Sports Apps – Sports Apps. During the pandemic, everyone is required to be able to maintain their physical fitness, one way is to do light exercise regularly and on time.

But without an instructor, sometimes a person cannot control the intensity of his own exercise. This results in actually making the body easily tired, tired, and finally the body’s resistance drops.

So, the help of the instructor when exercising becomes very important, and you can get it for free. All you have to do is install sports applications on your Android phone.

Similar to the car buying and selling application, in the Play Store there are also various recommendations for sports applications that can be used. You can choose one of several applications below.

Recommended Best Sports Apps on Android

After launching and summarizing from various sources, we found that there are several recommendations for applications for exercise that are suitable for use by the Indonesian people. Here is a selection of sports applications.

1. My Fitness Pal

Even though you are at home, you still need to pay attention to your health and physical strength to stay healthy. One way is to pay attention to the nutrients in the food you eat regularly every day.

In addition, you can also try the My Fitness Pal application, it can help you track the nutrition of food every day. Using the free version, you can see the calorie count of each food and organize it according to your goals.

The diary feature of the My Fitness Pal app will help show your total calorie count, healthy meal recipes, and diet plans. If you subscribe to the premium version, you will get some additional features.

2. Home Workout No Equipmen

Want to make your body more curvaceous but don’t bother going to the gym? This Home Workout No Equipment app will help you to do daily workouts and make your muscles better without tools and trainers.

Don’t worry, this application can be downloaded for free and installed on Android devices. Using Home Workout No Equipment, you can choose your workout focus for the abs, chest, legs, arms, or the whole body.

Even more interestingly, if necessary, you are also likely to be able to choose a weight loss plan. However, if you want to receive training from a personal trainer, you must subscribe first.

3. Freeletics

Do you often plan to exercise at home to stay healthy, but still talk about it because you don’t know what plan is right for you? Try the Freeletics app for free for Android devices.

The Freeletics app can help customize your workout plan based on your schedule, fitness level, and ultimate goals (such as weight loss or bodybuilding) to help you exercise.

As you know, if you want to register as a gym member, it is very expensive. Well, with Freeletics, you can practice anywhere. In order to get a trainer watching your workouts, you must subscribe to the premium version.

4. Home Workout

This Home Workout application provides various types of various exercises, very helpful for you. The goal is to exercise alone without using tools, and without paying the PT (personal trainer) fee for free.

Because actually in this Home Workout application there is a video that explains how to perform each action. The video shows you how you can do light exercises just from home.

Chest, abdominal, shoulder, back exercises, as well as food intake planning for those who want to run a diet program, can all be used in this application. You can also adjust the level of training according to your abilities.

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is designed by a professional fitness trainer and will “challenge” you. So by using the 30 Day Fitness Challenge, you are asked to complete all exercises within 30 days.

In the 30 Day Fitness Challenge application you can choose the level of exercise according to your abilities, from beginner to professional. The duration of the exercise will be adjusted to the body’s needs, and the body’s needs will continue to grow.

There are several instructional videos that will teach you to perform actions you’ve never done before. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge application can also be obtained for free through the Play Store.

6. Calm

Are you planning to try starting meditation to calm your mind, but don’t know where to start? Try the Calm application which can be used for free without having to pay this subscription fee.

This Calm workout app can help you meditate and train your sleep quality, soothe you with selected music, and make you calmer. Makes you fitter and healthier every day.

In the Calm application there are also features of Sleep Stories, breathing exercises, relaxing music, free to accompany you in meditation. But if you subscribe to premium, you can access a wide selection of music content.

7. Asana Rebel

By using an exercise application called Asana Rebel, you can change your lifestyle through regular exercise and make your body healthier. This app provides practice skills from yoga to fitness.

Another benefit that the Asana Rebel app offers is that you can even choose a set of music to accompany your meditation and bedtime. So, Asana Rebel helps to maintain your inner quality.

All of this can be accessed for free. But to get additional features, like custom workouts by yoga and fitness experts or choosing a set of exercises to get specific results, you’ll have to pay for them.

8. BetterMe

This BetterMe app is more specifically for women and girls who like to exercise. Because the types of exercises provided are aimed at reducing the size of certain body parts, which is usually a problem for women.

Not only physical exercise, this BetterMe application also provides facial exercises to look younger. Obviously this is an application that is suitable to be installed and installed on your cellphone device when you want to make your body fitter.

For those who have never exercised, don’t worry, because in the BetterMe application there are also step-by-step videos for doing each exercise, as well as a good diet guide according to your body’s needs.

9. Workout Trainer

Another recommendation is an Android application called Workout Trainer. Basically this application not only provides various ways to exercise at home, but also provides training techniques for using tools in the gym.

Certified trainers are also on hand to guide you through photos, audio and video to help you get the most out of your fitness activities. The Workout Trainer application can really be relied on by Android users.

Therefore, there is no longer any reason not to exercise, because Workout Trainer is ready to help you start your journey to a healthier life and get the body of your dreams. Have fun exercising with the Workout Trainer application.

The final word

Until here, the discussion about the best sports applications that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so you can do sports activities from home.

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