Applications Find Lost Cats – Applications Find Lost Cats. Have you ever lost a cat and had a hard time finding it again, even though the cat has not returned to your house for days?

Moreover, we usually know that cats are smart animals. They will come back to our house no matter how far they go, because they must come to eat.

But if it’s been more than 24 hours the cat doesn’t come back, something must be wrong, our cat is actually missing. Searching for our cat is the best solution to find it, and we can take advantage of the application.

There are various applications that we can use to find lost cats on Android phones for free. These applications are free to use, safe, and of course very accurate.

List of Applications to Find the Best Lost Cats on Phones

We will recommend to you a selection of the best lost cat search applications on Android phones that you can use. Please take a look and see some of our recommendations below.

1. Pawscout Pet Finder

The first app that is recommended for finding lost cats is Pawscout Pet Finder. Besides being able to be used as a missing animal tracker. The use of this application can be accessed as a very easy way.

The way to use the Pawscout Pet Finder app is to meet people with a higher frequency. The free Pawscout Pet Finder application can also be said to be a forum for animal lover communities.

Use this Pawscout Pet Finder application to be able to track the last location of animals. Then connect the closest person to the missing information. So the app is looking for a lost cat or other pet.


The next application that is free and recommended to you for finding lost cats is ASPCA. Actually, this app is not just for cats. However, almost all animals can be tracked with this ASPCA application.

So, initially this ASPCA application was created by a group of people who love animals aka animal lovers. The ASPCA application can be used not only as a means to find lost animals.

Users can also create posters about missing cats or other pets. You can then share the information on various social media. In addition, it can also be a place for animal owners to exchange information.

3. Nextdoor Pet Directory

This Nextdoor Pet Directory application is specifically for iOS users, not yet available on Android. The way the Nextdoor Pet Directory application works is quite simple. First make sure you are logged in, then enter the Pet Directory section.

Nextdoor Pet Directory users who lost the cat can then upload photos of the animal directly. Don’t forget to provide any other important information about the cat that you want to find.

Such as habits, coat color, gait, and many others. As a result, it will be easier for finders to identify animals and notify their owners as soon as they are found in the Nextdoor Pet Directory.

4. Finding Rover

For cat owners who feel lost, it is possible to take pictures of their animals in this app. Once a missing animal’s face is detected, the data will be available to other members of the Finding Rover app.

So it will be easier to find because the data has been distributed to many people. Later, when other people find animals that are similar to the photo. The inventor can then upload the animal image in the app.

Then the system from the Finding Rover application will match immediately. So if there is a similarity with the inventor, it will be directly associated with the missing owner. So, the Finding Rover app is really highly recommended.

5. Runaway Pets

As the name suggests, Runaway Pets is a lost animal search app that can help relieve pet runaway anxiety. In 3 easy steps you can use this Runaway Pets app to find lost cats.

In addition, Runaway Pets can also be used for your other lost pets. The method is very simple, you only need to mark the last location of the animal that was last seen, upload a complete photo along with details,

Then you need to notify all the users of this app in your area or you can also share it on your social media. You can directly download Runaway Pets from the Play Store for free without having to subscribe to anything.

6. Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

Traactive GPS Dog and Cat Finder is the best application that is recommended to the next Android user. This Traactive GPS Dog and Cat Finder application was created to make it easier for you to find your lost pet.

You can download this pet tracker app, including cats as a must-have accessory for your pet. The Traactive GPS Dog and Cat Finder application can track your pet’s whereabouts.

This application can track your dog, cat or other animal in real time, follow your pet’s footsteps, view your pet’s location history. And create a virtual fence or safe zone and notify you when a cat is missing.

7. Findster

The name of another free application that can be used to find lost cats is Findster. Findster is a lost animal search app designed to make you feel safe without worrying about your pet running away.

You can use two Findster apps, one for you and one for your pet. With this Findster Duo application, you can track the location of your beloved pet in real time.

Within the app you’ll find features like real-time GPS monitoring that can track animals in real time, or safe zones, artificial cages where you’ll know if your favorite animal is through the tracking feature.

8. GPCats

To find a lost cat, you can use the GPCats application for free by downloading it directly from the Olay Store. This GPCats application can later track the location of your GPcats tracking collar.

GPCats activity tracking feature that provides access to data and information about your pet, as well as sharing, which monitors multiple pets and shares Findster access with friends and family.

The GPCats app basically has a very easy-to-use interface and connects to the tracking database very quickly, so you can use it to find your cat wherever you are.


So many articles on the best lost cat search application that we can recommend. Hopefully the application that we recommend can be used properly so that you can find a lost cat.

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