Live Streaming App – Live Streaming App. Watching other people’s streaming sometimes becomes a fun entertainment in itself, we can watch it for free without having to pay.

There are even some applications that allow us to watch streaming of clear girls in bars. Whether it’s Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and others.

Of course, these applications are hunted by many lonely adams. They are also aggressively looking for applications to watch live streaming for anti-benned bars and no sensors on Android phones.

Actually, there are several choices of live streaming apps that allow you to do this. Well, here we will give you a complete review recommendation.

Free Live Streaming App on Android

Let’s take a look and see together a selection of free live streaming applications that can be used on Android phones. Let’s just see the full review in the explanation below.

1. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is the first worst live streaming bar application that we recommend. Bigo Live is known as a censorship-free live streaming app, and of course only for adults 18 years and over.

If you are young, you should not try this Bigo Live app! This free live streaming APK for US, Indonesia, China, to Thailand lets you become a streamer and earn extra money.

The trick is to get from the gifts you receive. If you are not interested in being a host, you can also become a spectator because this application provides various types of content from the host or hosts in it.

2. Gogo Live

Then there is Gogo Live which is very often used to watch beautiful girls streaming. If you are looking for live APKs for Vietnam, China, Indonesia and other countries that are not banned, Gogo Live is the answer.

You can try Gogo Live developed by Global Live Network, Inc. Besides showing adult live streaming from hosts from Indonesia, you can also find hosts from other countries such as Vietnam, China, USA, etc.

Also, like other live bar apps, you can send or receive virtual gifts. If you are a streamer, this reward is your main income. So that the Gogo Live application is becoming more and more in demand.

3. Boom Live

Boom Live is no less popular than other streaming bar apps because of the interesting features in it. This Boom Live app offers all kinds of cool features for those who want to watch streams from famous hosts.

On Boom Live, app users will find many presenters who share your interests. Be it dancers, singers, comedians, foodies, or even beauty experts from around the world.

However, this Boom Live application requires you to have a lot of coins to enter the desired room. The solution, you can download the Boom Live MOD APK application with full functionality and for free.

4. MoreinLive

Then there is MoreinLive which we also recommend for Android users. MoreinLive is dubbed as the worst live streaming bar app because it serves all kinds of adult content from Chinese beauty streamers.

Although this MoreinLive is an APK directly from the Chinese language bar, the interface of MoreinLive is in English. With an English interface, so you can understand the content of the MoreinLive app seamlessly.

Also, this MoreinLive app is very easy to use and you can watch streaming sexy girls until you are satisfied. Guaranteed steady and addictive, just download it from the Google Play Store for free.

5. MLiveU

In addition to the MoreinLive application, there is also an application dedicated to content 18 years and over, namely MLiveU: Hot Live Show. The MLiveU application on Android has become very popular all over the world.

As the name suggests, in this MLiveU application you can find endless “hot” livestreams from a row of beautiful and sexy hosts. No wonder this MLiveU app is very popular and has a fantastic number of downloads.

However, not all live shows are free to watch within the MLiveU app. This is possible, because MLiveU has a private space that can only be accessed by unlocking it with coins.

6. Mango Live

Our next recommendation is Mango Live from the developer of the same name. The Mango Live application on Android has been around for a long time and now a newer version with more complete features is available.

This awesome online beautiful girl streaming app allows you to interact with users from all over the world. Mango Live users can also watch streams on a variety of different topics.

Not only as viewers, users of the Mango Live application can also start your own broadcast, which can be broadcast for all users. Or create a private broadcast for only a few people.

7. 19 Love Me

Another equally good app for watching online streaming is 19 Love Me, which allows users to interact with each other. Not just an ordinary exchange, you can even have a romantic interaction.

Interestingly, this 19 Love Me application offers many features that will not bore you. Such as playing games, watching live matches, getting prizes and even betting on matches.

In addition to spending time playing, watching live broadcasts, and getting gifts, 19 Love Me users can also interact with beautiful women using the 19 Love Me app through the random chat function.

8. Moon Live

Just like 19 Love Me, Moon Live is a live streaming app that also includes a mini-game feature. Also, inside Moon Live you can watch live football streaming of various matches.

However, this live streaming app called Moon Live is very free and users can even show the hottest videos. In fact, there are no blocked or banned applications in the Moon Live application.

If you use this Moon Live application, please visit and use it wisely. To use it, you need to first download the Moon Live application on the Google Play Store for free.

9. MGlobal Live

MGlobal Live is a live video content application similar to Moon Live that provides viewing services, opening rooms, conducting live broadcasts, and offering attractive prizes to other viewers.

In addition, MGlobal Live application users can interact with other users, such as chatting and offering attractive gifts, as a form of appreciation for the live content presented on MGlobal Live.

The MGlobal Live application has also been widely used, because there are many users who like to stream on MGlobal Live. Includes beautiful Indonesian, Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Korean, and even Russian girls.

10. Bling2 Live

Bling2 Live is a live streaming app for viewers aged 18 and over. The reason is, you will be served by an emcee who is scantily clad, not suitable for underage audience consumption.

Apart from watching streamers on Bling2 Live, you can also do other things in this app, which is play mini-games. Interestingly, you also have the opportunity to earn additional income by streaming.

The Bling2 Live application can also be used for free which can be used by anyone who wants to watch the appearance of beautiful girls. You can download Bling2 Live directly from the official website.

The final word

Until here, we have discussed about free live streaming applications that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately watch live streaming.

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