Money Making Apps

aplikasi penghasil uang – Money making apps. Making money today is easier, not only because of the online work platform, but also because of the proliferation of money-making applications. The app is … Selengkapnya

Trading App

aplikasi trading – Trading App. Maybe there are still people who don’t understand what trading is, so trading is a term to describe trading activities in the financial market for buying … Selengkapnya

Quran Application

aplikasi al quran – Quran Application. Nowadays, there are many digital Al-Quran applications that can be read online or offline, even distributed for free on the Android platform for Muslims. Not only … Selengkapnya

Screenshot Apps

aplikasi screenshot – Screenshot Apps. Some older versions of smartphones still don’t have a long screenshot feature, so they can’t take screenshots by scrolling the screen. But don’t worry, because Android … Selengkapnya

WA Ringtones App

aplikasi nada dering wa – WA Ringtones App. Maybe you are now feeling bored with the ringtones on the WhatsApp application that you have because they seem monotonous, ordinary, and boring. But don’t … Selengkapnya