Forex Apps – Forex apps. Forex or foreign exchange is a transaction of buying and selling foreign currencies, in this case commonly known as forex trading. The trading value can be greater than the stock.

Forex trading itself is a currency transaction that is now widely chosen as a means of investing. This forex trading involves certain currency pairs according to the nominal and the specified time.

On Android phones, of course there are many money-making applications in the form of forex trading that can be used. You have to see the reviews of these applications first whether they are trusted applications or not.

Compared to photo purifier applications, this trusted forex application supervised by the OJK is certainly more useful because it can be used to make money. Of course for that you have to use the best and most trusted forex apk on Android.

List of Best Forex Apps on Android

Below we recommend a list of some of the best forex apps on Android. You can see the full review in the explanations and discussions summarized from the following sources.

1. Forex Mobile Apps

The best forex application that many people use in the world is Forex Mobile Apps. Keep in mind that the prices of the major currencies traded in the active forex market are often volatile and event driven.

This makes them vulnerable to negative financial news announcements that usually occur throughout the 24-hour trading day. Almost all forex brokers offer a standalone mobile application.

Some of the personalized brokerage apps are so popular that traders who don’t have an account with the broker keep using the apps. This no-friends earning app offers free and easy access to forex news, quotes and price charts.

2. Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor is widely recognized as one of the other popular trading apps available for Android users. This application offers traders a number of very profitable options when trading.

One of the superior features of Trade Inceptor is that it can trade currencies, binary options, and commodity futures through a choice of forex brokers. The Trade Interceptor interface offers analysis and technical trading tools, including about 100 technical chart indicators.

Trade Interceptor provides trading interceptors access to live and streaming quotes and price charts, including the latest Bitcoin prices. Trading can be done by setting up alerts for the latest price or news releases.

3. Bloomberg Business Mobile App

Bloomberg also does not miss offering a mobile forex trading application for Android that is very reliable to use. But access to some of these apps requires users to subscribe to the Bloomberg service.

However, direct access to the latest forex market news is free. This is of course useful because it is very important for most traders to know the current state of the world’s finances.

The app offers access to global financial markets, business news, market price data, and portfolio tracking tools. The menu interface can be customized according to user requirements, allowing traders to track and analyze current market positions on currencies.

4. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is proud to be a pioneering forex broker. Considering the company was founded in 2006 and has a lifetime of experience in the world of online trading, with experience of outreach, trust and reputation.

At a time when only a handful of people were trading, the platform had opened its doors to traders. Not surprisingly, AvaTrade has won the trust of many forex traders around the world.

AvaTrade offers premium subscription plans for customer satisfaction and trust. Therefore, its platforms, assets and account types are diverse and diverse to meet the needs of its 300,000 customers worldwide.

5. XTB

XTB has been around for more than decades, during which time its influence and popularity has grown. This platform is one of the largest forex trading platforms globally, founded in more than 13 countries.

The XTB trading app is designed to stay ahead and provide customers with the best trading solutions. So, it’s no wonder that the XTB trading app is one of the best you can find on the market.

When it comes to trading platforms, one important factor that should not be overlooked is reliability. The good news is that XTB scores high in the sector as around 300,000 customers from all over the world trust XTB for their investment.


FXTM is still relatively new because it was only established in 2011. However, this is what makes it a very attractive forex broker, because FXTM has grown rapidly in a very short time.

FXTM is the name of a leading forex application in the online forex trading industry. This application available on Android caters to the needs of global traders wherever they are and whatever their financial dreams are.

To date, more than three million customers from over 200 countries have traded on the FXTM platform. In addition, the company is regulated by a number of jurisdictions, which provides security of the assets of the customers’ funds.

7. Vantage FX

Founded in 2009, Vantage FX is in the business of helping its customers achieve their financial goals. The platform offers access to the forex trading market via the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Of course, this fact allows Vantage FX to improve and expand to meet the needs of a dynamic market. Full transparency to customers is an important value that Vantage FX assumes.

Vantage FX strives to earn the trust of its clients, giving them integrity in the industry. Customers who trade with Vantage FX know that this app is truly of the highest quality.


Until here first the discussion that we can convey in the article above about the android forex apps. The above application can be used to trade or trade forex easily.

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