Lampung Language Translate Application – Lampung Language Translate Application. Lampung is a province located in the south of Sumatra. The capital city of Lampung which is the center of government is Bandar Lampung.

With an area of ​​35,376 sq km, this region has a population of more than 8 million people. Not to mention there are Lampung people who migrated to Jakarta, Java, and other areas throughout Indonesia.

It is not surprising that Lampung language is one of the widely used languages, but sometimes there are also people who do not understand the Lampung language. Even so you can use technology to translate it.

There are many translation applications to translate Lampung language to and from Indonesia. What are the applications? For those who want to know, you can listen to this article to the end in the following explanation.

Recommended Lampung Language Translate Application on Android Phones

Not much different from wallpaper applications, there are also many platforms for translating Lampung language from and to Indonesia on the Play Store, such as the applications we recommend below.

1. Kamus Bahasa Lampung Dialek A & O

The Lampung Dialect A & O Dictionary developed by Dhukiya is one of the dictionaries that has tens of thousands of vocabularies. This application is useful to help you to translate sentences from Lampung to Indonesian.

Interestingly, the developer who developed this application provides the A & O dialect category. This feature is of course very useful for users, allowing you to search for both vocabulary.

In this application, it is also hoped that the Lampung language will always be preserved as a sense of love for this culture. This application hopes to help in understanding the Lampung language for elementary, junior high, and high school students.

2. Kamus Bahasa Lampung

The Lampung Language Dictionary application on the Android platform is made to make it easier for all people who want to learn the Lampung language and script. Starting from elementary, junior high, high school students, to the community in general.

Especially for the world of education, the Lampung Language Dictionary application is also useful to make it easier for teachers and lecturers to teach Lampung Script and Language. Whether it’s face-to-face or online, it’s very practical.

This learning application is also very useful in learning the Lampung script and language which is increasingly being eroded by the times. The purpose of the Lampung Language Dictionary is to make it easier for people to learn one of the Indonesian cultures, namely the Lampung language.

3. Kaganga Mobile Aksara Lampung

Kaganga Mobile Script Lampung is suitable for children to try, because the system for learning the Lampung language here is by playing while learning. The Kaganga Mobile Script Lampung application has attractive graphics.

In it there are various kinds of content that is quite complete. Including features for Learning Lampung Script, Children’s Letters, Punctuation, Numbers and Example Words, both writing and pronunciation in the Lampung language itself.

With the Kaganga Mobile Script Lampung application, users will be invited to dive deeper into the Lampung script. Kaganga Mobile is easy to learn while playing, suitable for early childhood, kindergarten, and elementary school children.

4. Kamus Terjemah Bahasa Lampung Dialek O & A

This application has a feature to translate Lampung language to Indonesian or vice versa. In addition, you can use the Lampung Dialect O & A Translation Dictionary to complete assignments at school.

In fact, you can also use it for daily needs or when on vacation and visiting Lampung. Do you often find it difficult to understand Lampung language vocabulary? The O&A Dialect Lampung Language Translation Dictionary can help you.

With the Lampung Dialect O & A Translation Dictionary, users can easily translate Lampung to Indonesian or Indonesian to Lampung. You are also given the choice to translate Dialect A or O.

5. Kamus Bahasa Lampung Dan Terjemahan

Lampung Language Dictionary and Translation created by 145 studios is a useful application to learn Lampung language easily and quickly. This Android application also has accurate translations to and from Indonesian.

As is known, the local language has begun to be abandoned by some people. Therefore, we must always preserve culture, one of which is learning the Lampung language with the Lampung Language Dictionary and Translation.

The Lampung Language Dictionary and Translation application has many features that can be useful for users. Like Learning Lampung Script, Can be copied, Arranged alphabetically like a dictionary, Easy to use, and full offline.

The final word

Maybe it’s only up to here the discussion of the Lampung Android language translate application as has been described in the discussion. You can use any of the above applications to better understand Lampung language.

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