Dating Apps – Dating Apps. Looking for dating or dating friends can be done very easily using online applications, we can even look for them while relaxing and lying at home.

We can find a lot of friends of the opposite sex, both beautiful women or handsome men who suit our tastes. Then, we can get to know each other, get closer, and finally make a date.

Don’t worry, there are many users of dating apps which of course make finding your date or life partner easier. But remember, you must use a trusted application.

Here we will review some of the best dating application recommendations that can be used, after previously we discussed the photo collage application. Please see the recommendations below.

Best Dating Apps Recommendations

Here are a selection of a list of the best dating apps that can be used on Android devices. Please select and search for the application on the Play Store to download and install it directly to your smartphone.

1. Tinder

Tinder is the first dating application recommendation that you can try. For this application, there is no doubt about its existence. Tinder is an online dating app that is widely used by singles and singles alike.

Because the features in Tinder are simple and free. Not only in Indonesia, you can also search for dates from all over the world by setting the location of another country or city so that you can still be connected remotely.

Using the Tinder app is very simple, if you are not interested you can swipe left, if interested, swipe right. If both swipe right, you will be matched and can start chatting.

2. Hinge

In the second position there is an application called Hinge. This app aims to connect its users with serious partners for a long time, so that end users don’t have to go back to apk dating and delete apps again.

By using this Hinge app, users can find their ideal partner and no longer keep going in the cycle of dating apps. In fact, Hinge could even find a more specific partner.

In Hinge’s personal profile, Hinge app users can submit ideal or important criteria or aspects that are considered by Hinge app users, such as political alliances or the desire to have children.

3. Bumble

The Bumble app in the next point is perfect for people who can’t wait to find a partner. Because, in Bumble, the guy has a 24 hour time limit to reply to the girl’s initial message, and vice versa.

If you exceed this time, you will lose the opportunity to meet this person. But please note, only women can send messages on Bumble. So maybe this app is more convenient for girls.

For those of you who feel super busy, it may not be suitable for Bumble. As mentioned earlier, the 24 hour time limit for replying to this message might be a pain for Bumble users who don’t have much time to spare.

4. Tantan

Another application is Tantan, which is quite popular among teenagers and adults. In Tantan, you can find people from different regions to chat and date to take it to a more serious level.

To find a partner on the Tantan app, all you have to do is search for other “partners” or people who like each other. So you will see someone’s photo, if you don’t like it you can swipe right.

Meanwhile, if you like being able to swipe left on the screen, the concept is really similar to that of the Tinder app. When someone else swipes your photo to the right like you do, you can chat through the Tantan app.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

On the next list is Coffee Meets Bagel. Very interesting yes the name of this application! Likewise, its use is also unique, because in Coffee Meets Bagel, the suitability for users in this application is called a “bagel”.

“Bagels”, or competitions from users, are planned by Coffee Meets Bagels, with the hope that users will get a higher quality competition. The Coffee Meets Bagel application can be used to find dating friends.

The Coffee Meets Bagels Android app also provides users with reminders to send messages, as well as theme ideas to start a conversation. This feature in Coffee Meets Bagel can help users who have difficulty starting a conversation.

6. Setipe

Another suitable application is Setipe, and of course it can be used for free on the Android platform. This application is one of the next recommended fast applications made in Indonesia.

In addition to providing media to find a mate online, this Setipe application also provides a consultation function for direct or offline matching. The Setipe application is really suitable for finding online dating friends.

Not only registration, but also a personality test when registering an account at Setipe. Later, the results of the personality test will be used to find a partner on the Setipe application that roughly meets your criteria.

7. Badoo

Almost like most other online dating apps, Badoo also provides a feature to chat with its users without “matching” it first. Moreover, this application has advantages in terms of interface display.

This app is really easy to use, new users won’t be confused about where to start looking for dating friends on Badoo. Therefore, if you see an interesting person, you can immediately start a conversation.

One thing that is more interesting about the Badoo application is that it has a feature that makes it easier for you to find dates from abroad. Maybe for those who are curious about building relationships with strangers, you can try this application.

The final word

Until here, the discussion about the best dating applications that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so you can meet the opposite sex and date for free online.

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