Screen Recorder App – Screen Recorder App. To record screen on PCs and laptops, actually on some PCs we don’t need to use special applications because the features are already available.

But on other PCs, especially older PCs, sometimes we also still need these additional assistance applications. These applications will help us record the activity on the screen in the form of video.

There are even applications that also offer audio recording features when we are recording the screen. So, the application will be needed by many PC users.

Some apps can be used for free without a watermark, some have a recording duration limit and offer premium features. What are the applications? Here we will discuss it.

Free PC Screen Recorder App

Immediately without further ado, let’s look at the recommended application options together. Please see and see the full review in the explanation below.

1. OBS studio

The name of the best and free to use PC screen recorder application goes to OBS studio. OBS studio is often used by gamers because this PC screen recorder application not only records screen content but also webcams and microphones.

This makes it easier for gamers to record streaming gameplay. According to Atomy, even though it’s free, it doesn’t have a time limit and a watermark that can interfere with your computer screen recording activity.

Apart from that, this OBS studio app is also known as ad-free. The weakness of OBS studio is that there is no direct integration of the video editing function, so it is necessary to download another application to edit the recorded video.

2. Free Cam

Free Cam is a fairly simple PC screen recorder application with video editing capabilities. Unlike OBS studio, this app cannot record a webcam. The advantage of Free Cam is that it has no watermark.

Free Cam also no time limit, no ads. Free cam also has a higher video resolution, so the video can be sharp. You can also use this app to add audio effects to recordings.

The drawback of the Free Cam application is that recordings can only be saved in WMF format, or directly uploaded to the Youtube platform. Are you interested in using the Free Cam application? Please just download the application.

3. ShareX

ShareX is a free and ad-free PC screen recorder app with lots of customization features found in paid apps. In the ShareX application, later you can import photos, videos, music.

You can also create your own watermark here to show ownership of the video. This application is intended for professional users, therefore the ShareX application is not recommended for beginners.

The downside of this ShareX app is no real-time video editing, low-quality game recording, inability to record webcam, and reported failure to upload large files.

4. Cam Studio

The next computer and laptop screen recorder application with HD image quality is Cam Studio. With Cam Studio, you can record the entire screen and audio activity on your computer, then you can save video files.

You can also directly upload videos recorded by Cam Studio to the channel for streaming. Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, you cannot use this app because it is not supported on Mac OS.

The downside of Cam studio is that the video output is bigger than it should be. Also, not many output formats are available. But the advantage of the Cam Studio application is that it is free for users to use.

5. Ezvid

Ezvid is an easy-to-use PC screen recorder application with full video editing capabilities. Many content creators or youtubers use this app because Ezvid’s clarity is specially designed for a specific purpose.

The goal is to save the user’s time from a mobile speed perspective, so that the video results are good. The Ezvid app will help you create videos and upload them directly to YouTube in a matter of minutes.

The standout features of this software include live images with high resolution (1280 x 720p HD), narration recording, playback speed control, sound synthesis, webcam implementation while recording your screen.

6. iSpring Cam Pro

iSpring Cam Pro can be an option for choosing the best online screen recording software. iSpring Cam Pro application is a full-featured application designed for e-Learning, which includes professional video studios.

There is also another set of features on this iSpring Cam Pro app for online training. This includes a course builder, quiz maker, conversation simulator, and interaction editor. The Video Studio feature makes it easy to create screencasts.

After recording the screencast, you can edit it easily. Examples include removing noise, inserting media objects and annotations, removing unwanted segments, and adding transition effects.

7. Camtasia

According to iSpring Solutions, Camtasia is a feature-rich and detail-oriented PC screen recorder application. With this application, you can more easily record and make videos to make them look more professional/

Camtasia is very flexible when it comes to using animations and video effects as well as adding overlays. You can insert zoom out, zoom in, and pan animations into your footage, and use transitions in the Camtasia app.

Another benefit of Camtasia is that you can import videos, music, photos, and PowerPoint slides, add text, information, and quizzes to videos, combine webcams, and have a list of royalty-free music and sound effects.

8. Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn app is one of the most popular PC screen recording apps for gamers. This is because the Filmora Scrn application is capable of capturing fast scenes (up to 60 fps on Mac) while recording webcam video.

In addition, there is an easy video editing feature in the Filmora Scrn app that enhances the appearance of video features and tutorials, helping to focus on the main items on the screen. So this application can be very reliable.

The advantages of Filmora are that it can record screens together with a webcam, import more than 50 file formats and export videos in various formats, and supports high-definition video recording up to 4k.

9. FlashBack

FlashBack is a full motion based computer screen recording application with a simple and useful interface. This app can help you to take screenshots along with webcam and microphone.

You can then make your videos even better with the built-in video editing features by adding text, arrows, images and highlights. The FlashBack app is really worth trying for that reason.

The advantages of this FlashBack application are that it can record multiple monitor screens, combine webcams, create custom watermarks, and provide zoom and pan functions in videos. FlashBack can also be used on a premium basis.

The final word

Our discussion of the free screen recorder application has been explained in full. Hopefully our application recommendations can help you for those who want to download it.

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