Arabic App – Arabic App. Learning Arabic is one of the activities that is quite difficult to do compared to learning a number of other languages in this world.

This can happen because there are differences in letters that make people have to learn two things when learning Arabic. The first is to study the translation or translation, the second is to study the characters.

Luckily, nowadays we are made easier with the many choices of Arabic learning applications. These applications are in the form of dictionaries, translations, translations to Indonesian, even with photographs.

Like the height measurement application, on Android there are also various Arabic learning applications that can be used. You can choose the recommended application below.

List of Arabic to Indonesian Apps on Android

Here we tell you about a number of choices of Arabic learning applications available on Android. You can use these recommended apps to learn Arabic-Indonesian.

1. Mondly – Belajar Arab

One of the recommended Arabic learning applications is Mondly – ​​Learn Arabic. Use free materials to learn Arabic every day. With Mondly, learn Arabic quickly and effectively.

In a few minutes, you can memorize the main Arabic vocabulary, can make sentences, master Arabic phrases, and can actively participate in conversations. This interesting Arabic learning technique can improve vocabulary absorption.

Beginner or senior, hobby of traveling or busy running a business with limited time? The Mondly – ​​Learn Arabic application on Android devices will dynamically adapt to your needs.

2. Kamus Arab Indonesia

Why do we need to study through a dictionary? Because it is our main source for learning words. If previously you had to use a dictionary in the form of a book, now you can open a dictionary in the form of an application.

Indonesian Arabic Dictionary is one of the main recommendations for learning Arabic. You just need to download and install the app on your smartphone. After that, start learning Arabic and translate it into Indonesian.

This dictionary app is suitable for many people because it is easy to use. In addition, this Indonesian Arabic Dictionary learning application also provides a fairly detailed explanation for each word you are looking for along with its idioms.

3. Belajar Bahasa Arab + Suara

The next recommendation as an application that can be used to learn Arabic is Learn Arabic + Voice. The application can be used for free on Android devices without ads.

Learn Arabic + Voice is indeed equipped with voice audio. Using it you can learn the correct pronunciation more easily by playing it a few times and trying out several pronunciations.

This platform called Learn Arabic + Voice is suitable for children who are learning Arabic. This can happen because it is equipped with interactive learning and fun games.

4. Duolingo

Then there is the Duolingo application which is one of the most popular foreign language learning platforms (including Arabic). That’s because the Duolingo app provides its users with a simple and fast learning method.

It is highly recommended for beginners who are learning Arabic vocabulary to use this Duolingo application. In this application, the focus of learning is to learn vocabulary terms, pronunciation in the form of audio and mini games.

Duolingo also presents Arabic learning methods so that language learners don’t get bored and stay enthusiastic about learning it. In addition, challenges are created daily to encourage students to continue interacting with Duolingo.

5. I’rab Al-Qur’anul Kharim

I’rab Al-Qur’anul Kharim is the next recommended apk if you want to deepen your Arabic vocabulary. This application contains an explanation of i’rab in every pronunciation in the Qur’an.

By using I’rab Al-Qur’anul Kharim, you can learn Arabic and apply it directly to the translation of the Koran. Learning according to the needs of learning English for beginners and advanced levels.

The application called I’rab Al-Qur’anul Kharim on this Android device can be accessed offline. So that way you don’t need to be connected to the internet to be able to explain every reading of the Quran at any time.

6. Memrise

The next recommendation is Memrise, which is one of the most popular apps for learning foreign languages ​​(including Arabic). why? Because Memrise provides unique and interesting features.

Such as learning features directly from native speakers and using the application offline, users can also try dubbing. Although these cool features are in the paid version.

Memrise also provides repeated teaching concepts so you can easily remember important vocabulary. You can also learn while playing games, so learning Arabic with Memrise is still fun.

7. Percakapan Bahasa Arab Lengkap

This online Arabic application called Complete Arabic Conversation is usually used to practice specific skills in responding to daily conversational sentences. This platform can be downloaded for free through the Play Store.

For users who want to focus on learning to speak Arabic, this Complete Arabic Conversation app is the right choice. Because you can get services such as private learning without having to pay for it.

Users will directly contact other users who are in the stage of learning Arabic or even their native Arabic to practice their language skills. Complete Arabic Conversation also has a high rating.

8. Learn Arabic Speak Arabic

The last order is the application “Learn Arabic Speak Arabic” or in Indonesian means “Learn Arabic Speak Arabic”. This application is suitable for use by many groups.

Starting from beginners or advanced students as well as travelers and business people, because it provides many functions. In addition, the Learn Arabic Speak Arabic application can also be downloaded for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

This Learn Arabic Speak Arabic application can help you learn Arabic quickly and efficiently. There you will learn to remember important vocabulary and sentence patterns and learn to pronounce Arabic phrases.

The final word

Just get here first a review of the Arabic language application on Android as reviewed in this article. Please just use the applications that we mentioned above so that you can learn Arabic well.

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