Free Fire Skin Tool App – Free Fire Skin Tool App. Free Fire Skin Tool is an application from a third-party developer that has the function to add skins to certain characters in the FF game for free.

The FF skin application is equipped with many FF skins that gamers can choose and use. Because skins have become a necessity in FF games because by using them the characters will look cooler.

Basically, FF skins are available in the app, but they have to be purchased at a high price. But if you can’t afford it, you can use the Free Fire cheat application, one of which is specifically to get cool, expensive, and free skins.

On this occasion we will share some recommendations for FF skin tools applications that can be used on Android phones. You can use it for free, but at your own risk.

Best Free Fire Skin Tool App for Android

The FF Skin Tool is a third-party application that allows survivors to enter Free Fire skins via config into their FF accounts. That way, you can get all the skins you want while playing.

This application began to be widely known when the owner released it through the YouTube channel. Besides Maikro gaming, there is also another YouTube channel, namely the Free Fire khmer skin tool that you can use to feel the excitement of playing Free Fire.

Because of its advantages, it is not surprising that the FF Skin Tool has been sought and used by Free Fire game players. Maybe, you also want to get and download the Free Fire Skin Tool for immediate use.

Free Fire Skin Tool Download

If you want to use the Free Fire Skin Tool application, then you must first download the application. For information, the Tool Skin Free Fire application is not available on the Play Store and can only be downloaded via the following official link.

NameTool Skin FF
File Size6MB
DeveloperRadhika Yusuf Alifiansyah

According to the information above, that this application has a fairly light size of only 6 MB. In addition, its use is also easy because your Android phone does not need to root first.

How to Install FF Skin Tool

After you download the Tool Skin FF application above, then next you have to install it on each cellphone. The installation process is almost the same as installing on ordinary third-party applications, here are the steps.

  • First, please download the Tool Skin FF apk in the file provided above.
  • Next, please you can directly open the file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then, please you can do the Install process right now.
  • Then, please open the Tool Skin FF application that was installed earlier.
  • Done!

How to Use FF Skin Tool

After you install it, maybe when you first try it you will be confused about how to use the Free Fire Skin Tool application. Actually the use of this application is very easy to do, just follow the steps below.

  • First, please open the application that you installed earlier.
  • In the main menu there are several options such as Skin List, Create Skin, Copy Nickname, and many others.
  • Please you can select the Skin List menu to see all custom skins such as skins for clothes, vehicles, parachutes, and others.
  • Next, please click, select one of the skins you want to use in the Garena free fire game.
  • If you have finished, you just specify the custome skin option, please immediately click “Activate” or “Download”.
  • Please just wait until the download process is completely finished.
  • If so, please just re-login into your respective free fire account.
  • Then automatically the custom skin for the Free Fire game can be used now.
  • Done.

In addition to how to use in general, there are some important specific tutorials that you need to pay attention to when using this FF skin tool. Here are some useful tutorials about using the FF Skin Tool.

How to Update FF Skin Tool

If this application can no longer be used when playing the Free Fire game, then the answer is because this application must be updated to the latest version. Please follow the steps below to update.

  • You have to make sure the old version of the free fire skin tool application has been removed (uninstalled).
  • Then, please directly download the latest version of the ff skin tool application.
  • To get the latest version of the pro apk skin tool, then next you can wait for the next update from us.
  • Please just install Ansa on your respective smartphone.
  • If so, please just open it and use it right now.
  • Done.

How to Install Config Tool Skin

If you get the config tool skin from the FF config application, then you can upload the config to the Internal >> Android >> OBB directory. Thus, the skins in Garena Free Fire can be used for free.

Here are the steps on how to install the free Free Fire skin config tool.

  • Of course, please download the config first.
  • Then please open the storage menu on your respective android smartphone
  • Precisely in the Internal Stroage => Android => OBB folder.
  • Next, you can immediately find the Com.Dts.FreeFireth folder, then please change it to Com.Dts.FreeFireth1.
  • Next, install the config until it’s completely finished.
  • If the process of installing the FF skin config is completely finished, you can re-enter the Com.Dts.FreeFireth1 folder and change it back to Com.Dts.FreeFireth.
  • If everything is done, please open the Garena Free Fire game.
  • Then automatically all skins will be able to be used right now.
  • Done.

Config Tool Skin comes out on its own

Sometimes you are faced with the config problem of the tool skin coming out on its own. If you experience it, then you can do things as described in the tutorial below.

  • First, please you can directly enter the Android smartphone Settings menu.
  • Then, please you can enter the Applications folder.
  • In the application folder, immediately look for the tool skin that was previously installed.
  • Next, please activate the Automatic Permissions menu.
  • If so, you can clear the cache in the application.
  • The last step is to open the tool skin apk application again.
  • Done.

Free Fire Skin Tool App Features

In the latest version of the Free Fire Skin Tool application, there are lots of skins that can be used, one of which is the Akatsuki skin. In addition, there are also many other useful and useful features that can be used, as below.

1. Giveaway Diamond

The developer of this application turns out to be grateful to everyone who has used the Free Fire Skin Tool. Therefore they distribute diamonds for free in the form of a giveaway on their account.

But of course you have to get a lottery code first and to redeem it then you can select the lined menu in the upper left corner. Then you can select the giveaway menu and click “Take Diamond”.

2. Create Your Own Skin

Another best feature of the Free Fire Skin Tool application is that you can create your own skin. You can design a logo that will be used as a skin so that the skin will be more attractive to our eyes when used.

3. Skin Free Fire Clothes

In custom skins, users can get several additional skins that are quite a lot and are desired by gamers. Like glowall skins, XM8 incubator, ninja katana, Budi katana, shotgun incubator, nuclear bunker, and others.

With a large selection of Free Fire Skin Tool provided, you can easily replace the skins found in this game released by Garea. You can also play the game with more enthusiasm.

4. Copy Nickname

If you want to get a nickname, then you can get it by taking advantage of the features in the Free Fire Skin Tool. As for how to use it, you just need to enter your user ID in the menu, then select “Get Nickname”.

5. Free Fire Emotes

Furthermore, there is the Free Fire emote skin feature. In this feature you can freely and for free use several emote skins, such as applause emote, arm wave, dab emote and somersault.

6. New Skin Config

Another advantage of this application is that it presents the latest skin config. Thus, Free Fire players will be able to get daily updates regarding the skins in the Free Fire game.

The final word

Until here, first our explanation about the free fire android skin tool application as described in the explanation above. Remember, you have to bear it yourself if spam is detected by Free Fire and your account is closed.

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