Recipes App

aplikasi resep masakan – Recipes App. Have you ever felt bored with the dishes you have served yourself, confused about what to cook tomorrow for your family? Of course, we can overcome … Selengkapnya

Music Maker App

aplikasi pembuat musik – Music Maker App. Anyone can make music easily, even for people who have not been involved in the world and the Indonesian music industry. In general, the function … Selengkapnya

Dating Apps

aplikasi dating – Dating Apps. Looking for dating or dating friends can be done very easily using online applications, we can even look for them while relaxing and lying at home. … Selengkapnya

How to Duplicate Apps

cara menggandakan aplikasi – How to Duplicate Apps. If you need to install two applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook, then on some Android phones or iPhones you can duplicate them. … Selengkapnya

Running Text App

aplikasi teks berjalan – Running Text App. When making a presentation, there are two ways to make the activity run smoothly, the first is memorizing and the second is using running text. … Selengkapnya

Weather App

aplikasi cuaca – Weather App. Predicting the weather is not an easy thing for ordinary people like us to do, even though it is very important to know at the beginning … Selengkapnya