How to Hide Apps on Vivo Phones – How to Hide Apps on Vivo Phones. Vivo is one of the best-selling smartphones and is widely used in Indonesia, especially by young people.

Vivo cellphones are based on Android, which means that all Android apps in the Play Store can be installed on the cellphone. But sometimes there are Vivo users who want to hide the application from the main page of the cellphone.

Relax, there are various ways that users can do when they want to hide certain applications on their smartphones. These methods can also be done easily.

We will present a tutorial explanation of the methods in question below after summarizing from various reliable reference sources. Please see the discussion below.

How to Hide Apps on the Latest Vivo Phones

Here are some tutorials on how to hide apps on the latest Vivo cellphone for free. Please see and see the full explanation in the article that we have written below.

1. No App

You may need to hide apps on Vivo phones, especially now that everything can be done with your phone. Like important data, files or chats all are on your phone and are at risk of being discovered by people.

Especially those who are very curious about the business you are in, especially those who like to borrow cellphones, letting others know the risks are greater. But you don’t have to worry anymore now.

Because there are several ways to hide your application from others so they don’t know your important data, files, and chats. Some ways to hide apps are with and without additional apps, how to:

  • Turn on your Vivo phone
  • Tap the menu bezel or quick menu
  • Then several menus will appear
  • To hide apps on your Vivo phone, select hide icon
  • After that, enter your regular PIN or pattern to secure your phone
  • Then you select the app you want to hide
  • After that you select the encryption settings
  • In the encryption settings you will be directed to enter your PIN
  • PIN is useful for unlocking hidden apps
  • Complete

2. Microsoft Launcher

You can download the Microsoft Launcher app from the Google Play Store. This widely used application is very good for you to install and use to hide applications on Vivo phones, the steps are:

  • Turn on your VIVO phone and go to Play Store
  • Download the Microsoft Launcher app
  • After downloading the app, you open the main menu on your VIVO phone
  • Slightly changed appearance with Microsoft Launcher app
  • You can click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select Hide App and click Hide App to hide the app
  • After that you can select the apps you want to hide
  • If you want to recover hidden apps, just go to hidden apps menu.
  • On the app you want to restore, click Show under Apps.
  • Complete
  • If you want to hide photos, videos or other important data files, you can check how to hide files on Android phone.
  • You can also use this method on OPPO phones.

3. Apex Launcher

The next way to hide apps on your Vivo cellphone or cellphone is to use the Apex Launcher app. Apex Launcher app is also widely used by those who really want to hide apps by:

  • Turn on your VIVO phone
  • Go to Play Store and install Apex Launcher app to hide apps
  • Wait until the application is installed, then open the application
  • You will see the main screen display settings
  • You can click skip to directly select the app you want to hide
  • You will be faced with a choice whether to use the Apex Launcher Pro application (paid) or a free application
  • If you want to use the free version, you can click skip
  • After this step, your vivo phone’s home screen will change slightly
  • After that, look for the Apex menu icon and select Hidden Apps
  • Then select Add Hidden App to hide apps
  • You choose the apps you want to hide
  • Then select Hide Apps
  • If you want to restore hidden apps, all you have to do is look for the Apex menu icon, then select the Hide apps menu, then find the app you want to unhide again, and click Unhide
  • Complete

The final word

Our discussion on how to hide applications on the latest Vivo cellphone has been explained in full. We hope that this tutorial will be useful for you.

Originally posted 2023-09-06 15:51:05.

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