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Stornowaybc.com – IG Feeds App. Lots of people have great Instagram feeds, and maybe you’re one of those who want to have one or create one, but don’t know how.

Actually we don’t need to be good at editing photos using photo editing applications. We can take advantage of several applications available on the Play Store to make photos on Instagram more interesting.

Like creating connected, aesthetic, cool IG feeds, and much more. Of course, these kinds of applications can be used for free without having to pay for a subscription.

Well on this occasion we will share information with you about what are the recommendations for the best Instagram feed application on Android phones. Please read and see the application recommendations below.

List of Best IG Feed Apps on Android

Without further ado, let’s immediately listen to information about some of the best IG feed application recommendations on Android phones. Please see the application recommendations below.

1. HootSuite

The app to manage your Instagram feed and edit photos more attractively is HootSuite because it’s free to use. HootSuite is more often used for corporate marketing through social media.

Like everyone else, users can take advantage of Instagram’s post scheduling feature to be more organized on the HootSuite app. Even cooler, HootSuite intensively and regularly monitors post content.

There are several guidelines such as strategies and tips to always update and upload photos to social media. To get the HootSuite app, you can search for it on Google Apps or PlayStore and download it.

2. VSCO Cam

The next application that can be used to manage your Instagram feed is using the VSCO Cam Filter application. VSCO’s rating has reached millions of users, and that’s because the editing is so cool.

Professional photographers and celebrities have also been found to use it frequently to provide more realistic results and synchronized contrast. So by using filters in VSCO specifically for Android smartphones.

You can change your Instagram feed with a suitable color. To get this VSCO Cam application, you can download it from the Play Store. For more advanced editing, VSCO also offers a premium version.

3. Planoly Editor

Planoly Editor is the next best Instagram feed app that provides the latest and exciting features for creating attractive post layouts. Usually celebgrams use Planoly, because of various advantages.

One of the reasons is because the schedule can also be arranged using the Planoly Editor application. So, posts or stories to be published will be neatly organized, users can also save photo backups on the web dashboard.

The process can be done without having to move it to the phone. Other features, such as commenting through Planoly, set it apart from other editors. To get it very easily, users can download the Planoly Editor application through the Play Store.

4. Unum

Unum is an app that really helps in making beautiful and attractive photo arrangements on your IG feed. In its service, users can try out permutations that will be carried out before entering Instagram.

So in the Unum app, users can set the number of photos or content to be posted. Apart from organizing your feed, in Unum you can also write titles for later use. Not only that, there is also a photo editing feature using cool cool filters.

Even more interesting, by using Unum, Instagram users can also directly upload photos as long as you sync them with Instagram. This application can also be used for free without any cost.

5. Pic Stitch

The Pic Stitch app is an Instagram feed maker app that you can use to make your feeds look more interesting. This Pic Stitch apk can be used for free by downloading it on Instagram.

At a minimum, the Instaram iPhone and Android feed apps have 245 layouts and 15 aspect ratios for you to choose from. The layout options and aspect ratio can be adjusted depending on how you want your Instagram feed.

Not only that, Pic Stitch includes an Instagram-ready photo editing app with dozens of filters and effects to make your photos look even more stunning. Of course this is a versatile application that is very suitable to use.

6. Afterlight

Afterlight is another Instagram feed limiter app that you can use to make your Instagram tidier and more satisfying. This application is very light and suitable to be installed on smartphones with low specifications.

At least, this Afterlight application has 77 different types of borders. In addition, this IG feed maker application called Afterlight is equipped with adjustment tools to edit photos to be published.

With just one click, you can add drama to your photos and then post them directly to Instagram. Don’t forget to tweak the Instagram feed ideas that you apply, so that your IG profile becomes even more beautiful.

7. Grids for Instagram

Are you looking for a connected Instagram feed app to make your feed cooler? You have to install the Grids for Instagram application, by searching for it on the Play Store and directly downloading it for Android for free.

You can use this Grids for Instagram app to crop images proportionally, so you can create multiple connected feeds. This application is very good for you to try.

It’s also easy to create an aesthetically linked Instagram feed with this app. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from 3×1 to 3×5, or even 2×1 to 2×3. Please directly download and try the application.

The final word

Articles that review the best ig feed applications may suffice to get here first as explained above. Hopefully with this article we can find out what are the application recommendations for IG feeds.

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