Instagram Followers Increase Application – Instagram Followers Increase Application. Anyone would want to have a large number of followers or followers on Instagram, this is important especially for celebgrams and influencers.

Followers can be an indication that your Instagram account is in demand. With this fact, slowly there will be more brands and companies interested in collaborating on Instagram content creation.

There are indeed many ways to increase IG followers without an application. However, the steps contained and explained there require patience, because the results provided are not instant or require hard work.

As a solution, there is an application to increase Instagram followers that you can install on Android. This app can help you find and get active IG followers, it’s safe and certainly not a scam or spam.

List of Best Android Instagram Followers Applications

Like learning applications, there are lots of apk to add followers on Android social media, which can be used for free, and without paying. You can see the information below below.

1. AiGrow

AiGrow is one of the free Instagram followers and followers increasing applications on Android. This application can be used without having to pay a subscription fee or buy a premium package that costs money.

This application can be said to be ranked first in the list of the best Instagram followers applications. AiGrow can help users to get real, genuine, organic Instagram followers and of course not a scam.

With this AiGrow, you can get at least 300 followers for free a month. This feature on offer even includes a dedicated Instagram account manager to help add engagement to your IG account.

2. Combin

Combin is another Instagram followers app to find, analyze, engage and grow your audience. The Combin app also comes with an Instagram scheduler that helps schedule posts.

Combin offers various advantages over other applications. Such as getting targeted Instagram followers, User analysis, and Schedule to unfollow alias automatic unfollow like Instagram unfollowers application.

In addition there is also a Safe List feature (a list of followers you don’t want to stop), an “Unfollowed Me” list (a list of followers who don’t follow you back). This application you can really rely on.

3. Famoid

As an influencer or celeb, of course you have to understand that it is better to grow real followers organically. But if you want to buy Instagram followers, you have to know the best apps.

Nowadays, Famoid has become one of the best choices if you are looking for an app to buy Instagram followers. This application is paid, but the results provided are definitely worth the subscription package offered.

The Famoid application also has a package of likes and views on Instagram posts and reels. At least, Famoid knows that increasing followers on Instagram too fast will actually cause Instagram to block your account.

4. Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is again one of the best Instagram followers increase apps on Android devices. This application is able to protect your privacy and ensure your safety when using its features.

You can even easily earn coins by performing various tasks on the app. Like liking other people’s posts that can be used to learn active and safe Instagram followers.

You even earn coins with Followers Gallery referral code to others. How to use it is quite practical, just download Followers Gallery from the App Store or Google Play, then register using your email, and enter your IG username.

5. Turbo Followers for Instagram

Turbo Followers for Instagram is one of the best Instagram followers increase apps. Unfortunately, like all free follower apps, it’s limited to a few locked-down features.

The Instagram followers you can get from Turbo Followers for Instagram will increase as you follow other people. but growth will stop when you reach app limit so have to upgrade to premium account.

How to use Turbo Followers is not too complicated. Just install the application, then enter your Instagram username. After that you can see the progress on your Instagram account quickly.

6. InsLike

InsLike is also a free Instagram followers tool that allows you to get more likes and followers. Actually, increasing the number of instant IG followers is not a wise move on Instagram.

However, if you want to try, InsLike can be used for free by anyone. Instead of you buying followers or earning points from following other accounts, you can increase likes and followers naturally.

So there is no chance of being banned or blocked by Instagram. Of course, if you want to get the application, you can directly download it via the Play Store on an Android device.

7. InPlus

Another really reliable Instagram followers app is InPlus. What makes InPlus different from other apps? This is based on your own Instagram account interests.

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Contrary to some of the apps on the list above, InPlus claims that Instagram users can get real instant followers in your category. InPlus gives you a suitable follower account for you to follow.

In addition, the InPlus application can also send or receive follow requests to other InPlus users automatically. So it’s clear that InPlus can be useful to help you create a community on Instagram.

8. FollowInsta

The FollowInsta application is also considered a trusted and safe Instagram follower increase application. This app is available on Android version 5.0 or later and can be found on Google Play.

It can be said that FollowInsta claims to help you increase real followers for free once every 12 hours. Apart from that, FollowInsta also works as an app to track your Instagram followers.

How to add Instagram followers to the FollowInsta application is to download FollowInstta first. After that you need to install and register an account, then verify your Instagram account to start using it.

The final word

Until here, first our explanation about the application to increase Instagram followers for Android, as described in the explanation above. Hopefully the information above can help you get a lot of active IG followers.

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