Fouad WA App – Fouad WA App. There are many choices of MOD WA applications available and can be used by users, one of the most popular is Fouad WhatsApp or WA.

This application is different from WA Aero or GB WhatsApp, it can be seen from the features and advantages it offers. No wonder that there are many users who decide to use the Fouad WA application compared to other WA mods.

Maybe you are still new to this application, many do not understand what the Fouad WhatsApp application is, what are its features and advantages. Then, how to download and install this application is also questionable.

Because, unlike the DANA balance generating application, the Fouad WA mod application is not available on Play Store devices. The detailed information can be seen in the explanation below.

Understanding the Fouad WA Application

Fouad WA is a WhatsApp mod application. Fouad WA’s full name is Fouad WhatsApp antibanned. Fouad is a modified WhatsApp application developed by a third party, while the third party in question is Fouad Mokdad.

Fouad WA has been included in the revised scope of WhatsApp since it was first released. Thus, it is clear that the Fouad WhatsApp application is a modified application of the original version of the WhatsApp application.

Even the Fouad WA application has various additional features from the official WhatsApp. So of course the Fouad WhatsApp application is very interesting to use. One of the popular modification applications on WhatsApp Mods is Fouad Mods WA Apk.

This is because the Fouad WA application has many advantages that are very useful for running instant messaging. Of course, this is also supported by the developers who helped develop the FMWhatsApp application.

Fouad WA’s Featured Features

The Fouad WA application has many functions and features that are very useful for users. As a WhatsApp mod application, Fouad Whatsapp is a feature-rich SMS application. There are many functions available in this application, what are they?

1. Change WhatsApp Wallpaper

The main function of Fouad WA is to change the main wallpaper. With this feature, you can create Fouad WhatsApp applications. You can choose 100 types of wallpapers in the Fouad WA apk mod according to your personality and personality.

Therefore, you can be more creative with this wallpaper. When you change the wallpaper, it will definitely affect the mood of opening WhatsApp. With a charming appearance, you can be more calm and enthusiastic when creating the WhatsApp application.

2. Lock WhatsApp Chat

Lock Chat WhatsApp is a feature of Fouad WA related to privacy. For those who want to maintain privacy, the Fouad application is perfect. The reason is Fouad WA which has the function of locking chat or chat bars on the WhatsApp apk.

This feature made by Fouad WhatsApp is very useful for people who want to be more private in the WA application. Indeed privacy, especially the chat bar is very important. With this, your friends or family will not be able to see your chat content.

This means that your privacy on the Fouad WA mod WhatsApp application will be more protected because your secrets are more protected. For those who have secrets, Fouad WA is certainly very profitable and calming.

3. Read Deleted Messages

Another interesting thing about the Fouad WA application is that it can read deleted messages on WhatsApp. You must be curious about messages deleted by friends or family members in the past with Fouad WA.

Usually you want to know what they actually write on the WhatsApp application. With Fouad WA, your curiosity will be paid off. This is because Fouad WA has the function of reading deleted messages automatically and quickly.

As the name suggests, when you use this feature, you can easily read deleted messages. This means that when the message is deleted, you don’t have to be curious anymore. Because all of that can be read back on Fouad WA.

4. Eliminate Typing

Fouad WA is also capable of hiding notifications when typing in a personal chat or WA group. So far, the normal version of WhatsApp always displays a notification that you are typing a message on the Fouad WA application.

Therefore, other WhatsApp users can find out if you enter a reply on WhatsApp using Fouad WA. The hidden function is typing, which can protect your privacy completely awake.

The reason is, when replying to messages, many other users want their messages to be replied to immediately. Even though people are very busy. For this, you can use the hide function to hide the person typing.

5. Hide Online Status

You usually complain about the online status feature on the regular WA application. The reason is, with this feature, your activities on WhatsApp are more easily found by others. You will know whether you are currently opening the application or not.

However, this feature can be hidden in Fouad WhatsApp. When you use Fouad WA, you can hide your online status. Not only that, you can also trick other users in the WhatsApp application.

The difference between Fouad WA and Ordinary WhatsApp

If you look at the features and advantages, it is clear that these two applications are different. In fact, the weaknesses of the original version are completely covered by the revised version. Here will be given a brief summary in the form of a table of the following differences.

WhatsApp OriginalFouad WhatsApp
– Can only be used for one account.
– Send up to 10 photos can be sent at once.
– The delivery status is being entered and can be viewed by many people online.
– Deleted messages cannot be viewed.
– Unable to provide password to chat with other people.
– Voice notes must be kept in notes.
– Two accounts can be used in one application.
– Able to send up to 90 files at once.
– Typing status and online WA stories in video format can be hidden.
– One story can be viewed for up to 7 minutes.
– Messages that have been deleted by the sender can be viewed.
– Know that there are shortcut keys, record voice notes with one click

The Advantages of the Fouad WA Application

There are so many advantages and advantages offered by the Fouad WA application when we look at the features offered by the application. Here are some of the advantages of the Fouad WhatsApp application.

1. Free Download

The advantage of Fouad WA is that it can be downloaded for free. You must think this application is paid because it has many interesting features. At first you might think that Fouad WA is a high-quality WA application.

However, no. You can download it for free on your mobile device. So apk is more efficient. You don’t have to pay a penny to get this app. The money spent in this application is money to buy internet packages.

Because when you want to download the Fouad WhatsApp application, you must be connected to the internet. In addition, this application is free to use by anyone as long as using a smartphone with the Android operating system.

2. Many Interesting Features

The advantages and advantages you get are many features. Fouad WhatsApp application has many functions. As previously mentioned, the developer has embedded a lot of functionality in this modified function.

In fact, almost all of these features are not in official WA. Various functions in Fouad WA are very useful for you. By using the WA Fouad mod application, you can show other users.

That you have a WA application that is different from the others by using this WhatsApp modified application. Fouad WA will definitely be very exciting, because many people are curious about the many features in your WA.

3. Easy to Use

Fouad WA is very easy to use. For example, you can easily access various functions in Fouad WA. It can be said that if you download Fouad Mod Apk, then you only need to adapt for a few minutes.

Thus you can immediately succeed in understanding all the functions of this Mod apk. Apk is easier for WA users. Users of the official version of WA will be able to access this application without difficulty.

The reason is, the UI/UX of the Fouad WhatsApp application is similar to the official version of WA. Similar views are designed to allow users to use the app without any hassle. So you don’t need to hesitate to download it.

4. Antibanned

Fouad WA also has other advantages, namely the embedded Anti Banned function in Fouad WA which is an advantage of this application. It must be admitted that the threat of being banned always lurks among mod apk users.

You may worry that if you use the apk, your WA account will be blocked, and all phone contacts and important data in your account will be deleted from the WA application. So, the Fouad WA application is really reliable.

Download the Fouad WA Application

You will not easily find this Fouad WA application on the Google Play store. This is because Fouad WA is not developed by the official developer of WhatsApp Inc, but only by third-party developers.

This means, to be able to use it, you have to visit a site that offers the download of the Fouad WA application. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry, because here are the specifications for the third-party Fouad WA application.

NameFouad WhatsApp Apk Latest
Version: Latest
Size: 44.96 MB
Update: Latest
Link DownloadFouad WhatsApp Apk

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp

Installing this application cannot be done manually but requires patience, because the process is long. You have to go through several steps to install this Fouad WhatsApp application on an Android phone, namely:

  • First, download the app via the link given above.
  • You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and make sure the download process is running.
  • Wait until the process is complete and the file is successfully saved on your device.
  • After that, open the settings / settings on the smartphone.
  • Go to the “Other Settings” “Privacy” menu and click “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then if it is active then you can enter the file storage that was downloaded earlier.
  • Click on the application file and a new screen will appear.
  • There will be an install button in the bottom right corner, click on it.
  • Later the installation process will appear, and you have to wait until the installation process runs 100%.

Is Fouad WA Safe to Use?

Maybe many are asking whether the WA modification application called Fouad WhatsApp is safe to use or not. The third party who develops and modifies the application is certainly not an official developer.

Even looking for the weaknesses of the original application to provide convenience to users. This is not desired by the owner of the official application because it is considered fraud and copyright infringement.

Therefore, you should be careful when using modified applications. In fact, most of the modified applications (such as Fouad WA) are anti-banned ready in this application.

However, who knows the official developer monitoring and who can be blocked by a rule-breaking account at any time? If you still want to use it, you can use a second account for testing first.

In addition, it may also not include your personal or official account. When you get banned, you can use the previous official account and go back to the original version which is safer using the WhatsApp application.

The final word

Until here, the discussion about the fouad wa apk application that we have recommended in the article above. Hopefully the reviews presented above make us know more about this one WA mod application.

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