Office Apps – Office Apps. When working as an employee, you definitely need some applications that can be used to make the work easier.

There are lots of office applications that can be used by users. Basically there are applications that can be used for free, but there are also paid ones.

The office application will, of course, make work that used to feel heavy, become lighter. In fact, the application also supports go green activities because it reduces paper usage.

On this occasion, we will explain what office applications are often used by employees to the director level. The explanation can be seen in the article below.

Free Office Apps on PC

We have explored a number of applications and found that they have the ability to support sketch office work on a PC or laptop. What are the applications for office work that can be used? We will explain it below.

1. Microsoft Word Office

Microsoft Word Office is a mandatory application in the office world and of course you also use it. Microsoft Word Office seems to be the most widely used application by society today.

Both in the office world and those who struggle with school children and students, all use Microsoft Word Office. Microsoft Word Office is one of those things that employees to directors have to use..

Given how important it is in their work. Initially, word mobile has been included in the mobile office package since 1996. Microsoft Word Office applications can also be purchased from the official website.

2. Microsoft Office Excel

In addition, another office application that many people already know is Microsoft Excel. Well, Microsoft excel also has a mobile version of excel, and this application has been included in the mobile office since this mobile office existed.

Microsoft Office Excel is an application made up of very compatible spreadsheets. They provide tools for creating new books, editing, and saving documents in Microsoft format (i.e. “xls”).

Microsoft Office Excel can modify and edit cells, make basic calculations, and create charts and graphs. You must have used the Microsoft Office Excel application too.

3. Microsoft Powerpoint

Next is Microsoft Powerpoint, which is an office application that everyone must use. In addition, the next most commonly used office application is Microsoft PowerPoint.

Well, this Microsoft Powerpoint application has actually been included in a series of mobile office packages, and since then its release has been dedicated to Windows Mobile 5.0. This application is used to display presentations.

When you buy Microsoft Office, you usually get a package of several applications in it. Includes Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and other Microsoft Office applications.

4. Office Suite

Next, the office application that we will discuss is the Office Suite because it is used quite often. Well, this Office Suite application is a cross-platform office application developed by mobisystems.

Office suite applications have special editions for android, iOS and Microsoft windows (PC). You can also add PDF capabilities to improve compatibility with the most popular file formats.

With more than 220 million downloads, this Office Suite application is one of the most used office applications. If you don’t want to use Microsoft Office, the Office Suite applications can be used as an alternative.

5. WPS Office

Next there is WPS Office which is also another Microsoft Office alternative. WPS Office is an office application, formerly known as Kingsoft Office. Well, WPS itself is actually an acronym.

The acronyms are Composer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet, and provide application tools that can be used to open documents from local sources as well as access documents stored in the user’s document repository.

For security reasons, this WPS Office application also provides and provides passwords for some files that you want to use. That way, you don’t have to worry about having documents that contain your privacy.

6. Jurnal by Mekari

Furthermore, there is also the Journal by Mekari which is often used by office employees. Journals are financial software or applications that provide various functions, including recording sales transactions.

Jurnal by Mekari comes with a cash register or cash register application as an add-on app. This feature will make it easier for you to process sales transactions anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Jurnal by Mekari is an application that is also part of the Journal of Accounting application. Journal by Mekari is specially designed to replace the cash register and help keep track of all your business sales transactions.

7. Calc

The last and can be used as the choice of office employees is Calc. For those who still don’t know, Calc is an office-scale software application that can be used to process numerical data.

What Calc can do may not necessarily be done by other applications. The most commonly used functions in the Calc application are those that perform arithmetic operations and resize.

The full name of this application is OpenOffice.Org Calc, but it is better known as Calc. This Calc application can be used to work with data, numbers, text and numeric formulas that are complex to calculate manually.

Nama lengkap aplikasi ini adalah OpenOffice.Org Calc, tetapi lebih dikenal dengan Calc. Aplikasi Calc ini dapat digunakan untuk bekerja dengan data, angka, teks dan rumus numerik yang rumit untuk dihitung manual.


That’s all maybe our discussion about PC office apps that can be recommended. Hopefully what we discussed above can be useful for those of you who want to manage an office.

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