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Stornowaybc.com – WhatsApp Story Download Application. Sometimes we see a WhatsApp status from a friend that we think is very good, inspiring, funny, or even worth keeping.

But, actually by default we can’t save the friend’s WA story directly to the gallery. All we can do is use an additional WA story save application.

Of course, by using these applications, we can save WhatsApp stories that we think are good to save. What are the applications? Surely you feel curious right?

Don’t worry because on this occasion we will provide recommendations for the names of applications to track the best IMEI on Android phones. Have a look and watch the reviews below.

Best WhatsApp Story Download Application Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for the best WhatsApp story download application that can be used. Please see the application recommendations below in full.

1. WhatSave

The recommended app to download the latest WhatsApp stories from us is Whatsave – WhatsApp Status Downloader. This application can be used for free, just download and install it directly on your cellphone.

Using this WhatSave app, you can download all stories, be it videos or photos on WhatsApp. Of course there is the download of WA stories on the WhatSave application that can be done quickly and in HD.

How to use this application is also easy and you will be able to directly download WhatsApp stories using this application. Well, for those who are curious and want to try the application, you can download it on the Play Store.

2. Status Saver for Whatsapp

Status Saver app for Whatsapp – Save HD Images, Videos is one of the best apps that you can use to download and save stories created on WhatsApp by friends in WhatsApp Contacts.

With this Status Saver for Whatsapp application you can save photos and videos from WhatsApp directly to your gallery. Friends who want to try this application can directly click the download button below.

Of course, to use the Status Saver for Whatsapp application, you don’t have to pay any fees. Because this application can be obtained for free without having to pay any subscription fees on the Play Store.

3. Status Saver

The next application that can be used to save photos and videos on WhatsApp Stories is Status Saver – Image and Video. Just like the other apps above, this is also one of the best recommendations on Android.

With this Status Saver app you can save someone’s status photo or video directly to your phone gallery. Photos or video stories on your friend’s WhatsApp can also be saved directly into the gallery of each cellphone.

So WA users don’t need to personally ask your friends who made the story status. This app is very helpful to save your time. Just download the app via the link below.

4. Status Downloader

There are also applications that may be very familiar to each of us. Because in this application, we can save and save various kinds of stories on social media applications, including from WhatsApp or WA.

Because by using Status Downloader it also has the same function as before. QStack Studios developed this app to help you download images or videos from your friends status.

You can also share or forward this story to others. Interested in trying it? Please download for free directly on Play Store on Android, don’t download from websites like APKFun or Apkmirror.

5. Status Downloader for Whatsapp

As the name suggests, this Status Downloader for Whatsapp app is designed to download all kinds of status, be it photos or videos. Developed by Panorama Photo Lab, it can even be used to save stories or stories.

But limited to WhatsApp stories created more than 24 hours ago. Also, there is the ability to share/forward certain statuses. Popularity Undoubtedly, Status Downloader has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Playstore.

Interested in trying it? Please download for free. And don’t worry about credibility, because the Status Downloader for Whatsapp application can be used safely, many Android users have proven this application.

6. Download Status

This application is quite unique because it uses an Indonesian name. As the name suggests, Download Status can be used to download WA stories, and is not much different from the previous application that we described above.

Download Status via Download Status also allows users to save images, videos or blogs created by others on Whatsapp. How to use it, you just have to watch the stories created by other people.

Then you can download any story you want. It’s just that this apk can’t be used to clone or hack anything, it only shows downloaded files in WA then saved to your phone gallery.

7. Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Status Downloader for Whatsapp is the next application to use. You should underline, that we here recommend Status Downloader for Whatsapp for WhatsApp Story Downloader app.

This Status Downloader for Whatsapp application is very good to use. Apart from being simple, this app offers all sorts of fun features for saving WhatsApp stories.

In addition, this Status Downloader for Whatsapp application has good ratings and reviews, making it used by more than 5 million people. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to install and use Status Downloader for Whatsapp.

8. Status Saver by Jaanu

The next application also has features that are not inferior to the previous one. Status Saver by Jaanu is developed by LaZy GwNiOuZ, this APK is really to save status like whatsapp of friends.

Not only that, the Status Saver by Jaanu application also has a feature to download status from a business whatsapp account. So, everything you need especially for the needs of downloading WhatsApp stories is already there.

Interested in trying it? Please download for free this WA story download application. To download Status Saver by Jaanu, you can directly from the Play Store and you will not be charged a penny for subscription fees.

The final word

We have discussed the reviews about the Android apk about the best whatsapp story download application in full. In addition to the WA story download application, there are also many other application recommendations on this blog.

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