Recover Deleted Photos App – Recover Deleted Photos App. Have you ever accidentally clicked delete on a photo file, or felt that the photos in the gallery and file manager suddenly disappeared?

If so, you must be very worried and want to return it immediately. When this problem occurs to you, then you don’t need to panic because there are tricks and tips to restore the photo.

How to restore deleted photos on an Android phone is to use an application. There are many free applications that can be used by users and are obtained through the Play Store platform.

No different from the Lampung language translate application, on the Play Store there are also many applications to restore deleted photos. Like the applications we recommend on the following list.

Recommended Applications to Restore Deleted Photos on Android Phones

Here is a complete list of applications to restore accidentally deleted photos on Android phones. This application can be used for free, offline, to restore deleted photos from the gallery or file manager.

1. Recover My Photos

The name of this app indicates what it does. Do you want to get back those precious photos that you accidentally deleted? Therefore, the application you are looking for and must install on your cellphone is Recover My Photos.

This photo recovery application is useful for Android devices, can be used for free, and of course can restore deleted photos. Allows you to scan the memory on your phone for lost pictures, photos and videos.

You can use this app and quickly and find lost images in various formats. You can use Recover My Photos for free even without having to root your Android first.

2. EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver has long been recognized as one of the most popular apps for recovering your deleted photos, videos, contacts and SD Card data. This application is easy to use and has a simple interface.

The EaseUS MobiSaver application is very good and is recommended for recovering accidentally deleted files. You now have a second chance to recover precious pictures, WhatsApp conversations and more.

EaseUS MobiSaver is a superior data recovery that supports almost all image and video formats. How to use this application is just a few clicks, and you can get deleted files from the gallery application.

3. Restore Deleted Photos

Another popular photo, image, and GIF recovery app for your Android device is Restore Deleted Photos. This is a very popular application and can be used to recover deleted photos in a short time.

Not just pictures or photos, Restore Deleted Photos can also restore several other files quickly at any time. This app will scan your internal and external memory for deleted images.

When using it, you must allow the application to scan the memory with just one click and wait for the memory to be scanned completely. In a few seconds, Restore Deleted Photos will show the deleted photos.

4. Data Recovery – Photo or Video

Data Recovery – Photo or Video is basically an app to recover deleted photos from gallery, WhatsApp, or photo editing apps. This application has a fast and sophisticated data search algorithm.

Using Data Recovery – Photo or Video, can be the fastest and safest way to recover your photo phone’s internal or external memory storage. You can preview the photos you want to save and select them individually.

No matter where the photo is, once it’s been deleted, the app will very easily search every part of the memory to find and restore it. Make your life easier and keep your data safe with Data Recovery – Photo or Video.

5. Recuv: Photo Recovery

Recuv: Photo Recovery is another excellent app to recover your lost photos. This deleted photo restore app has a fast and simple user interface.

With a simple interface, of course, it will automatically make it easier for everyone to use it. You don’t need to be a technician to recover your photos, as the process is very simple.

Just tap one button on Recuv: Photo Recovery, then wait for it to scan your memory and system. This application can not only recover photos but also videos, but it is also useful for being able to recover various types of file formats.

6. SD Card Recovery

SD Card Recovery can help you to recover photos that were lost or accidentally deleted. It’s a data recovery app packed full of all kinds of useful features to restore deleted photos.

This app works on all types of external storage devices, SD cards and internal memory. SD Card Recovery comes with advanced file recovery features that are fast, practical, and of course accurate.

SD Card Recovery also lets you recover documents and audio files from your SD card, not limited to photos or videos only. Recovery of your data and documents can be made easier through the SD Card Recovery application.

7. Restore Image or Video Apps Recover Deleted Photo

Restore Image or Video Apps Recover Deleted Photo is one of the simplest yet best photo recovery apps for your Android device. This application can restore deleted photos or videos.

This application has a disk scan feature that can erase and recover all kinds of data, including images, videos, and GIFs. You can also save your recovered data easily directly into the app to Google Drive.

Restore Image or Video Apps Recover Deleted Photo also supports photos in different formats. You can also delete permanently deleted photos or data from your device’s internal or external storage.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here that the discussion of the application to restore Android deleted photos has been explained in the discussion. Hopefully your photos can be returned to their original place using the above application.

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