application is one of the best compress applications because it can compress photos up to 98%.

Not only that, you can also compress photos and images on your PC at once in large quantities with just one click. The application already provides integration with Facebook, so you can upload the compressed results directly to your personal Facebook account.

The final word

So many of our discussions have explained about the best PC photo compression application. Hopefully it helps those of you who want to know the best photo compression apps information on PC devices.

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