Javanese Translate app – Javanese Translate app. The Javanese community is one of the communities with the largest population in Indonesia, so it is not surprising that there are also many who use the Javanese language.

For those who still don’t know, Javanese is an Austronesian language spoken mainly by Javanese in Central and East Java. Javanese is also spoken by the Javanese diaspora in other parts of Indonesia.

As happened in Sumatra and Kalimantan, and outside Indonesia such as Suriname, the Netherlands and Malaysia. In 2006, the number of Javanese speakers was estimated at around 75.5 million.

So if you want to learn Javanese ngoko, krama alus, or krama inggil, we can take advantage of the applications below. Please refer to the following application review recommendations.

List of the Best Javanese Translate Apps on Android

Here are some applications that we think are good as Java language translation applications on Android for free, offline, and of course accurate. Please take a look and see the reviews below.

1. Kamus Jawa

Javanese Dictionary is made with a noble purpose, this application is made by Malika inc. The purpose of making this Java Dictionary application is designed to help people learn and better understand the Javanese language in Indonesia.

The functions provided by the Java Dictionary application are also quite complete and interesting, because if you want to translate a sentence, you don’t need to translate word for word, just type the entire sentence to be translated.

The clean look and good color combinations are pleasing to the eye, not boring and easy to use. Another advantage of the Java Dictionary application is that it is lightweight, free, and unpaid.

2. Google Translate

It turns out that we can not only use special Javanese translators but also international translators to support translation from Indonesian to Javanese and vice versa, such as Google Translate.

The advantage of Google Translate is that it can translate 103 languages ​​online and 59 languages ​​offline. The text can be extracted from the book and then automatically translated according to the purpose of the translation.

Conversation Mode feature that makes it easy to use Google Translate to talk directly to strangers. The Google Translate application can be directly installed and used for free through the Play Store.

3. Pepak Belajar Bahasa Jawa

Pepak Learning Java is the next recommended application to use. If you want to learn Javanese and its meanings, this app will be able to find different vocabulary at each level.

Pepak Learn Javanese is like a dictionary to find Javanese and Indonesian vocabulary. Another advantage of this application is that the vocabulary in the dictionary is very complete and of course the translation is accurate.

What distinguishes it from other Javanese translators with Pepak Learning Javanese is that there is an alphabetical glossary at the bottom. So users can easily find it even without typing in Java.

4. Translator Jawa

Java Translator is the next recommendation that can be used by Android users to translate Javanese-Indonesian languages. Online translation service from Indonesian to Javanese and vice versa, uploading Javanese.

The languages ​​supported in the Java Translator application include: Indonesian, Ngoko Javanese, Krama Javanese, Krama Inggil Javanese, even Sundanese support which is still under development.

With this Javanese Translator app you can translate Ngoko Jawa to Krama online, install the app now, just search for it on Google Play Store. Please directly open your Play Store to install it.

5. Kamusku: Jawa

The next app name that deserves to be on the list is My Dictionary: Java. Kamusku: Jawa application is a digital Indonesian-Javanese dictionary application that you can use offline or without internet.

This Kamusku: Java application contains data on Indonesian words that can be translated into Javanese Krama and vice versa. This application prioritizes ease and speed in accessing and translating the word you are looking for.

Enjoy this Kamusku:Java app to help you learn Javanese and remember what you forgot. Don’t worry about subscription fees, because this application is completely free to use and access.

6. Kamus Bahasa Jawa Lengkap Offline

The Java language translation application called the Complete Offline Javanese Dictionary contains a collection of classic vocabulary. The entire vocabulary is very accurate because it is directly translated into Indonesian and vice versa.

In this Complete Offline Java Language Dictionary application there are tens of thousands of Javanese vocabulary collected in a small dictionary in a simple and lightweight application and can be accessed offline or without an internet connection.

So it can be used anytime. The features provided here are also very interesting, such as copyable text, simple design, full translation and other features that you can enjoy with this application.

7. Penerjemah Bahasa Jawa Indonesia

For those of you who want to learn Javanese quickly, maybe this application is perfect for you to try. Just type your voice and you can use this app and translate instantly.

You can use the Indonesian Javanese Translator application by directly downloading it via the Play Store or App Store. Please just download the application for free without a premium subscription.

The app has a Favorites menu for bookmarking and viewing offline translations, which can make it easier for you to use them. By using this application, you will find it easy to communicate with people who speak Javanese.

The final word

Articles that review the best Javanese translation application may be enough to get here first as explained above. Hopefully with this article we can find out what are the application recommendations for translating Javanese.

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