Barcode App – Barcode App. At this time a lot of digital files that are secured using barcode encryption, to open them can not be done carelessly.

Because we need a scanner application to scan the barcode so that it can be translated into computer language. Is it in the form of links, contacts, text, and so on.

Usually cellphones now have their own barcode scanner application, so we don’t need to install it. But on old school Android phones, there are still many who don’t have the application.

But take it easy because on the Play Store we can find a large selection of the best barcode applications that can be used on Android phones. Are you curious what the application is?

The Best Barcode Apps on Android Phones

Below we will recommend to you some of the best barcode applications on Android phones. The applications recommended below are free to use.

1. QR Code Reader

The next barcode scanner app that we recommend to you is QR Code Reader. This application works as a QR code reader and QR code scanner with various functions for free and not paid.

It includes free QR code reader, free QR code scanner, free barcode scanner and barcode reader. You can use the QR Code Reader application directly by downloading it first on the Play Store.

How to use the QR Code Reader application is also easy and anyone can use it. This QR Code Reader application is popular enough that it has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users and is highly rated.

2. Barcode Scanner

One of the barcode scanner applications for Android smartphones that can be downloaded for free is Barcode Scanner. With this application made by ZXing Team, you can get detailed product information without leaving the camera screen.

The barcode scanner can scan various barcodes or QR codes, which is very easy to use. The Barcode Scanner application also has a light size so it will not burden the smartphone when used.

Plus, you can even create your own QR code. The great thing about it is that the app is ad-free. This barcode scanner application is really worth considering installing and trying on Android phones.

3. QR Droid Private

The next apps are QR Droid Private and QR Droid, which were launched by the same developer (namely DroidLa). However, there are differences between the two apps, one of which is the number of permissions used.

With QR Droid Private which requires fewer permissions, so the QR Droid Private application is completely safe to use. Users can also generate QR codes to share contacts, bookmarks, location paths, and more.

Then, the QR Droid Private application is also equipped with a QR Droid widget to make it easier to access. You can also access various QR documents on the QR Droid Private application, including contacts, website links, and more.

4. ScanLife Barcode

ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is an application that can be used to easily scan barcodes and QR codes of any product. This application is very superior because it can scan barcodes without being bothered by ads.

Apart from reliable smart shopping, ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is a personal shopper that can guide you through any price or review information. The size of this application is also very light on Android smartphones.

In fact, you can also get brief information about the latest offers, discounts, special offers from local and international stores. You can see ScanLife Barcode reviews on Play Store, very good by users.

5. Free QR Scanner

Free QR Scanner – Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader is the next app that can be easily used as a barcode scanner. Applications made by developer InShot Inc. is able to crack the code.

Free QR Scanner app can also scan all types of QR codes and barcodes. This includes contacts, products, WiFi, texts, URLs, emails, books, locations, calendars, and more that can be scanned using the Free QR Scanner app.

Apart from that, Free QR Scanner app users can also find discount coupons or promo codes just by using the free QR code scanner – barcode scanner, QR code reader. Download it on the Play Store!

6. NeoReader QR

The second common app for scanning all types of barcodes is NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner. With NeoReader QR, you can easily scan various types of standard barcodes such as QR Code Data, Matrix, EAN, UPC, Code 128, etc.

NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner can also automatically detect barcode types from different orientations. So, this application really deserves to be your choice of choice when you want to download a barcode scanner.

Interestingly, the NeoReader QR application itself can also be used as a QR code generator, you know, then it can also be directly shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So it can be said that this application is really practical.

7. QR & Barcode Scanner

The name of the next application that is no less good to be recommended, the best application is QR & Barcode Scanner. As the name suggests, this app has the ability to scan barcodes or QR codes.

Not only that, the QR & Barcode Scanner application, which is a product code scanner made by Gamma Play, also includes an application to scan WiFi barcodes, products, locations, and other applications that are quite popular, you know.

The proof, the scanner application called QR & Barcode Scanner is available for free on the Play Store that has been downloaded by more than 100 million Android users. Don’t hesitate anymore, just download the QR & Barcode Scanner application.

8. QRBot

The next iPhone and Android barcode scanner app, QRbot, is free to use. This application called QRBot has a very simple interface, making it easy to use on Android phones.

Scanning a barcode using the QRBot application is also very easy. You just need to open the app, click the Scan tab, and point your cellphone camera at the barcode you want to scan.

Just like the previous app, QRbot also allows you to quickly and conveniently generate barcodes and QR codes on your phone. To have it, please directly download it from the Play Store on your Android phone.

9. Barcode Scanner Pro

The Barcode Scanner Pro application also deserves to be on the best list here. Barcode Scanner Pro can scan any barcode or QR code displayed, making this app very nice and easy to use.

Also, using Barcode Scanner Pro you can create maps of barcodes, phone numbers and more to share with your friends or family. Barcode Scanner Pro app is really very functional.

This Barcode Scanner Pro online barcode scanning application also provides a settings menu so you can scan different types of barcodes or multiple QR codes. Moreover, this application can be used for free.

10. BcWebcam

Looking for a PC or laptop barcode scanning application? If so, you can try an app called BcWebcam, which displays information online. Of course, just like any other application, BcWebcam can be used for free.

After installing this QR code scanning app for PC and Laptop, you can simply scan with your webcam. But what if you don’t have a webcam? Don’t worry because the BcWebcam app has the solution for you.

No need to be confused! Instead of a webcam, you can connect the HP webcam to a laptop or PC. Then all you have to do is scan the desired barcode, please just have the application from the Play Store.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best barcode applications on Android that you can use. So with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the Android barcode apk recommendations.

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