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Stornowaybc.com – Quran Application. Nowadays, there are many digital Al-Quran applications that can be read online or offline, even distributed for free on the Android platform for Muslims.

Not only does it provide a complete Al-Quran reading feature as many as 114 letters, but also in it there are various useful features such as a prayer reminder application. Such as recitation of tajwid, the sound of reading the Koran, to the difference in color and size of Arabic letters.

Of course, the application of the Koran is mandatory for Muslims to install, because with this application we can read the Koran anytime and anywhere when we are free. So, time is not wasted just to play Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we also want to share a little information about what Quran applications are available on Android. Complete with features, advantages, and other things that can be seen in the following explanation.

List of Best Android Quran Apps

Like a scan application, this Al-Quran apk is widely available on the Play Store for free and downloaded without having to pay a penny. The following reviews can be listened to together in the following explanation.

1. Al-Quran Indonesia

This Al-Quran application in Indonesia is one of the best, most complete, and of course free Quran reading applications. This application can be installed on Android devices with a very light size.

Al-Quran Indonesia is made by students that presents interesting features related to reading the Koran. It has an Indonesian translation consisting of 114 suras or 30 juz.

The display of the Indonesian Al-Quran can be opened in two modes, namely landscape and portrait. It also has day and night reading modes so you can read the Quran whenever you want.

2. Quran Best

Quran Best is also one of the other Al Quran applications made by Indonesian Muslims. The Quran Best application is designed to be as similar as possible to the printed Al-Quran in general so that it is more comfortable for users to read.

The available Quran Best features are also quite complete, ranging from translation and interpretation, search for verses based on keywords, and bookmarks. There is also a night mode feature, and 30 juz murottal from the qori qoriah.

In this application there are also various kinds of supporting features to help you perform worship during the month of Ramadan. The features in question are recording the number of recitation sheets, prayer schedules and the call to prayer, Islamic podcasts, Ngaji Groups via the chat feature, and others.

3. I Quran Lite

The recommendation for the best, free, and complete Al Quran application is i Quran Lite. This application was originally only available in Arabic, but is now available in Indonesian and can be adapted to the needs of users.

This digital Al Quran can be opened offline so there is no need for an internet connection. In addition, I Quran Lite features a set of audio files (verse by verse) so that users can learn the correct pronunciation easily.

It can be said, I Quran Lite is one of the best Quran audio applications for Android users. As a Muslim, of course you have to install it on each device.

4. Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed also comes with various amazing and advanced features for the Quran readers. The Quran Majeed application will provide a very easy and comfortable reading experience for Indonesian Muslims and Muslim women.

This Al-Quran application provides a variety of interesting themes and can be changed at will. Of course this will provide a different atmosphere every time you read the Quran or recite the Koran in this application.

In Quran Majeed there is also a time notification feature, available in this application. Where by using this feature, you can set an alarm as a reminder of prayer times to always be on time.

5. Umma

Actually Umma is a Muslim community application made by the nation’s children, but in its development this application presents many features that can help Muslims worship. One of them is the digital Al Quran.

In addition to the Al-Quran reading feature, Umma also features prayer schedules, Qibla directions, and uClass religious learning classes. Of course, all the features in it make it easier for us to worship.

To help recite the Koran in the month of Ramadan, Umma has a special additional feature. Such as translations in various languages, tajwid guides, surah or juz search features, and bookmarks of the last read verse.

6. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is a Quran application which is widely used in Indonesia. Even the Muslim Pro application has also been recognized by millions of scholars around the world as the most accurate prayer times and adhan reminder application.

This application can be opened on mobile devices, especially Android. In this Al Quran application, there are complete, detailed, and easy-to-read holy verses with Indonesian translations in it.

Even users can also listen to the chanting of holy verses with audio or voice features. Then there is another bookmark feature that can be used for juz selection making it easier for users when they want to read it again.

7. Al’Quran Bahasa Indonesia

The Indonesian Al’Quran application allows users to read the Al-Quran in Indonesian translation on Android. Functions like this translate application help to read more easily the meaning contained in a verse.

The Indonesian Al’Quran also has a tajwid color feature that makes it easier for users to understand how to read it. In the free version, the Tajweed color feature is only available in the first two letters, then you can upgrade to the premium version.

Other features offered by the Indonesian Al’Quran are prayer reminders, copying verses, and adding verses to favorites. There is also a feature to share verses to social media, prayer reminders, and audio readings of letters and verses.

The final word

Until here, first an explanation from us about the android al-quran application as described in the explanation above. Hopefully the explanation above can make us understand more about what the Al-Quran application is.

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