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Stornowaybc.com – Fetal Heart Rate App. In the health sector, detecting the fetal heart rate is a very important activity to do, even to be done routinely.

Of course there are special medical devices when a mother or nurse and doctor want to know how much their fetus is beating. So, usually a pregnant woman is required to go to the hospital to check.

But now there are several applications that can be used to detect fetal heart movements in the womb. Although the results may not be accurate, this can be used as a recommendation by you.

Here we want to give you recommendations about the best and free fetal heart rate apk on Android phones. Please see the application recommendations below.

List of Best Fetal Heart Rate Applications on Phones

Without talking about this again, we can listen to a complete discussion and explanation of the best fetal heart rate application on cellphones. Please see directly the following application recommendations.

1. Bellabeat Sistem Connected

The first recommended fetal heart rate detection application is Bellabeat Connected System. With this app, mothers can hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby.

Not only that, the Bellabeat Connected System application can also record the sound or movement of the fetus in the womb. So, the Bellabeat System Connected application is absolutely mandatory to install to monitor the movement of your fetus.

If you are curious about fetal development, the Bellabeat Connected System application tells you the weight of the fetus, you know. Inventor Urska Srsen says the Bellabeat System Connected app is free for everyone online.

2. My Baby’s Beat

Of course, all pregnant women want to see their baby come into the world soon. However, due to the long labor process, the mother can only communicate with her baby by kicking her legs. Luckily, now moms can do much more than that.

With the My Baby’s Beat fetal heart detection application, all pregnant women can “talk” directly to their babies in the womb. In fact, mothers can hear their baby’s heartbeat accurately with a voice that is so clear.

This paid app called My Baby’s Beat can only reach its full potential if you’re 30-40 weeks pregnant. In addition, you can download the My Baby’s Beat application on Android and iOS smartphones with a lightweight size.

3. I’M Expecting

The name of another application that can be used to detect the heartbeat of a baby in the womb is I’M Expecting. Please note that not all applications for pregnant women can calculate the fetal heart rate in the womb.

However, I’M Expecting can help mothers detect their baby’s heartbeat in the womb. This Fetal Heart Rate application also has other features that are very useful for pregnant women, especially in the final semester.

Features in I’M Expecting include calculating fetal weight gain and calculating gestational times from beginning to delivery. Having such a feature is the reason why I expect this app to rank highly.

4. Sprout

Next you can also use the Sprout application to be used to monitor the baby’s heart rate in the womb. This application can be used for free, there is no need for any subscription fees in the application.

Sprout is an application that contains a lot of important information about the development of the fetus in the womb. This fetal heart rate app can be used to control your womb and baby for simple things.

Like knowing the gestational age that has been going on so far accurately using Sprout. In fact, using the Sprout app, you can count how many feet your child kicks each day.

5. Baby Heart Beat

There is also a baby heart rate app, which has a very complete set of features to help you during your pregnancy. One of them is the ability to “communicate” with a small baby in the womb.

The trick is to detect the heart rate and its movement. Baby Heart Beat works like a Doppler detector, but is simpler to display via an app. This baby heartbeat is best used by pregnant women.

Especially if your gestational age is above 30 weeks. You can also record your fetal heart activity and share it via email or social media linked to this app. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.


So many articles on the best fetal heart rate application that we can recommend. Hopefully the application that we recommend can be used properly so that you can detect the fetal heart rate.

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