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Stornowaybc.com – WA Theme Application. Maybe for some people, feel that the WA theme that is used now has a boring appearance, so they must think about changing the theme.

Although there is a tutorial on how to change the WA theme without an application, for some people, because it looks unsatisfactory, there are still many who want to change it. You can replace it easily using the application.

On Android phones, the Play Store has lots of applications to change or change the best WA themes, free, and easy to use. Just download the application, install it on your Android phone, and select the desired WA theme.

After that, your WA theme will automatically be replaced as desired. If you are curious what the WA theme change application is, then on this occasion we will explain it to you.

List of Best WA Theme Apps

Please just take a look at the full discussion and review of the list of the best WA theme applications, free, with your own photos, easy to install on Android or iPhone. Check out the full review here.

1. FMWhatsApp

The FMWhatsApp application is a WA mod apk that can be used for various features that do not exist on regular WhatsApp. One of the features in this open source application is being able to change the theme or WA template

The size of the FMWhatsApp application is only 3.1 MB, it will not burden the cellphone. Although its size is very small, FMWhatsApp will definitely impress users and immediately like it with various interesting features.

You can also rely on a WA mod application called FMWhatsApp for FMWhatsApp, sending empty messages, eliminating online status. And there are many more interesting uses and features of FMWhatsApp.

Download: FMWhatsApp

2. WhatsUP Gold New

WhatsUP Gold New also includes one of the best WA Mod apk which has a large list of theme options. One of the featured WA themes or appearances in WhatsUP Gold New is a gold or gold color theme.

So for those of you who want to have a WhatsApp display with a gold look, different from ordinary WA, you can download this application. Besides gold, there are also many other WA themes that you can try.

Unfortunately a thousand dear, the WhatsUP Gold New application is already very difficult to find on various application download sites. Because this application has long been deleted on the grounds that it is prone to data theft and there are certain cases.

3. YoWhatsApp

Next you can also use an application called YoWhatsApp to get the chosen theme. With this application you can modify the appearance of WA using your own photos, moving wallpapers, GIFs, and more.

YoWhatsAp offers a very simple UI and is definitely safe for anyone to use. In addition to offering a wide selection of themes on WhatsApp Messenger, YoWhatsAp also allows users to create two WA accounts in one application.

There are also many other charming features offered by the YoWhatsAp MOD application. Starting from being able to send files up to 256 MB, set a schedule for sending messages, calling without having to save a number, as well as a choice of stickers and emojis that can be customized.

4. WhatsApp Plus

A very safe application for changing the next WA theme is WhatsApp Plus. This application is even available on the Play Store so that its security can be guaranteed and can be used for free.

If you are afraid of getting banned for using the WhatsApp MOD application, the application is worth using. Because you don’t need to take or download this application from unknown third party sources.

Developed by Rafalete, WhatsApp Plus is claimed to be an anti-banned WA MOD application. The advantage if you use this application is that you can send files up to 30 MB, view WA status without being caught, even up to adding group members up to 256 participants.

5. GBWhatsApp

There is also the GBWhatsApp application which comes with a size of 32.8 MB, of course this WA mod application is also popular among Indonesian children. The reason is that many people have used GBWhatsApp because they are interested in the full and diverse features available.

With the GBWhatsApp application, you can choose the theme as you wish. Such as changing WhatsApp fonts or writing, hiding online status on WhatsApp, reading messages that have been deleted by the sender, to changing the color of the checkmark in WA.

In essence, it can be said that GBWhatsApp is very suitable for users who like to change themes. You can choose red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, and many more color themes.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about the recommendation for the free wa theme application. You can use one or more of the applications above, then use them to change the WA theme on each cellphone.

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