Money Transfer App – Money Transfer App. There are a lot of banks in Indonesia, and of course we have to send some money from one bank to another which requires additional fees.

The admin fee that is charged when making interbank transfers is IDR 6,500, and of course that is quite burdensome, especially if the transfer value is only small. Surely, have you ever thought about transferring without admin fees, right?

Don’t worry, basically there are lots of applications that can be used to transfer money without admin fees for free, easy, and of course can be used on Android cellphone devices.

Previously we have also discussed the moving wallpaper application, then here we also want to discuss the money transfer application without admin fees. You can see the full review and review below.

List of Money Transfer Applications Without Admin Fees on Android

The following below are a selection of applications that can be used to transfer money without admin fees on Android phones. Please use and use the recommended applications below.

1. Flip

Do you know what the Flip app is? This is a free bank transfer app that you can download on Play Store and App Store. With Flip, even if you transfer funds to another bank, you won’t be charged an admin fee.

It’s just that you know that the Flip application is the work of Indonesian children and is included in the Forbes 2021 Asia 20 Under 30 list. The founder of Flip is Rafi Putra Arriyan, and he is now the CEO with two friends.

If you use the Flip application, there are a total of 14 banks in Indonesia that can transfer money between banks for free. Flip also recently developed the Flip Globe feature, which helps transfer funds overseas.


The first free money transfer application from the administrator is DANA which can be accessed on the website. The DANA app is basically a secure, reliable and fully functional digital wallet.

Users can transfer funds to other DANA users for free, and there are 10 free transfers to other banks every month. As you know, DANA has many special promos and coupons for its loyal users.

How to transfer money using the DANA application is also very easy. In addition to remittances, DANA can also be used as an application or gold investment platform for those who want to enter the investment world.

3. OVO

You are certainly familiar with OVO which can be accessed through the site. It can be said that the OVO platform is an application that is integrated with the Grab transportation service.

OVO can be said to be one of DANA’s strongest competitors, thanks to its complete functionality, even many merchants from shop owners to street vendors accept payments through OVO.

The way to top up OVO is also very simple, so it doesn’t bother you. Well, you can also easily transfer money to various users and banks via OVO. Upgrade to OVO Premier and enjoy better service.

4. GoPay

GoPay can also be used for transactions outside the Gojek application service without admin fees or free. You can make non-cash transactions online or offline with Gojek partner merchants or stores.

In the past, GoPay was called GoWallet, one of the digital wallet applications owned by Gojek Indonesia. Like other electronic wallets, GoPay is used to pay for transactions made on the Gojek application, such as (GoCar, GoRide, GoSend, GoFood, etc.

You can make interbank transfers through the GoPay application without paying a management fee. However, this free pick-up service is only valid for certain moments when there is a promotion on GoPay.

5. LinkAja

LinkAja is also an application-based digital wallet service platform that was jointly established by Telkomsel and BUMN. They serve transfers to BRI, BNI, Bank Mandiri, BTN, Pertamina, Danareksa, and Jiwasraya Insurance.

Previously changed its name to Telkomsel Cash or TCASH, and officially changed its name on February 21, 2019. Now LinkAja is a free money transfer application that is widely trusted and widely used in Indonesia.

Basic service accounts still have to pay transfer fees, and the upper limit of LinkAja balance is IDR 2 million. For a full service account, you can transfer money without management fees, you can save a balance of up to IDR 10 million.

6. OY Indonesia

OY Indonesia or PT. Dompet Harapan Bangsa was created by Anak Nasional which was founded in 2017. This OY Indonesia application-based e-wallet service is licensed and registered with Bank Indonesia.

So you don’t have to worry about its safety. To use OY Indonesia, the user must be connected to his personal account. Once connected, users can transfer money via OY or check their bank account balance.

Users must upgrade their account to the premium version to enjoy transfer services from OY Indonesia. The minimum and maximum limits for free transfers are IDR 100 thousand to IDR 5 million per day.

7. Payfazz

The next application that Jaka recommends for you is Payfazz which can be accessed at the address. The platform can facilitate free interbank transfers if you get a promotion.

In addition, you can also top up credit, pay PLN bills, and top up GoPay credit in the Payfazz application. If you want to find additional income, you can also become a Payfazz broker, and Payfazz can also be used as a money transfer application without admin fees.

The advantage of this Payfazz application is that it can reach a transfer limit of IDR 1 million. Unfortunately, if you choose the free management fee feature on the Payfazz app, your transfer will take a long time.


That’s all the explanation about the android money transfer application as we have conveyed in the explanation above. Please just use the applications that we have recommended above so you can send money between banks without admin fees.

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