Anime Editing App – Anime Editing App. Have you ever thought about making an anime, or changing your face photo into a cool anime style? We can do it easily.

Anime is essentially Japanese animation, often featuring colorful imagery, with characters appearing in different locations and stories, targeting different types of audiences.

Anime refers to Japanese cartoons presented in the medium of films or TV series. This anime has dynamics created by character voices and background music that fits the storyline.

Well, how to make your own anime is to use a free anime editing application on your PC or laptop. If you want to know the application recommendations, let’s look at the reviews in the following explanation.

Free Anime Editing App on PC

We have explored a number of applications and found that they have the ability to edit anime on a PC or laptop. What anime editing applications can be used? We will explain it below.

1. OpenToonz

First of all we recommend that you use OpenToonz for anime editing. The OpenToonz application is a freely accessible and open source 2D concept graphics application, meaning it is free to use.

Did you know that the OpenToonz application is also used by filmmakers to complete their film projects? One of the famous films that use this application as software to create animation is the Batman Ninja film.

This OpenToonz app features key features like motion tracking, frame-by-frame animation, and more. The OpenToonz application is suitable for both beginners and professionals to create video animations.

2. Aurora 3D Animator

In addition, there is also the Aurora 3D Animator application to edit anime to your heart’s content and to your heart’s content. The main feature of the Aurora 3D Animator app is that you can change the texture, color, rotation, motion, and much more.

With control over contrast, brightness, and resize, animation editing in this Aurora 3D Animator app is just perfect. Not only that, you can also add effects to your animated videos.

In this Aurora 3D Animator app, various effects can be used such as snow, rain, outer space, smoke, fireworks, etc. If you change the mode to 3D Graphics, you can render 3D text in it.

3. Stykz

Another very good and reliable anime editing option is Stykz. The Stykz app is an animation app that is free to use and multi-platform. The Stykz app also works on computers.

Especially with MacOS or Windows operating systems. However, computers with the Linux operating system are currently still in development and are still in beta stage. This Stykz application has several advantages.

One of them is Stykz, which is a lightweight application with a frame-by-frame approach, suitable for novice animators. Ongoing animations can be fixed directly on the job page using Stykz.

4. Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper makes an equally good application for creating anime, especially Japanese-style 3D anime. Another 2D animation application called the Plastic Animation Paper application is very popular.

Usually this Plastic Animation Paper application is often abbreviated as PAP. Using the Plastic Animation Paper app, you can create animated videos, erase scanners and even cameras.

This Plastic Animation Paper application is perfect for professional or novice animators. You can learn the basics of creating animated videos with this app. This Plastic Animation Paper application is also easy to use.

5. Pencil

There is also Pencil, even though the name is Pencil but this is not a writing application, but is the best anime editing application that can be used. Pencil application is a graphic application with the concept of 2D animation.

This Pencil application supports Windows, MacOS, Free BSD and Linux operating systems. The Pencil app basically uses bitmaps and vector images to create simple 2D animations.

This Pencil application is also made using the Qt and C++ programming languages ​​and has the GNU General Public License. The Pencil application currently has 4 types of layers, namely vector, bitmap, audio and camera images.

6. Synfig Studio

Alternatively, you can use Synfig Studio to create anime using a laptop or PC. Similar to the Pencil application, the Synfig Studio application is also used to create animated videos.

Synfig Studio consists of a series of images that will be displayed quickly. The Synfig Studio application was made to create the illusion of movement. To create an animation, you have to draw each different image.

After that you can combine them and create animated videos in Synfig Studio. Images are often called frames, and this method is also known as frame-by-frame animation. You have to draw lots of frames to make it interesting.

7. Pencil2D Animation

The Pencil2D Animation application is also an open source application that we can use for free to create anime. This Pencil2D Animation application can also be used to create animated videos manually.

The trick is that the process will be carried out frame by frame. Pencil2D Animation application users can choose from 2 types of images to create animations in this application, vector images and bitmap images.

Various operating systems also support Pencil2D Animation, namely Linux, Windows, Free BSD and Mac OS. Luckily, the Pencil2D Animation application can be used easily with a simple interface.

8. Blender

Finally, there is Blender, which you must be familiar with, because Blender is a free, open source 3D animation application. In its use, the Blender application supports all aspects of the 3D video concept.

Such as rigging, modeling, simulation, animation, compositing, rendering, motion tracking, to game creation. The Blender app is also great for those who are learning to make animated or anime videos.

You can even create animations by groups of people or individuals. That’s because this app is very easy to use and responsive. Blender is also available for various platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Final Conclusion

IThat’s all maybe our discussion about PC anime editing app that can be recommended. Hopefully what we discussed above can be useful for those of you who want to make anime or animation.

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