Office Apps

aplikasi perkantoran – Office Apps. When working as an employee, you definitely need some applications that can be used to make the work easier. There are lots of office applications that … Selengkapnya

Music Maker App

aplikasi pembuat musik – Music Maker App. Anyone can make music easily, even for people who have not been involved in the world and the Indonesian music industry. In general, the function … Selengkapnya

Video Subtitle App

aplikasi subtitle video – Video subtitle apps. When watching a movie whose language is not known, you must have read the subtitles, right? So have you ever thought about how to make … Selengkapnya

Home Design Apps

aplikasi desain rumah – Home design apps. For an architect, doing residential design like a house must be a daily job that must be done and continue to innovate, right? Not only … Selengkapnya

Interior Design Apps

aplikasi desain interior – Interior Design Apps. Designing rooms such as living rooms, rooms, parking lots, and more can now be done easily using certain applications. There are lots of applications on … Selengkapnya

Video Stabilizer App

aplikasi stabilizer video – Video Stabilizer App. When we record video using a low-resolution camera, sometimes it will make the video we make unstable or wobbly. Of course, this makes the video … Selengkapnya

Text Summarizer App

aplikasi peringkas teks – Text Summarizer App. For those who want to shorten or summarize an article automatically, we don’t need to delete it word by word manually which is of course … Selengkapnya