Photo Collage App – Photo Collage App. Creating photo collages has become an activity that has recently been done by many people, especially social media users and celebrities.

Because, by uploading collage photos on Instagram or Facebook, it makes our social media homepage look more beautiful. But maybe many think that making cool photo collages is difficult.

In fact, making photo collages can be done in just one click. We can use some of the best and free photo collage application recommendations available on Android smartphone devices.

Unlike the Fouad WA application, this photo collage application can be downloaded on the Play Store. Thus, you no longer need to doubt the security of the application, because its security is guaranteed.

Best Photo Collage App Recommendations

Here, we will discuss some of the best photo collage applications that can be used on Android devices. You can directly install and use the good collage applications below.

1. PhotoGrid

Many of the old or new Android users have used this app to make photo collages and it is very popular. The popularity of the PhotoGrid app has been proven by hundreds of millions of downloads.

When you enter the PhotoGrid application, you will see a colorful and attractive display. It has features that are also very easy to use, namely using various templates.

Many templates are provided by the PhotoGrid application to create grid collages. There are various other features, such as scrapbooks, photo editors, video slideshows, templates, slideshows, and many others.

2. Canva

Canva is a very popular application for creating photo collages because it has many features that are sure to be useful for every user. This application can also be accessed on various platforms, such as PC/laptop, Android and iOS users.

Using the Canva app, you can create posters, brochures, greeting cards, and photo collages. Users can use various photo collage templates. You can also use stickers or text to beautify your collage.

Canva can also be free to use, and costs extra. Of course, for the premium version, you can use many more interesting and fantastic features for Canva users than the free version.

3. Pixlr Express

Here’s another best cool free photo collage app is Pixlr Express. Interestingly, you can use Pixlr Express to create photo collages without installing the Pixlr Express app on the Android Play Store.

You just need to open the website or install the Pixlr Express application and start combining several photos into one cool photo according to your wishes. But before using it, make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

Because on the website version, Pixlr Express is used online. The Pixlr Express app is also free to use, you can choose from a variety of interesting, cool, and classic styles to create collages.

4. Shape Collage

Another recommendation as the next best PC photo collage maker application is Shape Collage. By using this app, users can turn their photo collages into cool and beautiful photo collages.

Shape Collage provides tools, features, and templates to support the process of making your photo collage more attractive. This Shape Collage application can also be used on Windows and Mac in addition to Android.

In addition, application users can also use Shape Collage to create posters, cards, billboards, and even wallpapers. It can be said that the photo collages in Shape Collage are unique and rare.

5. Pic Collage

You can also use the Pic Collage app to create image collages. The initial appearance of Pic Collage is bright and soft, and looks very cheerful, and don’t forget how to use it is very easy, fast, and practical.

After selecting the photo you want, you can see all the features in it, and you can use this feature without paying a penny. The available collage templates are located directly at the bottom of the app screen.

Besides being able to make photo collages, in the Pic Collage apk there is a photo editing function, recording videos from YouTube. Not only that, Pic Collage users can also download images from various websites as a collage background function.

6. KD Collage

Next is the name of the application that may be familiar to the ear, namely KD Collage. Compared to other apps on this list, KD Collage Free’s interface is quite simple and easy to use.

Although it looks simple, the grid functions provided in the KD Collage application are very diverse, from ordinary square boxes to various other shapes. You can also adjust the photo ratio according to your needs.

Starting from KD Collage photo collage ratio 1:1 to 3:1. Like most photo collage apps, the KD Collage app provides editing functions, backgrounds, and frames to enhance the look of your photos.

7. Photo Studio

Another alternative if you want to make multiple photo collages is Photo Studio. In addition to making collages, there are also editing features and functions in the Photo Studio application that have an Instagram-like appearance.

For photo collages in the Photo Studio application, there are two grid functions, namely classic and artistic. Each has about a hundred options that can be tailored to your preferences as a user.

Unfortunately, of the many Grids, only 8 can be used for free in the Photo Studio application. In other words, you need to pay 48,000 rupiah to use the professional version of Photo Studio.

8. Layout

You can also use the Layout app to create image collages. This application published by Instagram is specially made for creating attractive photo collages and uploading them on your Instagram feed.

In addition, you can use the photos stored on your device to create collages. Or you can use the photo function in the Layout app to take pictures directly with the device’s camera.

This layout already has a function to recognize people’s faces in the device’s photo collection. This way, you can quickly search for photos and create collages with specific people as an interesting theme.

9. PicsArt

PicsArt provides over a hundred free templates that you can use to create collages. In addition, the PicsArt application can also be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices and directly installed on the cellphone.

In addition, this PicsArt application also provides editing functions and a collection of clip art that can be used to enhance the appearance of photos. Apart from making collages, PicsArt also has its own community.

The PicsArt app is capable of working hard to share a variety of interesting images as the background for your collage creation. PicsArt has a pretty complete set of features and is probably the single best app on the list.

10. PicMix

Maybe not many are familiar with PicMix, but this is one of the best collage app recommendations ever. This photo application made by an Indonesian developer does not only have complete editing functions.

However, PicMix also has the ability to quickly create collages. You can also use different types of frames and stickers to enhance your collage work. PicMix has its own very active community.

With , you can share photos or collages, view photos of other users, comment on other users, or make friends with other users. PicMix also often holds competitions on its platform and offers attractive prizes.

The final word

Until here the discussion about the best photo collage application that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so you can do photo collages online.

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