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Stornowaybc.com – Fake GPS App. Fake GPS is an application that exists on smartphones and aims to fake your current location, aka will be detected in a different place.

There are many fake GPS location apps on Android devices, both free and premium. Unlike the GPS on the maps application, this application will fake the location detected on your cellphone to another place.

So, smartphone users will not be caught in which position. Even not only Indonesia, you can also set the location of the cellphone in other countries such as China, Singapore, United States, England, Germany, Italy, and others.

Basically this is similar to a VPN application, only GPS is intended to fake the location of the cellphone. For those who want to use the fake GPS location app on an Android device, we have some recommendations.

List of Fake GPS Location Applications for Android Phones

Like the song cover sound editing application, this fake GPS application is available in many options on the Android Play Store. For some recommendations with the best features, you can use the following applications.

1. Mock GPS With Joystick

If you want the fastest GPS spoofer for Android, you can use the Mock GPS With Joystick app. This free GPS Spoofer will help you to easily disguise the location of your device.

Included, this app will also give you the necessary permissions to set up location spoofing on Android. Like most other fake GPS location apps, the interface of Mock GPS With Joystick is very simple.

Mock GPS With Joystick offers a Google Maps viewfinder, which allows you to find and pinpoint the exact location of a fake location. Once you find a fake location, you can switch to joystick mode.

2. Fake GPS – ByteRev

This Fake GPS – ByteRev app is an easy to use GPS spoofer for Android devices. This app works using Google Maps Viewfinder to help you find and trick various locations on your device.

With over 5 million installations, this app makes it easy for you to fake your GPS location using your Android. With the app’s default settings, you can save your favorite locations to bookmarks for faster access next time.

If you have trouble running this app, you can use ADB commands to control Fake GPS – ByteRev. Then, you can create a more accurate location right from your Windows, Linux, or Mac PC.

3. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app is one of the best GPS spoofing apps that you can use on Android. As the name suggests, this app is very useful for users who want to fake their GPS location.

Especially for gamers who want to play Pokemon Go and other unsupported Android games using your location. This application can be used for free with compatible features and is very easy for you.

If you upgrade to the pro or premium version, you can duplicate the entire usage history at an adjustable speed. If you use this apk, other people will not be able to find you even if you use an iPhone application to track someone’s whereabouts.

4. GPS Emulator – RosTeam

If you need a simple fake GPS apk for Android, the GPS Emulator – RosTeam app can be an option. Especially if the other apps on this list aren’t for you.

This completely free app lets you fake GPS location on Android using the built-in Google Maps Viewfinder. It works using a handy search bar that helps you search for a specific location.

The user interface of the GPS Emulator – RosTeam app is very easy to use, with a button at the bottom of the app to pin a fake location. You can also change the map view to different modes, including satellite or specific areas.

5. Fake GPS Location – Lexa

Fake GPS Location – Lexa application provides the best experience for fake GPS location. Fake GPS Location – Lexa offers users very fast press-and-go location spoofing.

Not only that, you can integrate it with the Tasker Automatication app to automatically create a fake location. If you approach a certain location, this app can be set to spoof your location as well as hide your destination.

Like other fake GPS apps, you can search for a location, pin it directly in the built-in viewfinder, or check a list of previous fake locations. This Android application can be used for free.

6. Fake GPS Free

Change your location and let the world think you are there. Fake GPS Free is a GPS spoofing app with very good reviews from Android users that can easily spoof your address.

To use the Fake GPS Free application, it allows you to save all the fake locations you want for quick access. This app is completely free, but it gives you a lot of very useful features.

Fake GPS Free also allows you to set your location for a certain period of time. So, you can control all your map caching data, current fake location, and time of location spoofing.

7. Fake Location (Mock GPS)

Another great fake GPS app to spoof your real location is Fake Location (Mock GPS). This best app is the most reliable best fake GPS location apk in this list.

Fake Location (Mock GPS) is made by LKR Studio especially for Android users with rich features. One of the most amazing features of this fake GPS app is its easy execution.

In this application there is also a compass that can collect precise, accurate, and detailed locations. This app keeps your real location safe by passing fake ones to other apps.

8. Fake GPS Run

Fake GPS Run is one of the best fake GPS for Android users. In other words, you can hide your current location and the other person will think you are somewhere else.

The operation of the Fake GPS Run application requires special permissions on the Android device. This app works in a way you have to go into developer mode and follow other instructions shown by the app.

Apart from that, the other tasks that need to be done to use Fake GPS Run are very simple. Just enter the place you want now and click go now, after that just enjoy your time.

9. VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go

VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go is one of the best apps to help you share fake location with other apps. VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go acts as a free GPS spoofer.

Every user can easily and quickly select any location as fake location. Android devices with or without root can take advantage of this application and so this application is guaranteed safe, so there is no need to use termux.

You can also prevent other apps from capturing your real location. VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go is the answer and the best way to cheat GPS location on Android devices.

10. Fake GPS 360

Almost all apps on Android devices ask for permission and look for the user’s location. Some apps may misuse this data to harm users, so you can choose to fake it.

With the help of Fake GPS 360, Andorid app users can choose any location they want to display. Fake GPS 360 is a fake GPS application that allows users to move to the desired location.

Of course this application is very useful when you use social media platforms, play online games, or use China’s no banned live streaming applications. By using Fake GPS 360, so you can secure the real location of the user.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the fake gps application on android. Hopefully with the help of the application above you can more easily cover songs.

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