Health Apps – Health Apps. In this pandemic and disease-ridden period, health and physical fitness are very important things for everyone to pay attention to.

Everyone should not be immune deficient, immunity must be maintained, and of course you must maintain a healthy diet. Thus, you will definitely be protected from dangerous diseases and viruses.

Don’t worry, there are many health apps for kids and parents that can help you live a healthier life. Even the good news, the application is also available for mobile devices.

Previously we have also reviewed the running application, so here we will again discuss applications that have a more complete feature complexity. You can listen to the info below.

List of Child and Parent Health Apps

Just like the prayer reminder application, this health application aimed at children and parents is free and premium. Here we provide complete application details below.

1. KlikDokter

The best health application goes to the KlikDokter apk. By using KlikDokter, users can consult 24 hours for free and online regarding health problems with general practitioners or specialists.

Not only that, users can also read various articles about health written by experienced doctors. KlikDokter also has a fertility calendar, pregnancy, disease directory, and medicine, but does not provide a fingerprint pregnancy test application feature.

The fertility calendar on KlikDokter is useful for accompanying pregnant women who are undergoing a pregnancy program. Meanwhile, another feature, namely the pregnancy calendar, functions so that expectant mothers can get interactive information about the fetus.

2. Sworkit

Another great health app to install during a pandemic is Sworkit. This application will help you to exercise regularly, well, scheduled, and according to the portion of the body’s ability.

We can remember that five minutes of exercise is better than never doing it at all. This is also the principle that Sworkit wants to instill in its users.

This app already has 160 types of physical exercise and will continue to be developed which is demonstrated by personal trainers. You can undergo sports or light to heavy physical exercise based on the parts of the body you want to shape or maintain.

3. Halodoc

Another recommendation is Halodoc, an Indonesian digital health service platform. By using the features in this application, you can communicate directly with tens of thousands of licensed doctors.

You could say that the Halodoc application is also a complete health apk to meet the health needs of various groups. Users can consult directly 24 hours with doctors online and free of charge.

In addition, by using Halodoc, you can also buy drugs prescribed by online to schedule laboratory tests. Meanwhile, to check body temperature, you can use the body temperature check application.

4. Alodokter

Another Indonesian online doctor health application is Alodokter. Just like some of the applications above, using Alodokter users can consult more than 500 experienced doctors.

The services contained in the Alodokter apk are also very diverse, such as chatting with doctors to booking hospital doctor’s schedules online. Users can also read informative articles about medical.

This best health apk for Android and iOS allows every user to be able to consult with general practitioners and specialists. No need to wait long, the response from the doctor can be fast, so anytime and anywhere, you can consult.

5. SehatQ

Another recommendation, you can use an application called SehatQ. By using it on a cellphone, it allows users to view doctor’s details before consulting online.

The health services provided by the SehatQ application are also very helpful and varied. Such as consulting services and booking beauty clinics, dental clinics, laboratory tests, or other health clinics.

This health app also offers customers purchasing vitamin packages, circumcision packages, and health promotions. Even interestingly, SehatQ is also working with the Ministry of Health to provide a Covid-19 risk check feature.

6. Grab Health powered by Good Doctor

Grab Health powered by Good Doctor is an application created by Good Doctor in collaboration with Grab Indonesia. The application provides health services that are equipped with consultation features, questions and answers, buy medicine, vitamins and other health products.

If your doctor recommends that you take certain medications, vitamins, or supplements, Grab Health powered by Good Doctor will buy them from an authorized pharmacy. Thus, your health consultation will be easier.

Even using this application you can also make medical appointments and appointments with one of the hospitals and health clinics of choice. Grab Health, like SehatQ, has collaborated with the Indonesian Ministry of Health in efforts to prevent Covid-19 in Indonesia.

7. Zipongo

Another app not to be missed on the list is Zipongo. The apk will help you maintain your diet, diet and even design a weekly meal plan.

Not only that, Zipongo also provides various types of healthy recipes that are tailored to the needs of children or parents. Of course this application also pays attention to the allergic tendencies that the user has.

Zipongo is an application designed by doctors at Boston Medical Center. This application is really trusted to help you keep your body fit, healthy, and immunity is maintained.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding health applications on Android. Hopefully with this application, it can help us live a healthier life.

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