Global Chat App – Global Chat App. Finding friends or acquaintances from abroad is no longer a difficult thing to do, especially when it is supported by the era of globalization and rapid technological developments.

Various kinds of global and international chat applications can be used by us to do this. These applications are also widely available on Android phones and can be used for free.

By using this application, of course, we can directly chat and connect with friends from all over the world. It’s also possible that you want to do it right away.

But before chatting with Caucasians, it would be better if we listened to a number of recommendations for the best global chat applications. Below we will convey to you.

The Best Global Chat Application on Android Phones

Please just take a look at the full discussion about some of the best global chat application options on Android phones. Below are some applications that can be used by you.

1. Hawaya

Hawaya is a chat app that lets you meet single Muslims from different countries. This recommended global chat app is often used by those looking for a partner from all over the world.

To make Hawaya users happy, this Hawaya application is equipped with several interesting features. Thus, making it easier for users to use Hawaya and start chatting with Caucasians.

From the “selfie verification” system, to the “blur option” to save your avatar so only other qualified users can see it. The Hawaya application can also be obtained for free directly on the Play Store.

2. Hello Pal

The eighth recommended global chat app is Hello Pal. You can download this app via Play Store or App Store. In terms of functionality, Hello Pal is actually the same as Hello Talk, Tandem, and Anygram.

By using the Hello Pal application, later users will be able to communicate and learn foreign languages ​​with new friends from various countries. For example, you are only good at Indonesian and English.

So the app automatically unites you with friends who speak English and those who want to learn Indonesian and vice versa. If you want to interact more intensely, you can try video calling.

3. Anygram

Have you used the Anygram app? This application, which is similar to social media, is actually similar to HelloTalk, the previously recommended global chat application for Android phone users.

You can share your status inside Anygram apk as text or photo on timeline. After posting, friends around the world can immediately see your status, and they can also like and comment.

Don’t worry about using the Anygram application, because if you are not fluent in a foreign language. With Anygram, you can rely on the translation feature of the Anygram app to interact with other users.

4. Slowly

Slowly becomes the next global and international chat application recommendation that you can take advantage of and use. This global chat app has an attractive look that makes it different from other apps.

The Slowly application itself can be likened to a place to interact with pen pals abroad. The further away you are from other users, the longer it will take for your email to reach their account.

You can also collect lots of stamps from all over the world. Isn’t that unique? So, what are you waiting for, just download the Slowly application through the Play Store for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

5. Tandem

As popular as the previous global chat app series recommended, this Tandem app will invite you to meet and learn other people’s new languages. With Tandem, you can interact with new friends.

These friends can be from various selected countries via chat, audio, or video calls. In addition, the Tandem app provides tutors or tutors to help users learn the language of their own choice.

This is supported by a distance setting feature that you can set manually. By using Tandem, learning the vocabulary and grammar of other countries’ languages ​​is certainly no longer difficult for beginners.

6. Badoo

Another recommended global chat app that is equally fun to play is Badoo. Using this app, you can control where you are and who you want to interact with.

This means that when you first enter Badoo, you can immediately choose a location that doesn’t even match where you currently live. For example, you want to meet people from the United States, you can select the location USA.

The app itself also looks almost like Tinder and MEEFF. Swipe left to reject, swipe right to like. There is also a “Stories” feature where you can view videos made by the person.


Besides Tinder and HelloTalk, the next recommended global chat application is MEEFF. This MEEFF application will make it easier for you to interact with new friends from other countries, such as Japan, Russia, Korea, and others.

In appearance, MEEFF is almost similar to Tinder so surely many people will be able to easily use MEEFF. Only through MEEF, you can set the desired distance range manually.

With MEEFF, you can rely on the “built-in translation” feature to translate the other party’s language. So another benefit of MEEFF, if you start having trouble translating other users’ languages, you don’t have to worry anymore.

8. HelloTalk

Want to learn multiple languages? This global chat application recommendation is the answer. A global and international chat application called HelloTalk will make it easy for you to meet new people in the language you want to learn.

At first glance, this HelloTalk application looks almost like Twitter. You can create statuses and share your posts on the HelloTalk app timeline. Of course, the HelloTalk application can be used for free by you.

Other people who see your status can then like or comment in the comments box provided. With this application you can exchange messages or learn the language of the country of your choice through the “HelloTalk” feature.

9. Tinder

The next recommendation for the best global chat app is of course Tinder. This application is often used by people who want to make new friends or partners, you can chat with friends from all over the world.

Its popularity has skyrocketed, even many new users are willing to subscribe to Tinder, especially in the second quarter of 2019. Just swipe “right” and the chat room feature can already be used by two people in pairs to chat.

You can download the Tinder app through the Play Store or App Store. Use your best photos as you play to make it easier for you to find new friends and even the love you’ve always wanted.

10. Unbordered

Next is Unbordered, which is considered an application to make friends with Turks. Because, according to reviews on Google Play, many users have succeeded in establishing relationships with Turks, be it friends or dating.

Given the advantages of this application, Unbordered is equipped with translation capabilities to facilitate communication. In addition, there is a share bar to reach users who share your interests.

If you don’t know a foreign language and don’t feel inferior, you can take advantage of the simple translation function and several language options. In Unbordered there is a choice of English, Thai, Spanish to Italian.

11. Airtripp

Also, if you want to make friends from the UK, US or another country, Airtripp might be for you. Airstripp has a similar concept to social media that helps you find global friends from abroad.

Except that this Airtripp app has an automatic chat translation feature. In addition to honing their English skills, Airtripp application users can also make friends and even partners, aka life partners.

Especially as a free foreign friend search app called Airtripp, you can use all the features for free without any paid subscription. The application can also be obtained directly from the Play Store on Android.

12. Doongle

Doongle also includes a variety of global chat apps that allow you to find friends abroad. The concept of Doongle is not too different from social media in general, where you can share moments together.

In addition, in the Doongle application later you can start conversations with strangers. Not only that, you can learn the language, ask about the culture, and exchange ideas about the topic being discussed.

Uniquely, Doongle is equipped with a quest feature, where you get coins for every question you answer. These coins can later be exchanged for various prizes that can be obtained by Doongle users.

13. Bottled

Bottled lets you message anyone without any restrictions. However, like the “message in a bottle” concept, you can only send one message at a time and only one Bottled user will receive it.

Later, if someone is interested in your message, you can chat with each other through the chat feature. So it can be said that the Bottled application offers a way to invite other people to chat in a unique and interesting way.

Although the concept is different, the Bottled application is very unique because we can find people who have the same understanding. Of course you should try this highly recommended Bottled app.

14. Omegle

Another global chat application must be familiar to the ears, namely Omegle. Since the emergence of Fiki Naki, Omegle traffic has increased, especially from Indonesia. Besides being easy to use, this video chat platform is perfect for you.

Especially for those of you who want to find friends or girlfriends from abroad. But unfortunately, if you want to interact smoothly on Omegle, you will have to use a VPN and choose a US, Russian, or UK network.

Even though the Omegle app is not available, it’s only the best Omegle when it comes to finding foreign contacts. However, you can use the Omegle application as an apk that is useful for bringing you together with foreigners.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best global chat application on Android that you can use. So, with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the recommendations for the Android global chat apk.

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