Online Job Apps

aplikasi kerja online – Online job apps. There are many applications that can be used to work online, find side jobs for college students, high school students, or employees to earn side … Selengkapnya

Forex Apps

aplikasi forex – Forex apps. Forex or foreign exchange is a transaction of buying and selling foreign currencies, in this case commonly known as forex trading. The trading value can be … Selengkapnya

Video Stabilizer App

aplikasi stabilizer video – Video Stabilizer App. When we record video using a low-resolution camera, sometimes it will make the video we make unstable or wobbly. Of course, this makes the video … Selengkapnya

Text Summarizer App

aplikasi peringkas teks – Text Summarizer App. For those who want to shorten or summarize an article automatically, we don’t need to delete it word by word manually which is of course … Selengkapnya

Word to PDF App

aplikasi word ke pdf – Word to PDF App. Now anyone can convert word files to PDF very easily using the word processing program Microsoft Word from Microsoft Office. But unfortunately for some … Selengkapnya

Video Speed Up App

aplikasi mempercepat video – Video Speed Up App. Maybe you’ve seen on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media there are video posts that appear to be sped up compared to the original … Selengkapnya