Menstruation App – Menstruation App. Menstrual cycles do need to be known and calculated regularly, this is very important for women, especially those who are married.

Because of the menstrual cycle and ovulation, you and your husband can know when is the right time for conception. So, women can know the fertile period so they can get pregnant soon.

Knowing the menstrual cycle and ovulation can also make it easier for us in terms of worship. When do we stop praying and fasting, when can we pay the debt of prayer or fasting.

Luckily, there are currently a number of online menstrual and ovulation apps that can be used on Android devices. These applications are of course free and do not require you to pay anything.

Menstruation and Ovulation Apps on Android

Below we will recommend to you about a selection of online menstrual and ovulation apps that can be used. Please see and see the full discussion in the following review.

1. Kalender Menstruasi Ovulasi

First we will suggest you to use the Menstrual Ovulation Calendar because the features in it are very complete. Especially for iPhone users, you can use the Ovulation Period Menstrual Calendar application.

This Ovulation Menstrual Calendar app is easy to use and learns about women’s menstrual and menstrual cycles so they can track ovulation, fertility and know the longest average time of pregnancy.

The Ovulation Menstrual Calendar can also track various things about you, such as your mood, weight, temperature, and when you had sex. However, to be able to access all the features of this app, you have to pay.

2. Glow

Another app name that we recommend for you is Glow. The main feature of the light is to determine the cycle of the female reproductive year, with the aim of helping to conceive. This app is free to use.

But by choosing to use the paid option, you’ll get even more benefits, including a guide to meditation to reduce stress, as well as comparing the symptoms your body may be experiencing.

What sets this Glow app apart from others is that it is a service that men or husbands can also use. Yes, your husband can enter his data to find out his fertile period.

3. Ovia

In addition, you can also use the Ovia application on Android to measure your fertile period, menstruation, menstruation, and pregnancy. Ovia is touted as one of the most effective applications for determining the fertile period.

Technically, this Ovia app helps you to get data like basal temperature and cervical position. In addition, this Ovia application can predict your period based on the data you enter.

In addition, Ovia provides advice on various things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant, including your daily diet. The Ovia app is totally worth it and you can use it to your heart’s content.

4. Eve Periode Tracker

Next we recommend you to take advantage of the Eve Period Tracker app on Android. This application has a beautiful appearance. Eve Period Tracker is a special application for menstrual cycle.

Eve Period Tracker provides the main function of carrying period examination subjects. Yes, this feature provides information about PMS symptoms and procedures to follow based on your zodiac or zodiac sign.

You can also use the Eve Period Tracker application to get an accurate menstrual cycle. The Eve Period Tracker application can also be used for free without paying any fees.

5. Flo

Flo is our next suggestion if you want to calculate your menstrual cycle in a month. The Flo app is relatively easy to use but provides complete data on the menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility.

You can use this Flo app if you are planning to get pregnant. The reason, Flo will also tell you when is the right time to have sex, as well as record your basal temperature.

The Flo application has also become one of the most downloaded platforms by users. Especially those who are planning a pregnancy so they can have a baby soon with the help of the Flo’s fertile time counter.

6. Clue

Clue is available for both iOS and Android and is one of many people’s favorite period and ovulation apps. The Clue app doesn’t just help mothers with their menstrual schedule and fertile period.

But the Clue app also provides a wealth of information about what’s going on in your body, including PMS symptoms like growth hormone, mental and spiritual state, mood, cervical fluid status.

Not only that, Clue offers some suggestions to solve the problem. Even the Clue application can be used for free so it is very easy for users to use.

7. Bellabeat Period Diary

Bellabeat Period Diary helps us track ovulation and identify emotions. This application also has health features that can help provide advice on nutritional intake, physical activity to meditation activities.

There are also many articles on women’s sexual health in the Bellabeat Period Diary application. Not only that, in Bellabeat Period Diary there is also a sophisticated algorithm to identify pregnancy.

It’s quite easy to use this app, just enter the date your period starts and get accurate information. This Bellabeat Period Diary app has accurate statistical analysis every time.


We hope that our explanation of the menstrual application on your cellphone can be recommended by you. So you are not confused about which application to use to monitor your menstrual cycle.

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