Java Letter Application – Java Letter Application. Indonesia has a large number of regional languages, one of the most frequently used is the Javanese language which is often used by the people of Java Island.

In addition to language, Javanese people also actually have a special script called Javanese script. Unfortunately, the use of this script is increasingly eroded by the times and is even no longer used today.

Do not let these characters be lost or claimed by other countries. As a good nation, we must preserve it at least by learning to use or read it, such as using Javanese script applications.

The function of the Javanese script application is not much different from the translate application, which is used to translate and learn Javanese writing. If you want to know the application recommendations, you can listen to the following list.

List of Best Javanese Letter Apps on Android

Like free VPN applications, there are many choices of applications to translate and learn Javanese characters through Android phones. Please choose and use some of the recommended applications below.

1. Aksara Jawa

This Javanese script application is a platform that can convert Latin script to Javanese and vice versa. This apk is specifically made and designed to be directly converted into words or sentences.

The Javanese scripts in these apps include Javanese scripts and partners, Murda scripts and partners, Swara scripts, Design, Wilangan, and Sandhangan. Of course this Android apk is free and very easy to use.

Download now to learn and convert Javanese characters. For Android 6.0 and above, applications are allowed to access storage media so that these apks can save Javanese script as images.

2. Aksara Jawa – Nulis Aksara Jawa

Javanese Script Application – Write Javanese Script is a platform that converts Latin letters into Javanese letters and Javanese script into Latin characters. Java characters can be entered from an Android phone using a special keyboard.

Javanese script – writing Javanese script can make it easier to learn to write Javanese script, while preserving Indonesian culture, especially Javanese culture. Javanese script is one of the cultural treasures that must be protected by the Indonesian people.

Javanese Script Application – Write Javanese Script is a medium for learning to write Javanese Script and learn to read Javanese Script. A Javanese script translator application, you can easily write Javanese script using handphpne without opening boso jowo pepak again.

3. Hanacaraka

Next, it is recommended that you install the Hanacaraka Android application because it is very useful. The reason is, in the Hanacaraka application there are various functions and very interesting materials to try.

The material available in the Hanacaraka application is also easy for users to understand. Then Hanacaraka tells you about the various askaras, how to use them, how to write them, and how to read them.

The size of the Hanacaraka application is very light, only 3.9 MB. If you are interested in using it, please download it directly from Google Play store now. This app is totally free to try and download.

4. Pepak Bahasa Jawa

Applications to translate and learn other characters, namely Pepak Javanese. The Javanese Pepak Apk provides 7 material profiles, but for those who are new to the Javanese language, just open the Javanese text and its paribasan material.

This is because only the two materials use Indonesian as the language of instruction. In the Javanese text material, you will see an explanation of the origin and type of letters, as well as Javanese punctuation marks.

Then the Paribasan material in the Javanese Pepak application will present various proverbs in Javanese culture and their meanings in Indonesian. You can make Pepak Javanese as an application to learn characters.

5. Marbel Hanacaraka

This application divides functions into two main categories, namely learning and playing. In the learning function, there are 10 materials available. Three of them are unlocked characters, pairs and outfits.

If you want to access the other seven materials on the Marbel Hanacaraka app, you need to use star points to unlock them. These stars in Marbel Hanacaraka are earned by watching certain advertisements.

Then there is the gameplay function, there are four gameplay methods: puzzle, write, guess and guess right. The Marbel Hanacaraka application is very suitable for use by children so that they are familiar with Javanese script and don’t ignore it.

6. Menulis Aksara Jawa Kuno

Another apk that is Writing Old Javanese Script is a translation platform similar to an English dictionary. Where by using Writing Old Javanese script you can use Latin-Javanese or Javanese-Latin functions.

In this Old Javanese script writing platform, you can write latin letters, and then Write Old Javanese script will convert to Javanese characters. And vice versa, you can also use the Java script keyboard in Writing Old Javanese Script.

The purpose provided by this feature by this application is to write Java scripts and then translate them into Latin scripts. This Inter Insurance Dev application has a pretty good score of 4.2 and has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users.

7. Sinau Bahasa Jawa

The Sinau Javanese application is also an educational game to learn letters and numbers in Javanese. In this Javanese Sinau application there is material about politeness and of course learning material about the Javanese alphabet.

Sinau Javanese language is very interesting and interactive and can be used for learning, especially for children who sometimes like to learn but play while learning. In this application there are game levels.

The existence of these features will make you more challenged to complete step by step and increase your understanding of the Javanese language through games in Sinau Javanese. Surya Sena Studio’s application size is only 16 MB.

The final word

The explanation of the best Javanese script applications on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above for use in learning Javanese script.

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