Best News App – Best News App. Information is an important thing that must be fulfilled by humans, because with information, we can know what to do in the future.

There is also an information function as a reminder of something, knowing important tips about self-development, career, and others. What is clear, everyone in this world needs information.

Luckily we no longer need to spend a lot of money to buy magazines, newspapers, and others. Because now there are many online news reading applications that can be accessed for free on Android phones.

These applications can certainly be used by users to find out the latest information and news. So, we will not miss any information and can do our activities well.

The Best Online News Reading Application on Android Phones

Here, we will recommend to you some of the best online news reading apps available on Android. Please read and check the recommended application name below.

1. Google Go

Google Go is an economical version of the newsreading app that is designed to be lighter than the standard app. You can save up to 40% of your internet data quota compared to standard apps.

A special feature of Google Go is text-to-speech, which allows the app to read news content automatically. You just need to choose which news the app wants to read. The words in the text you read will be marked.

You can also listen to the news while doing other activities such as cooking or exercising. With Google Go, you can feel like you have an assistant ready to read the news to you. Great isn’t it?

2. Liputan6 is a popular, current and accurate news app. With this app, you can view the latest videos and access the latest news quickly. You can read news in this app for free.

The Liputan6 application also offers online news without ads, so you can use it for free. News topics include national, international, business, football and entertainment and much more.

Plus, in this Liputan6 application there are also unique news topics, health, technology, lifestyle, automotive, travel, and many more. The app has a bookmarklet to save news to read later.

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3. Kompas is the latest news reading application that provides the latest, current, accurate and trending news updates every day, hour, minute and second. is part of Kompas Gramedia, a large company.

Gramedia also owns Tribunnews,,,, and Although one group, is not the same as is an online news portal with its own editor.

The news topics in this app are news, football, sports, technology, science and money. In addition, there is hype, cars, lifestyle, real estate, travel, education, health, food, specialty channels and other topics.

4. Kumparan

Kumparan presents the latest news which is updated every second, and can be read for free by users. News topics in this application include politics, economics, technology, football, sports, cars, and entertainment.

The Kumparan app also features unique topics such as lifestyle, K-POP, travel, recipes, exam questions, movies, and parenting. Coil also offers exclusive content such as special reports, investigations, finance and careers.

Other exclusive content are novels, short stories, fairy tales, comic reviews. However, to enjoy exclusive content, you must subscribe to a paid Coil+. The main feature of this app is artificial intelligence personalization.

5. IDN Media

At IDN you can find interesting news packaged in a typical millennial and Gen Z style. You can get news from IDN Times, Popbela, Popmama and Duniaku only by using the IDN Media application.

A great feature of this IDN Media app that should not be missed is IDN live streaming and opinion sharing. By sharing your opinion, you can share your experience for other users to read.

Topics in this application are Indonesian regional news, football, economic business, cars and technology. In addition, there are parenting, life, health, food, travel, and other topics. You must try this one application.

6. CNN Indonesia

Next is the best news reading application called CNN Indonesia. The best online news reading application on Android can be installed and downloaded for free, so it can be used directly by Android users.

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This CNN Indonesia application will provide more complete and accurate current information about sports, entertainment, politics, and the country’s culture. The CNN Indonesia application can also be used for free without a subscription fee.

To install this CNN Indonesia application, you can first download the application in the Google Play Store application on your smartphone. You can also see reviews from users, that this application is very useful.

7. Okezone

If you want to use the best news reading app, you can use the app. This application will provide the latest and most updated information and news from various national news.

Not only that, the Okezone application also has a light size and of course it will not be burdensome when used. The Okezone application also provides a complete variety of news from local and international news.

So you will never miss any news and information. This Okezone app will provide all kinds of news including sports, entertainment, politics and many more latest news available today.


Another application that is feasible and can be used by users is This application can also be directly installed and used without having to pay a subscription fee as in paid applications. not only provides news about sports, but also provides the latest news about the latest political and cultural trends. Not only that, also has broadcast media for ANTV, tvOne and SportOne.

And the most interesting thing about this application is that reviews more entertainment content and becomes the hottest gossip about current artists. So, you should not miss using the application.

9. UC News

In this UC News app, there are lots of hotly debated latest news. UC News has also become one of the best media or news reading applications today. UC News also offers many interesting and comprehensive features.

The goal is that you don’t miss the latest news and information about the latest things. UC News will also feature news related to politics, sports, celebrities, and technology and much more.

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The UC News application can also be used without having to pay any subscription fees, aka it can be used for free. Of course, this convenience makes users more comfortable when using UC News.

10. Feedly

There are many other applications that can be used to read news. Well, there is another best news reading app called Feedly. If you are a lover of reading online, of course you often use this application.

Yes, this application broadcasts various news from trusted sources, and of course it can be used without having to pay a subscription fee. At the same time, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to select news stories.

The Feedly app is also easy to use, as you only need to sign up for an account via Facebook or Google. So, if you want to use it, you can just download the application from the Android Play Store.

11. gReader

gReader is one of the next best and most popular news reading apps. This gReader application, of course, has many complete and practical features that make it easier for news readers to find the news they like.

With a user-friendly and minimalist appearance, it is very pleasing to the user’s eyes. At the same time, you can also add your favorite sources and websites in this app to read news easily and interestingly.

You will also find it easy to access the gReader application, because the gReader application is very practical to use. The application does not burden the smartphone because its size is very light.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best news apps on Android that you can use. So with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the recommendations for reading Android news apk.

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