Study Apps – Study Apps. Online learning makes some students at the elementary, junior high, or high school levels experience problems, especially in terms of internet access and learning materials that are less than optimal.

As a result, many parents, teachers, or students may complain about this policy. But how else, the more dangerous pandemic conditions make anyone have to be willing to do activities that have never been done before.

But students do not give up, when teachers take advantage of school applications for better learning management. So, students and students from PAUD, TK, to SMA and SMK levels can use learning applications.

The purpose of this online learning application is a useful application to help students and students understand advanced learning materials in schools. There are many choices of applications, some are free and some are paid.

List of Best Android Learning Apps

Not much different from the VC application, there are many learning applications available on Android and can be used for free. Each provides learning materials for different topics and levels of education.

1. Ruangguru

The Ruangguru Mobile Application is one of the best recommendations as an online learning application on Android. This application provides a wide range of material in the form of videos, quizzes, and infographics to make it easier to understand.

Starting from Chemistry, Biology, Indonesian, English, Physics, to social studies and mathematics lessons are also here. With Ruangguru, you can learn anywhere and anytime in a fun way.

This app not only helps you get a lesson in school, but also prepares for national exams or university entrance. This app is very useful like math coordinates point app.

2. Sekolahmu

Another recommended app for studying at home is your School. For those who don’t know, your School is an unlimited learning program that students can access with a live streaming tool.

The advantages of the features offered by your School make it possible for students and students to learn directly. Live streaming can be watched according to the user’s education level, from PAUD to high school.

If other applications only provide for certain levels of education, then your school provides materials covering many levels of education. So as a student you don’t need to download different apps.

3. Zenius

The Zenius application can also be used to deepen education in various materials taught according to the curriculum. Zenius offers a different learning method than most applications.

The learning method offered is being able to study together with fellow Zenius users. The levels of learning offered start from elementary, junior high to high school / K or equivalent so that the material is very varied.

In this application, users can also access study materials for preparation for entering college. So, there is no reason to make Zenius an application that can accompany your learning activities.

4. Quipper School

For students who use the Android operating system, it is mandatory to know the apk to learn this one. That’s right, Quipper School is one application to accompany your activities in studying as much as possible.

The advantage of the Quipper School application is that it favors the teacher more. Because here the teacher can assess and measure the abilities or weaknesses of their respective students.

So, this application can be used in conjunction with applications to create learning videos. Moreover, this application is very easy to use considering that the navigation menu in it is not too complicated to understand.

5. Kelas Pintar

The Smart Class application has a unique advantage compared to similar applications, namely providing space. Besides being accessible and intended for students or teachers, Class Smart has a personalized dashboard for parents.

Another interesting advantage of the Smart Class is that the curriculum material used in this application refers to the latest curriculum material. So users of course do not have to worry about the content of the curriculum.

Not only in Indonesia, this application is also present in several foreign countries, such as in Singapore, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, the quality of the Smart Class does not need to be taken into consideration.

6. Brainly Indonesia

Basically the Brainly Indonesia application can be accessed for free on Android and iOS, or even on the online web. There are many choices of subjects, at least about 25 categories of subjects for elementary to high school/K levels.

Actually Brainly Indonesia is a forum to share knowledge with each other. Here you can also ask a question directly to get the answer given by fellow Brainly Indonesia users.

So, we will be asked to actively seek answers and desired knowledge, not passively receive learning materials like in class. Of course, Brainly Indonesia is an app worth installing on your smartphone.

7. Rumah Belajar

This online learning application is an official application developed by the Ministry of Culture. As quoted from the learning, this Learning House has several tools such as virtual laboratories.

The function of tools such as laboratories is used as a substitute for laboratories in schools. Another feature of Rumah Belajar is that there are digital classes, electronic school books to language and literary works.

Of course, the Rumah Belajar application can be accessed for free, both by students and teachers. Because this application was created to foster student interest in learning in all corners of Indonesia.

8. Kipin School

This one learning application is specifically intended for elementary and middle school students, namely elementary to high school / K equivalent. In addition to providing learning materials, Kipin School also provides an exam system.

Interestingly, this application also provides a practice question feature as a place to practice before the exam. There are hundreds of books published by the Ministry of Education and Culture that can be downloaded for free without having to subscribe.

Of course, the advantage of the Kipin School learning application is that it is accompanied by practice questions to measure the competence of the learning process. You can use this app to increase knowledge and learning.

9. Meja Kita

This application can be a discussion forum like Brainly Indonesia. So, our table is perfect for elementary, middle, or even high school students who have an organizational spirit and like to discuss.

Also, interestingly again by using our table you can ask questions or ask questions. Then, our fellow Desk users who know the answer to your question will explain it in detail.

The table application can be used by several levels of education, from elementary, junior high to high school / equivalent. Of course this application can be accessed for free and you must install it on your smartphone.

10. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office also issued a learning application, called Microsoft office 365. However, this application is not only for Indonesian students, but Microsoft Office 365 is here for all students in the world.

Classrooms available in Microsoft Office 365 applications are always updated in real time. Includes features to easily access OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 365 applications can be enjoyed for free by students and teachers. The requirement to be able to enjoy this application is to have an email first and you can easily create it in no time.

The final word

Until here first our explanation of the android learning application as described in the explanation above. You can use the application above to add to the knowledge of the lesson so that it is smarter and smarter.

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