Sales App – Sales App. As a seller, we must know the cash flow in and out of money or goods and services so that the buying and selling process can still be carried out properly.

Old-time salespeople probably used notebooks to do this. But in this modern era, it would be better if we reduce the use of paper or commonly known as paperless.

The way we can use several choices of free sales applications on a PC or laptop. The application can be used to allow us to manage sales easily.

What are some well-used, free, but full-featured apps? Below we will explain the full description and discussion to you, please listen.

Free Sales App on PC

We have explored a number of applications and found that they have the ability to manage sales on a PC or laptop. What are the sales management applications that can be used? We will explain it below.

1. Olsera

The first selling app that is really recommended to you to use is Olsera. Olsera App is a cheap and flexible sales software with a monthly subscription fee.

After subscribing, Olsera users can enjoy many of its flagship features. This sales app is used by all types of small and medium businesses, from restaurants, cafes, retail stores, pharmacies to food trucks.

For retail businesses, some of the features provided by Olsera include inventory management, to shipping costs. There are also data synchronization, payment management, inventory transfer management, and CRM features.

2. POS Pawoon

The next suggestion for those who are looking for a sales apk is to use POS PawoonPOS Pawoon. Like Olsera, the Pawoon App is popular among small and medium-sized retail and F&B businesses and establishments.

Pawoon POS system is easy to use by anyone. With a quick installation process, users can already use it as a cash register. Some of Pawoon’s advantages are the ease of printing receipts.

You by using POS Pawoon also send the receipt via email. Just like EQUIP, this sales application can also be used offline. All transaction data is stored securely at POS Pawoon.


Next is MOKA POS, which is also widely used by businesses and sellers throughout Indonesia. The MOKA POS application has become very popular among retail and catering businesses in Indonesia.

Just like the other applications that we have described, MOKA POS also provides features that make it easier for business people to manage sales transactions. There is a Promotion management feature, you can create a sales program.

Then there is the inventory management system feature where you can check stock availability and view supplier order history at any time. You can use HashMicro Inventory Management System in it.

4. Soltius

If you are still not satisfied with the application above, also try using the Soltius application. Soltius offers a fairly complete sales solution with SAP Business One. Many small and medium-sized companies use Soltius.

Soltius sales software offers various functions, ranging from omni-channel management, mobile POS, reservation management to recipe management for restaurant businesses. No wonder Soltius is widely used.

The advantage of POS Solitus is the variety of payment methods. The Soltius sales application makes it easy for you to accept various payment methods other than debit and credit cards, such as e-cash or e-money.

5. HashMicro

Next is the HashMicro application which can be used on PCs and laptops by sellers so that they can run their business more smoothly. The HashMicro application may still be relatively new in Indonesia.

However, HashMicro’s software brand has been adopted by several large companies and institutions in Singapore since 2006. HashMicro provides a fully automated solution for businesses of all sizes.

From enterprises to SMBs (Small and Medium Enterprises) use HashMicro. One of the advantages of HashMicro POS is the unlimited number of users and easy management of multiple business branches.

6. Vireo POS

Another app option that you as a seller can use to smoothen your business is an Android sales app to try. Vireo POS, an application that you can use to get business sales data.

Vireo POS sales software can support all business activities such as payment transactions, inventory, sales reporting. Users can also access sales reports, calculate product cost of goods (HPP).

In addition, they can determine promotions, and manage raw materials or recipes in real time from their smartphones. In addition, users can create multiple access rights and give them to certain people.


Finally, we recommend that you use the EQUIP POS application on PCs and laptops. EQUIP POS Merchandising Software is an application that helps you maintain business continuity, such as product alignment.

In addition, the EQUIP Cashier Application can track every transaction and all items of your business products to monitor your customers. This is what makes many business people choose to use this EQUIP POS application.

EQUIP POS users can grant access to this system to any number of employees at no additional cost. You can also monitor merchandise sales and inventory at each of your store or restaurant branches from one place.

Final Conclusion

That’s all maybe our discussion about PC sales applications that can be recommended. Hopefully what we discussed above can be useful for those of you who want to manage sales.

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