Applications Add Like FB – Applications Add Like FB. Have you ever felt like having a large number of likes on your personal Facebook account or fanspage? So can get more impressions?

Of course, this originally couldn’t be done instantly, but that was then and now has changed. There are certain applications that can be used to increase your own Facebook likes.

By using these kinds of applications, we can easily get a large number of likes. There are even some applications that offer real human likes, not bots.

What are the applications that can be used for free and of course safe to use by us as Facebook users? You can use the application below.

The Best FB Like Adding Application on Android Phones

Check out our full explanation directly about the application to add Facebook likes for free, the best, newest, and most trusted that can be used. Check out the full explanation below.

1. FBoost

Very good first app to increase FB Likes for free and easy to do. FBoost is used to get lots of likes easily, of course everyone can use it very easily and very easily.

You can add likes to Facebook posts, photos, videos, and the pages you create can instantly get lots of likes. The famous feature of FBoost is the ability to add likes, comments, share posts,.

You can even add views to your posts. Apart from that, the app has a simple interface that is easy for new users to use. Best of all, this FBoost app is free for you to use.

2. MyFbliker

Another application that is quite easy to do by many people who want to add likes on Facebook is MyFbliker. MyFbliker Apk is a mobile app for Facebook users on iPhone for free without paying.

MyFbliker app is lightweight, easy to use and increases likes on Facebook. In addition, the interface in this application is simple and easy to use, so users don’t have to bother learning how to use the application again.

The MyFbliker feature is also very useful and can help users use it. Among other things, it’s free to use, getting likes won’t be detected as spam, and giving likes and comments to your Facebook posts is very fast.

3. Swipa

This Swipa app is designed for iPhone users who want to get lots of likes on their Facebook account. To use it, you have to upload a lot of photos and videos on Swipa to make it popular in the future.

In fact, in this Swipa application there is a rating for uploaded photos and videos. The higher your rank, the more popular you are and you can get lots of likes easily and of course instantly and quickly.

The Swipa app is free for iPhone and you can use it anytime, anywhere. You can get the Swipa application directly by downloading it on the App Store specifically for iPhone iOs devices.

4. Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes can be used by you to add likes on Facebook. By using Get Instant Likes, you can get followers, likes, comments and impressions of your posts on Facebook more easily.

You only need to use the application called Get Instant Likes. Not only that, your posts can be arranged using trending tags so that your posts are liked faster just using Get Instant Likes.

The Get Instant Likes app also basically has a light usage feature on smartphones. Also, Get Instant Likes has a database of popular tags, and can add an unlimited number of likes and comments.

5. Apental Calc

Just like the previous application, the next application is called Apental Calc which can be used for free. With this app you can get features like adding unlimited number of likes and comments to your photos.

Not only that, the app also offers “organic” sharing, which means it’s not like automatic sharing. Of course this helps you to be able to get likes and comments without spam alias real human.

For Facebook for business users, you can also promote your page for free without paying anything. It is clear that the Apental Calc application is very worthy for you to try and install on each smartphone.

6. Apental

Next is Apental which is also very usable because of the various advantages offered in its application. This application that increases FB Likes can be used for free, very reliable, which is also very popular.

This Apental app can add likes to posts, like your page, add auto comments and add followers. With the Apental app, you can increase your presence on Facebook by the number of likes you receive.

The great features of this Apental app are unlimited comments and likes on your Facebook, easy to use, unlimited sharing to other users and easy to use. You can also use the application quickly and easily.

7. FB Liker

This FB Liker app is one of the best apps to get likes on Facebook from your Android smartphone. Can be used to add likes to your posts or status automatically, quickly and conveniently.

FB Liker can even add comments to the posts you send. The main feature of this FB Liker app is auto add likes from various trusted sources, easy to download app.

Guaranteed by using FB Liker there is no spam, easy to use, no ads and much more. In fact, to use it, you just need to submit your post link and press a button. easy isn’t it?

8. Himzi Auto Like

Another very useful application to increase FB likes is Himzi Auto Like. We know Facebook is one of the most popular social media in Indonesia. All users are scrambling to be the first on this platform.

Download Himzi Auto Like if you are interested in getting lots of likes for every FB post. This application is able to increase the number of FB likes up to hundreds. The Himzi Auto Like application can also be used for free and lightly.

That can be an advantage of the Himzi Auto Like application so you can prioritize this application. In addition to getting lots of likes on your posts, with Himzi Auto Like you can also like other people’s posts.

9. King Liker

Download King Liker, a free FB like generator application with ultra-light memory capacity and a simple way. How much can you get? Of course the King Liker application offers its own advantages.

Just like other FB like-boosting apps in the list above, with King Liker you can also get more than 200 likes on an article. How to use this application is also easy and very practical to use.

Best of all, the memory required to install King Liker is very light, not more than 5.3 MB. So you can use this app without deleting other apps which are very important to you.

The final word

Until here first our explanation about the application to add the best fb likes. Hopefully the reviews we convey can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get an apk to add the best Facebook likes.

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