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Stornowaybc.com – Quran Learning Applications. The Koran is an activity that can be done by Muslims and Muslim women anywhere and anytime to increase the reward of our worship.

But it is better if the Koran is done in a mosque or a place of worship in our homes. The best time to recite the Koran is at the end of the prayer or at night.

Well, if you want to recite the Koran outside your home or mosque, and you don’t happen to have the Quran with you, then you don’t have to worry. Because we can use the best Koran learning applications on Android.

Here we will recommend a full review to you which we have compiled from various sources. Please see the full review in the explanation below.

The Best Quran Learning Apps on Android

Let’s look at the selection of the best Koran learning applications on Android that users can use. Please see the application recommendations directly below.

1. Al-Quran Bahasa Indonesia

Al-Quran Indonesian is the first Koran learning application that we recommend because the quality is very good. For those who want to learn to read the Qur’an and its translation, it is suitable for those who want to read the Qur’an from a cellphone.

This Indonesian Al-Quran application has been downloaded by more than 300,000 users and can also copy verses to the clipboard for you to share on social media. This application also offers a fairly complete set of features.

Starting from the reading of each verse, the continuation of the reading of the last verse, reminders of prayer times. There is even an audio feature from the Qur’an, to simply swiping to move to the previous or next surah.

2. Belajar Tajwid Al-Quran

Next, Learning Tajweed Al-Quran is the next application that can be used to learn the Qur’an for both children and adults. The material presented is also arranged systematically.

Starting from basic to advanced, everything is available in the Learn Tajweed Al-Quran application. Although it can be used by anyone, the appearance of the application is very attractive to children, so they are enthusiastic about learning the Qur’an.

The material contained in the application belonging to the local developer iMajlis Mobile is quite complete. Starting from hijaiyah letters, Iqro, short vowels, tajwid, tanwin, breadfruit, pure mad, crazy long, syaddah, memorizing short letters.

3. Belajar Mengaji by Marbel

In addition, you can also use the Learn the Koran by Marbel application. This educational application from Educa Studio presents a charming appearance because it is filled with cartoon images that children will love.

Learning the Koran by Marbel application is very suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years, Learning the Quran can help children learn the letters hijaiyah, harokat, tanwin. This application also provides many educational games.

Such as pop hijaiyah quizzes, hijaiyah puzzles, writing hijaiyah, guessing harokat and tanwin to fishing for hijaiyah letters. The interesting thing about this Learning to Read by Marbel application is that it provides daily prayer features.

4. Belajar Al-Qur’an

Next is the Learning Al-Qur’an application that you can find for free on Android smartphones. This Al-Qur’an Learning Application is an educational application that allows users to learn to read the Qur’an quickly.

The appearance of the Learning Al-Qur’an application is very simple, simple, and also interesting. Making the PaperPlay Studio application suitable for parents who want to teach the Qur’an to their children.

In addition to completing each letter with sound, learning materials for the Qur’an are sourced from Iqro and other standard-compliant sources. The features presented start from learning to recognize the letters hijaiyah, harokat, tanwin, and tajwid.

5. Belajar Al-Quran dan Suara

Learn Al-Quran and Sounds is a series of educational apps for kids that helps children learn the Koran. They here will read the Qur’an in a way that children like and of course fun.

The Al-Quran and Voice Learning application comes with an almost perfect rating. So Learning Al-Quran and Voices is recommended for toddlers because the appearance of the application is accompanied by cartoon animations and attractive colors.

This application made by Solite Kids offers various features ranging from learning to read hijaiyah letters, harokat fathah, harokat kasroh, harokat dhommah to harokat tanwin. Not only that, there are also educational games that make children smart.

6. Iqro Digital Lengkap

Next there is the name of the Complete Digital Iqro application that you can use. If you don’t have Iqro in physical form as a learning medium for Heart Reading, you can download the Complete Digital Iqro application from Volumes 1 to 6.

Edufans Studio’s Complete Digital Iqro has been downloaded by more than 7000 users and the appearance of the application is simple and easy for children to understand. -child. You don’t have to doubt the quality.

There is no difference in the original Iqro book and the Complete Digital Iqro application. This Complete Digital Iqro learning application is not only simple but also designed as attractive as possible.

7. Belajar Membaca Al-Quran

The last application you can download to learn the quran is Learn to Read the Quran. This application developed by Indocipta Studio has a colorful interface and easy-to-understand audio.

Learning to Read the Quran can also be used to teach children the Koran. This application provides a variety of features ranging from learning hijaiyah letters, makhorijul letters, shifatul letters, and types of punctuation.

There is also a feature of assembling or connecting hijaiyah letters, the type of long reading or frantic reading, reading the law of tajwid to reading assessments, seeing the progress of learning the Koran. You can download this application on the Play Store.


The discussion about the application for learning the Quran on Android has been completed, we have discussed it in full and in detail. Hopefully the information on the learning to recite the Koran apk can help those of you who want to know the recommendations.

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