Photo to Cartoon App – Photo to Cartoon App. Turning profile photos into cartoons or anime is certainly quite interesting. Some people even prefer cartoon photos to using real photos.

Especially with the many photo-cartooning applications circulating on Android and iOS phones. Some of these applications are distributed free of charge, while others provide premium services for users.

There is also an apk that provides a website version of uploading photos into 3d cartoons or animations. Everything can be done in one click, making it easier for users to convert photos into cartoons.

For those who want to turn photos into cartoons, some of the best and free photo recommendations for cartoons on this cellphone should not be missed. You can use it as a recommendation for the best application choices on your cellphone.

The Best Free Cartoon Photo Application on Phones

Here are some recommendations for the best and free cartoon photo applications on cellphones. You can immediately listen to all the full reviews, which are summarized from various trusted sources, below.

1. ToonMe

The first recommended photo editing application to become a cartoon is ToonMe – Cartoon yourself photo editor. This free application to change faces to cartoons is perfect for those who want to turn photos into Disney 3D animations.

Besides being able to run on Android and iOS smartphones or iPhones, this viral application can also be used to change your photos to look like Tangled or Frozen characters. Moreover, its use is also free.

Just take a few steps, your photos will automatically turn into a variety of interesting animation styles. The trick is to upload a photo or take a photo via the camera, then convert it into an animated cartoon.

2. Meitu Create Insta Collage & Stories

The Meitu Create Insta Collage & Stories application also provides its features with a variety of interesting filters. These filters are very useful because they can make your photos look like cartoon characters.

Even the cartoon filters or 3D animations provided in Meitu Create Insta Collage & Stories are also very diverse. Starting from features such as doll, house, arbt, and not to be missed, you can use it as your character’s avatar.

The features provided by the application are very complete, allowing those who like selfies to get rid of acne easily. Even this application can also be used as an application to edit Muslim cartoon photos, women who wear hijab can wear it.

3. Photo Grid

Photo Grid – Photo Editor & Video Collage Maker is actually known as a photo grid maker app like IG feeds. But besides being able to make collages, the Photo Grid application also has tools to change faces and bodies into cute cartoon-like ones.

In this application you can find a variety of effects to turn photos into cartoons that can be used for free and easily. There is also a premium version with a more complete feature offering.

So, this application is very useful because it can make collages as well as make your photos into cartoons. If you want to turn photos into animated characters, just use Photo Grid – Photo Editor & Video Collage Maker.

4. Prisma Photo Editor

The next application that can be used to edit photos into cartoons is Prisma Photo Editor. This Android and iOS app has tons of downloads. No wonder because besides being easy to use, this application is also free.

All you have to do is select a photo from the gallery or upload it via camera, the attractive cartoon filters will automatically make the photo turn out to be very cartoon-like. There are also many cartoon filters available, such as Mononoke, Dallas, Gothic, and so on.

The app, which has a rating of 4.5 on the Play Store, has 50 million user downloads. If you want more complete features, then you have to buy the premium or pro version by subscribing. But the free version alone is great.

5. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

The photo editing application to become a cartoon that is also easy and free to use on the next Android smartphone is Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor. This application is quite viral and we can see that the reviews from users are very positive.

You only need to do a few easy steps to turn photos into animations. Starting with such as choosing an image from the gallery or camera, choosing an art filter, and so on according to the instructions.

Automatically, without the need for a lot of editing, the pictures or photos you have can become cartoons. The cartoon photos you want will be instantly made in seconds, fast, and very practical.

6. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio can be said to be the best animated cartoon photo design application specifically for Android devices. Even with PicsArt, you can turn your photos into cartoons in just one click.

The PicsArt or PicsArt Pro application includes a variety of interesting photo filters and effects that you can use for free. Among them are comics, watercolors, cartoonizers, and so on, which number in the hundreds.

PicsArt can even be used to save photos in HD or ultra HD resolution. But the minus, when you want to use the PicsArt Photo Studio application, you are asked to log in using a Facebook account or Google email.

7. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is the best photo editing app on your phone. This application also provides many animated cartoon filters, both 3D or anime and has a number of face-to-cartoon filters that you can use.

The cartoon characters available in MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers are usually often used to complement the cartoon photos created by users. So that the results of editing your animated cartoons are more interesting.

This app is available for free on the Play Store. For iPhone or iOS users, this application is also available and can be downloaded and used for free, although there is also a premium version with more complete features.

8. Zepetto

Zepetto is the next recommended cartoon photo editing application that is interesting and worth trying for smartphone users. This app was released in 2018, and so far it has undergone quite a number of updates.

With the viral photo editing application to become a cartoon, you can make it possible to create a 3-dimensional avatar in real time. You can use edited photos with various customizations provided by Zepetto.

Not only is it used to edit photos into cartoons, but this application also has interesting features to make photos look more unique. Like changing photos into avatars to funny emojis.

9. Pixlr

The Pixlr photo editing application also provides tools that are quite complete and easy to use for all people from young to old. One of the most in-demand features is giving your photos a cartoon effect.

In addition, users can also apply other interesting effects to photos taken from the camera or gallery. The goal is to beautify the results of photo editing so that they can be more confident in uploading them on social media.

In fact, this Pixlr application can also fix photos that are too blurry, blurry, or dark with the magical tools it has. This application is very suitable and recommended for you.

10. Cartoon Photo Editor

Another viral application that can be used to turn pictures and photos into cartoons is Cartoon Photo Editor. There is no doubt about the performance and capabilities of this application because it is very reliable and detailed in editing photos.

The Cartoon Photo Editor application provides filters on the bottom slider that can be used as needed. To turn your photos into attractive cartoon illustrations, you only need to select photos and filters.

The advantages of this application that other applications do not have, apart from being light in size so it does not take up much space on the device, the application is also suitable for all types of mobile phones. Thus the available features can be used for free for users of any Android phone version.

11. Dollify

There is another Dollify, an application that has a feature to turn photos into cute and adorable dolls. This cartoon version application only presents one type of artstyle, not too varied.

Nevertheless, this cartoon application produces cartoons in 3D, funny and interesting animations. Users can also customize the appearance of the doll’s photo at will.

The various customizations provided in this application are very diverse. Starting from changing hair color, clothing, eye color and shape, adding accessories, to adding birthmarks.

The final word

That’s our discussion about the best cartoon photo application. Hopefully it can help you to determine which application is the best to be used as the best easy cartoon photo apk, bro, for free.

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