Report Application – Report Application. In every business activity, reporting is very important to record whether the business management is running smoothly, profit or not, and others.

Previously, in the past, report recording was usually done in offline books, but now everything has changed. Because we can record reports on Android smartphones easily.

There are lots of excel-based financial report recording applications on Android phones that can be used for free. Each application also offers different advantages and disadvantages.

You may still not know what report recording applications on Android phones can be used. Therefore, here we will explain to you some of the application options.

Free Android Report App

Reporting from various sources, we look at together a selection of free report applications on Android phones that can be used. Please select the recommended application directly below.

1. Teman Bisnis

The recommendation for the best financial report application for Android phones goes to Friends of Business. The Business Friends application can really be a good business “friend” and you can rely on so that your business and business can grow.

This Business Friend application is your business’ financial records to be more managed and organized. If you manage a small business and have no accounting knowledge, this Business Friend app is for you.

Friends of Business is specifically designed for SME entrepreneurs in Indonesia. This application is also suitable for service, production, retail business owners and even dealers, direct sellers, grocery stores (warung) and ojol drivers.

2. Celengan

The piggy bank application was created to manage your finances, and the piggy bank has the same shape as a pig. As the name suggests, this Piggy bank money manager app that helps you save.

Users of the piggy bank application will later become money managers and expense trackers for all your money. With this simple application, you can more easily track your income and expenditure activities.

The piggy bank has many language options, there are Indonesian, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, German, French and many more. Come on, download the app on Android from this link and download the app now.

3. Akuntansi Keuangan

Financial Accounting is also the next apk which is also very worth trying. We recommend Financial Accounting because this AppIndoDev2 dropout application is a financial recorder in the form of a professional accounting book.

Therefore, users of the Financial Accounting application will find options for journals, ledgers, balance sheets, trial balances, income statements, and more. This makes it easier for you to manage financial reports.

So, this app is more suitable for those who own their own business rather than controlling their personal finances, unless you have studied accounting. To download this application you can click this link.

4. Finansialku

The next recommended application is called Finansialku, which may be familiar to you online businessmen. Whether you want to manage or are new to financial planning, this app is for you.

Finansialku claims that they are the only financial app that offers online consulting services. Finansialku is also equipped with a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certified financial planner.

Users can also get complete financial literacy in the form of articles, podcasts, and videos. advanced! Want to try it? Download the direct app for Android at this link and download the app for iOS for free.

5. Expense Manager

Your business and business financial reports can be recorded easily using the Expense Manager application. You can also find the next app, Expense Manager, on the Play Store and iOS App Store for free.

The expense manager app Expense Manager is very popular. Due to its easy-to-use interface and rich functionality. You can track your expenses and income by week, month or year.

You can also schedule bill payments or recurring purchases like electricity tokens, credit cards, etc. And don’t be afraid to lose your files, because you can back them up or sync to Google Dropbox.

6. Money Lover

Money Lover is a versatile application because it can be used on Android and iOS devices. This app with a green piggy bank logo and pig image is a highly recommended financial and budget management app.

Want to better manage your personal finances? Have a goal to save or buy something? Or, do you have questions about money management? An application by Finsify Technology Company Limited is recommended.

Money Lover is the perfect app to make life easier. With Money Lover, you can create budgets, monitor expenses, view savings, and even record monthly bills and debt reminders.

7. Sepran

Sepran, actually stands for Income and Expenditure Recording System. The Sepran application is a daily financial record application created by JMC IT consultants and can be used for free.

The Sepran app is designed to help you manage your monthly finances more easily. What are the advantages of Seran over other similar applications? How to enter data into the application is not complicated at all.

Transactions you previously recorded in the Sepran app don’t need to be re-entered, just hit a few options and you can copy-paste and move on. Sepran can also be used without an internet connection, aka offline.

8. Akuntansi UKM

Competition in financial reporting applications is very fast nowadays, many developers are competing to make interesting breakthroughs and innovations. WiinFeel also did not want to lose, and he released an application called SME Accounting.

SME Accounting is a free application, no ads, no time limit, all transactions can be recorded, no financial report deadline, can be used for personal or business, can be used offline!

The interface of this SME Accounting financial application system is concise. It can be used by small and medium-sized businesses as well as for day-to-day (personal) financial management. Complete enough right? This app is available for free on the Play Store.

9. Catatan Keuangan Harian

Daily Financial Notes is the name of the last application that is worth trying. In Daily Financial Records, there are more users who have tried it, more than 14,000, Daily Financial Records is made by AsyncByte Software.

This Daily Financial Records app is a recorder of your income and expenses. Simple design does not mean this application is incomplete, yes, because this application is complete for beginners or if you just want to monitor your personal finances.

You can get monthly reports, calculate differences, export files to Excel or spreadsheets, report all transactions, can easily view the history of previous expenses, and only you can access them.

The final word

Our discussion of the free report application has been explained in full. Hopefully our application recommendations can help you for those who want to download it.

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