Vehicle Tax Check Application – Vehicle Tax Check Application. As good citizens, of course we must be diligent in paying taxes, especially vehicle taxes if we have a motorcycle or car.

Because the tax will be used by the state for common interests, such as building road facilities to make it easier for vehicles to pass. So, you should never be absent from paying taxes.

Moreover, nowadays it is very easy to pay vehicle taxes, such as the BPJSTKU application, applications for checking vehicle taxes are also widely available. This application is free to use by anyone who has a motorbike or car.

Like chat applications, applications for checking motor vehicle taxes on Android phones also vary. The following applications will automatically display information on the amount of vehicle tax that you must pay.

List of Vehicle Tax Check Applications on Android

Here is a list of official vehicle tax check applications from the Traffic Unit (Satlantas) of the Police on Android phones. You can download and use any of the applications below according to their respective regions.

1. Samsat Online

This application is a recommended application that can help vehicle owners to ratify the Annual STNK. In addition there are also several other useful features and services that can be used.

Such as the Motor Vehicle Tax Payment (PKB) feature, up to the Payment of the Road Traffic Accident Fund Compulsory Contribution (SWDKLLJ). Therefore, you must install Samsat Online on each Android phone.

The Samsat Online application uses a database of motorized vehicles owned by the National Police. Samsat Online has been integrated with the motor vehicle tax information system for each province so that the data is very accurate.

2. Cek Pajak Motor Mobil

It can be said that the application called Check Motor Car Tax is the latest application. Motor Car Tax Checks have functions and uses that are not much different from the vehicle tax check application mentioned above.

For example, this application has a feature that can help motorcycle or car owners to find out the tax status of their vehicle, very useful as a maps application. Remember, it’s not only limited to motorcycles but also car tax checks.

Users can also find out vehicle data, the address of the vehicle registration owner, and the vehicle’s license plate number. The Motor Car Tax Check can be used to find out the tax bill from the vehicle that must be paid and the due date.


The SAMBARA application is specifically used for those who live in the West Java area. This application is specifically managed by the West Java government, so it cannot be used by the people of Central Java, East Java, DKI Jakarta, or Banten.

This online vehicle tax check application called SAMBARA can be used to check local regional motor vehicle taxes. In this application users can also display the status of the vehicle tax has been paid or not.

SAMBARA is also very light to use because it has a small size, and there are no annoying ads in it. Motor vehicle owners only need to enter the vehicle plate number to check the nominal tax.


SAKPOLE e-SAMSAT Central Java is managed directly by PSI – BPPD Central Java Province. Especially for local people who live in the Central Java area, you can get motor vehicle tax information through this application.

The SAKPOLE e-SAMSAT application in Central Java was specifically created to make it easier for residents in the Central Java region to manage car and motorcycle taxes. Especially in terms of making tax payments via online Samsat or e-Samsat.

With the SAKPOLE e-SAMSAT JATENG application, users do not need to come directly to the Samsat office to pay taxes. Just open the application, check the tax nominal and the due date, you can pay off your personal vehicle tax.

5. Cek Pajak Kendaraan

The application that has the name Vehicle Tax Check is a useful application for motor vehicle owners. This application helps you check the tax status and license number of motorized vehicles in a practical way.

For the time being, the Vehicle Tax Check is only used in the areas of Riau, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta, West Sumatra, West Kalimantan, and South Sulawesi. However, it will continue to be expanded in the future.

It can be said that the Vehicle Tax Check is quite light, easy, and not a lot of fish in it. No different from the distance measuring application, you can also download this application for free via the Play Store or App Store.

The final word

The discussion about the Android vehicle tax check application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully the reviews presented above make us understand more about what applications can be used to check motorcycle and car taxes.

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