GBWhatsApp App – GBWhatsApp App. WhatsApp is an open source application, meaning that it can be modified by users according to their individual needs, and it’s no wonder that nowadays there are many WA mod applications.

No need to worry about security, because usually the WA mod apk only adds features, not rummaging through the security in it. Because the security of the WhatsApp application remains safe even though it has been modified.

One of the most popular WA mod applications is GBWhatsApp. By using GBWhatsApp, there will be many advantages that users can get, through the features provided by the developer.

To have the application, you cannot download it on the Play Store like the Madura language dictionary application. But it can only be downloaded through the official website or via the link we share below.

Understanding the GBWhatsApp Application

GB WhatsApp is one of the WA modification applications that has more complete features than the usual WA application. When using GB WhatsApp, you can get various interesting advantages.

One of the advantages of the GB WhatsApp mod apk application is its privacy, which of course does not exist in ordinary WA. Like other chat applications, this application can read messages that have been deleted to send scheduled messages.

GB WhatsApp can also be said to be a Mod version of WhatsApp that offers the best features, which ordinary WhatsApp does not have. Are you looking for the new version of GBWhatsApp? If yes, you can use GB WhatsApp.

Downloading GB WhatsApp can be done for free, which is the best mod version of WhatsApp. The GB WhatsApp application is developed by a third party called GBWA, which can be found easily on the internet.

Currently, GB WhatsApp is a very popular application for those who use multiple WhatsApp accounts. The advantage of multiple accounts is not just a reason to use GBWhatsApp on Android phones.

You can download or download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK by clicking the download button above. You can also get other WhatsApp Mods on GBPlus and of course this application can be used for free.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Features

There are many advantages offered by the official GB WhatsApp Pro APK mod application, so many people are curious to use it. What features can users enjoy? Here are some of them.

1. Security

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is known to be equipped with very capable security features, especially in anticipation of being banned from WhatsApp. So, users of the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application don’t have to worry about using it.

2. System Update

The system owned by the WA mod application is continuously updated according to the WA messenger application system. This application has very diligent updates and of course will make conversations in it smoother.

3. Message Delivery

The app also features an excellent messaging feature. So it’s not surprising that GB WhatsApp Pro APK can be used to send scheduled messages that are not available on features in the official WA application.

It doesn’t stop there, GB WhatsApp Pro APK can also read messages that have been deleted or unsent from the sender. Interestingly, the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application can delete messages that have been sent.

4. Change Theme

In this application there are lots of themes that can be used to change the appearance of GB WhatsApp Pro APK for free. So, you don’t have to bother installing the WA theme application to change the template.

5. Disconnect

This GB WA pro mod apk application is also equipped with a very easy internet connection or network breaker feature. When you want to cut off the wifi signal or cellular data, you can do it directly from this application.

6. Hide Tick

If the official WhatsApp application can only hide the blue tick, then the GB WA pro mod apk is different. The reason is that users can hide the blue tick and also double tick without additional applications.

7. Send WA Messages Without Save Number

This WhatsApp mod application called GB WA pro mod apk can also be used to send messages without having to save the number first. This application is of course very suitable for those of you who are lazy to save other people’s phone numbers.

In addition, the GB WA pro mod apk can also be used by users who want to reply to messages automatically. So, you can stay connected with other people even when you’re sleeping or not on standby using your cellphone.

8. Download WhatsApp Stories

Another interesting feature in the GB WA pro mod apk is that you can easily download WA status or stories. So, you don’t need to use the WhatsApp status download application which is quite burdensome on the cellphone.

9. Send Multiple Files

Another useful feature of the GBWhatsapp application is that it can send multiple files at once. Users can send files with image, video, music, and other formats in the amount of 100 files or even more.

10. Multiple Account

Sometimes we may also need several numbers for different types of WA orders, such as numbers for business, personal, office, and others. If you use only one number it might be a little annoying.

But with GB WhatsApp we only need to install one application. You can login using two or more numbers in one WhatsApp account, and just switch accounts if you want to use them.

Difference between GBWhatsApp and Regular WhatsApp

Maybe some of you also ask what is the difference between GBWhatsApp and regular WhatsApp, especially in terms of size and features. The following is a comparison table between GB WA and the official WhatsApp Messenger.

ComparisonGB WAWA Official
Status character length255 characters139 characters
Multiple documents at once (photos and other files)100 files30 files
Media sharing options50 MB15 MB
Hide last seen statusAvailableAvailable
Copying statusTersediaTidak tersedia
Supported languages13045
Sending a blank messageAvailableAvailable
Themes availableManyLimited

How to Download GB WhatsApp Pro

Downloading the GB WhatsApp Pro application is not a difficult job, because this official and official application can be downloaded for free on the official website. But you can’t find it on the Play Store.

Don’t worry about the security of the GB WhatsApp Pro application, because like the WhatsApp Aero application, even though it is not in the Play Store, it is still safe to use. Here are the steps to download the GBWhatsApp application.

  • Open your smartphone first.
  • Find and open the Settings menu.
  • Select the Privacy Settings or Security Settings option.
  • Activate the Unknown Sources option.
  • This is a must because you will be downloading applications other than the Google Play Store.
  • Go to your internet search page.
  • Then open this GBWhatsApp download link.
  • Later you will be taken to the page.
  • Scroll to the bottom until you find the Download option and click it.
  • The GB WhatsApp application file will be downloaded automatically.
  • Then leave it until the download process is completely completed.
  • To see the GB WhatsApp download process, you can monitor it through the notification bar at the top of the smarttree screen.
  • Only then can you directly install GB WhatsApp.
  • Usually the GB WhatsApp download file will be saved automatically in the download/download folder.
  • Done.

How to Install the GBWhatsApp Application

If you have downloaded, of course you need to install or install it on each Android phone. Since this application is not downloaded from the Play Store, the installation is a little different, which is to follow these steps.

  • Download your GB Whatsapp file at the link above
  • Save the GB Whatsapp download file in an easy-to-find folder
  • Open the cellphone settings, click on the application menu, then on some cellphones open the privacy menu
  • Then check unknown sources
  • Open the GB Whatsapp application file and follow the install guide provided
  • Enter the cellphone number on GB Whatsapp to register whatsapp
  • Enter the GB Whatsapp verification number sent by whatsapp to the short message
  • Set GB Whatsapp account name and photo
  • Done.

How to Register the GBWhatsApp Application

After you have successfully downloaded and installed it on your respective cellphones, the next step is to register or create an account. The way to register on the WhatsApp mod application called GB WA is as follows.

  • After you install the best GBWhatsApp modified messaging application, then just open it.
  • Register for GBWhatsApp as usual, by entering your phone number and verifying it like the official WhatsApp apk.
  • Make sure the number registered on the GBWhatsApp is still active and can be sent messages or contacted.
  • Later GBWhatsApp will ask for the OTP code that has been sent to the number.
  • Enter the GBWhatsApp OTP code that you have received.
  • If you have, you can immediately start sending messages using the latest GBWhatsApp application.

How to Update the GBWhatsApp Application

Like the FMWhatsApp application, this application attempts to keep it safe to use and runs well as it should, so you need to keep updating to the latest version. There are several ways to update this app, viz.

1. Via App

GBWhatsApp can be updated directly through the application by following the guide below.

  • First open your WhatsApp application
  • Next you can select the settings menu or settings
  • Select the “GB WhatsApp” menu
  • Next select the “Update” menu
  • The GB WhatsApp application will check whether there is an update or not
  • If there is a GB WhatsApp update then you can download it.

2. Via Developer Site

Apart from the direct application, you can also update this application from the official website. You can download it by following the steps below.

  • Enter the download link that has been shared above
  • Next you can select the GB WhatsApp icon
  • There is information about the latest version
  • You just have to download

Is GB Whatsapp Safe to Use?

As explained above, this application is equipped with an anti-banner or blocking feature from the official WhatsApp. So this application is clearly very safe to use on Android devices.

But keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this application will be safe forever, because there may be irresponsible parties who take advantage of GBWhatsApp. Because basically the GB Whatsapp application is not official from WA.

The final word

Regarding the discussion of the GBwhatsapp apk application, it may be enough as described at the beginning. You can download the applications above and then use them to use WhatsApp mod on Android phones.

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