WhatsApp Status Downloader Application

Stornowaybc.com – WhatsApp Status Downloader Application. Sometimes we find a good friend’s WhatsApp status, then we want to bother it to Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

But many also don’t know how to save photos or videos from WA stories to a private gallery. Even though we can use the WhatsApp status download application which is widely spread on Android.

These applications can be used or utilized for free by Android users. The method is quite easy, just download and install like a regular application directly from the Play Store.

Now for those of you who are curious about what are the best WhatsApp status download applications on Android phones, it would be nice if we saw together what are the applications to save WA status. Please see the recommendations below.

List of Best WhatsApp Status Download Applications on Android

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the core topic of this article. Please refer to the full discussion and explanation of what are the recommendations for downloading applications and saving WA status to the cellphone gallery.

1. Status Saver

Status Saver This is an application that can be used to save a very basic WA status or one of the earliest. Status Saver application can be used for free and very easy.

WA users will also have no difficulty when they want to operate or use the Status Saver application. Because it is supported by a friendly UI/UX and very easy to understand even for a beginner.

But don’t worry because this Status Saver app is also as simple as other status savers in a smaller size. For those who complain about the big app. This application can also be obtained for free.

2. Status Saver – Image and video

Next is the name of the application that is familiar among Android users. The friend’s WA status storage application in question is none other than Status Saver – Image and video.

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This Status Saver – Image and video application has a fairly high rating given by users. The reviews seen on the Play Store are also very positive and this application, is very simple and completely free.

In addition, users do not need to worry because there are no ads that interfere with saving the desired story. The size of this status saver is also not large, so it will not torture your smartphone’s RAM.

3. Whatsave

As the name implies, this WA status downloader allows users to easily download status from friends or anyone. Even Whatsave guarantees you will not be caught by someone with that status.

Amazingly, the Whatsave application on this Android phone is also more efficient to use. This means WhatsApp users can easily download stories just by pressing or clicking the download icon in the corner.

To get this Whatsave application, you can directly search for it on the Android Play Store. You can download this Whatsave application for free and of course you can also see that the reviews of this application are very good.

4. Status Downloader for WhatsApp & Video

Status Downloader for WhatsApp & Video is on the next list because this free application is highly recommended. Status Downloader for WhatsApp & Video has quite complete features and an attractive appearance.

This Status Downloader for WhatsApp & Video app allows users to download all kinds of stories shared by your friends on WhatsApp status. Starting from statuses such as photos, videos, and other gifts.

Almost the same as other applications, some friends’ stories that have been seen by users can be directly detected by the status downloader, so they can be downloaded immediately if needed without having to sort them again from WhatsApp.

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5. Story WA Status Saver

This application for downloading WA status is slightly different from the other WA status downloaders above. The difference is that this app brings some of your friends’ stories that you have explored for quick download.

Of course, the Story WA Status Saver application available for Android smartphones will be a very effective time saver and eliminate the need to go back and forth sorting through stories to be downloaded.

You can use this application in a very practical way, just one click the desired WA status will be saved in the gallery. The quality of the video or WA status images will also be very good and maximum.

6. Status Download and Status Saver

Status Download and Status Saver has more features than any other app on this list. This download status and status saver has a clean and easy to navigate user interface.

You can also download videos and images from WA Business, Parallel Space, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos and even TikTok Videos. Other great features include autosave.

There is also a notification feature for the new status feature. The app has a lot of features that most of you don’t even need. However, it still works easily, so you can give this app a try.

7. Status Video Download Story WA

Status Video Download Story WA is another free app to download Whatsapp status on Android phone, this app can download Whatsapp status videos and images.

Another great feature that Status Video Download Story WA provides and provides is that you can also check your online status. They also have watch status in different categories and if you like any video.

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In addition, in Status Video Download Story WA you can download or repost directly from the application. Like most apps, it also has features like new status notification alerts and auto save options.

8. All Status Saver for WhatsApp

This All Status Saver for WhatsApp application is the last one on my list. This All Status Saver for WhatsApp application is available on Android phones and will work fine but lacks additional features.

Also, to use All Status Saver for WhatsApp it only takes a few seconds to open the app as compared to other apps. It is clear that this is a very practical application to use.

Sometimes you may find too many ads on All Status Saver for WhatsApp app, so if you agree then this app can easily download Whatsapp videos and photos. However, this app is still worth a try.

The final word

Articles that review the best whatsapp status download application may be enough to get here first as explained above. Hopefully with this article we can find out what are the application recommendations to download WA status.